By: Bradley Loves


One last thing about this “WAR” that is currently being fought on your behalf…

Countless men and women have come to Earth “specifically” to help with this battle.


Considered to be “experienced” in this type of WARFARE…, these men and women understand who these ASTRAL BEINGS really are, AND are very sensitive to their presence and to their type of deceptive “magic”.

These real men and women (who have come to help in the WAR) have fought this type of battle before!

They are very well aware of HOW these Astral Beings manipulate TIME and SPACE in order to remain unseen.

You would be well advised to start supporting these people instead of shunning them or making fun of them.



Whether you believe it or not, whether you can see it or not, whether you know it or not…, there are people living on Earth as we speak who DO BATTLE with Astral Demons on your behalf.

They really are here – and are “disrupting” the transfer of human energy as a food source to these “off worlders”!

They are doing this out of LOVE for mankind only, and sadly…, they are being “targeted” by the Illuminati for their efforts because the Illuminati has made DEALS with these Astral Demons to continue to feed them.

Many of the men and women currently being targeted by DEW’s (Directed Energy Weapons) are in fact doing battle with the ASTRAL ENTITIES to put a stop to their “feeding process” – and are working on behalf of humanity.

Many others who are being “targeted” are TRUTH TELLERS and WHISTLE BLOWERS that have been trying to expose what is really happening here on Earth to the masses – masses which just REFUSE to wake up to what is happening around them.

These people are being “targeted” in order to SHUT THEM UP!

Your CIA/DEEP STATE “betrayers” just love to ridicule and make fun of these people who are working on YOUR BEHALF, by belittling them, and calling them “conspiracy theorists”…, knowing full well that they are telling you the TRUTH, and deserve your deepest respect and admiration!

The DEEP STATE/CIA is LYING to you – and they laugh at you every time you believe their lies and once again fall back in line and once again become “obediant” to the Illuminati Controllers who have betrayed their own species for riches and for an easy life!

YOU…, (yes YOU) betray the people working on your behalf each time you believe the lies of the CIA/DEEP STATE and turn away from those men and women who came here only to help you and are giving everything they have and are to do battle with these ASTRAL ENTITIES who have been feeding off of the human suffering and misery for such a long time.

The MILITARY BETRAYS THEM each time they “dismiss” the abilities and the experience that these men and women actually have to fight this kind of battle…, (never ask them for help) and deny them any sort of support – which thus leaves them wide open to the DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON attacks propagated against them daily by the Illuminati which have come into possession of super advanced weaponry that uses WAVES and FREQUENCIES.

Once again…, “WE” really are “AT WAR”!

You can either deny it, sleep through it, and perhaps never understand it…, but don’t for a single second make FUN of these men and women who are working so HARD on your behalf to FREE YOU FROM IT!

That is not only dis-respectful…, but shows just how “sick” and “brain-washed” so many of the Earth’s inhabitants have become.

They have been “conned” into thinking that they “WANTED”…, and “CONTRACTED” for all this misery – when that is the biggest CON there is!


The lie is being propagated by the very beings who need to FEED off of the misery.



How do I “know” this is the “truth” and that this is “very real” ?

Because I am one of the “many” that are fighting this “battle” on the “unseen” levels.

I have made no secret that I have the ability to do ASTRAL TRAVEL…, nor have I made a secret of the fact that these “entities” see me as a real threat to their operations here on Earth.

They attack daily…, and I fight back!

Sooner or later…, you will have to wake up to the fact that humanity is being “fought over”…, and the biggest concern of those who have been in control of the surface population for so long,  is to KEEP THEM IGNORANT of what is happening in realms and places that they can NOT SEE!



This is why there is such a thing as the FAKE NEWS MEDIA in the first place!

This is why your TV is filled with “game shows”…, “fake news”…, “sporting games of all kinds”…, and meaningless “drivel”.

It is meant to keep you sleeping and ignorant of what is really going on around you!

This is why Donald Trump says the MEDIA is the “enemy” of the people, and he is RIGHT!

This is why Hollywood (aka Satanists) who have signed real “contracts” with the Illuminati – for riches and fame – are SCREECHING every single day of the last two years against Donald Trump – and are desperate to have him removed from power at all costs.

The people in “Hollywood” are NOT YOUR FRIENDS…, and have no clue of the real battle that is being fought over humanity!

TRUMP is actually standing in the way of the FEEDING PROCESS…, and thus Hollywoods “contracts” with the Illuminati and the Astral Demons are in jeopardy.

This is why they want him “gone” so badly!


All my love…….






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