Channeled information is never completely reliable.  This is because regardless of where that information is coming from – it is always coming from some being that has an ax to grind or an agenda to fulfill.

A huge block of information has been assembled here on Earth (through channeling) that basically says that our Galaxy (the Milky Way Galaxy) is a “Fallen Galaxy which has a serious tilt to it which has serious implications to consider.

It is said that this tilt (or flaw) has taken our Galaxy out of alignment with many other Galaxies which are “critical” for our Ascension Process.  It has been suggested that (as a result of this tilt) there are critical “gateways” and “portals” that are totally out of alignment between our galaxy and other galaxies, and that without these “portals” and “gateways” in functional operation – then our eternal souls can not Ascend and thus can never return to God the Great Creator!

It has been suggested that if this galactic problem can not be fixed, then “WE” as souls can only return to God as “Space Dust” – meaning that we will all disintegrate eventually – having no memories of ever having existed, and return to God as debris instead.

It has also been suggested by Deane that there is very little that “WE” as eternal souls can do about it – and that only those who are far above us (Grand Cosmic Councils) can rescue us.

This is a very short version of Ashayana Deane’s work in a nutshell!  (The short, short version)

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The entire problem that I have with Deane’s work is that she forgets that God is actually an “intelligent being” that has a WILL of His own.   As vast as her knowledge is – she does not seem to have any deep knowledge of HOW God Creates.

She has thousands of pages of beautiful Sacred Geometry showing us WHAT God has created in the Universe, but not how it got created or even more importantly how it is sustained and maintained.  In other words (what keeps it going every single day).

It almost seems as if there is a partial belief system within her work that assumes that the entire Universe was created by Source and then somehow put on “auto-pilot” while God takes a trillion year nap.

Thus her work (more or less) defines the Great Creator as having no real opinion or stake in what happens inside of His Creation.


God is pure MIND.   On the highest level of Creation (what the New Agers call “Source”) the only thing that is necessary to move or shift energy (first cause) is WILL and INTENT. 

This means that all causal factors begin in the mind with desire, intention, and the will to see it so and be done.  So, it is highly unlikely that God (on the level of intelligent thinking) is not aware of everything that is going on inside of His Creation.

We (even here on Earth) have the ability to “tune into” and be connected to the Mind of God and to know God’s will.

The mind of God does not exist somewhere in the past a trillion years ago, nor does the entire Universe run on orders and directives given or handed out a trillion years ago!

Updates, corrections, and even physical healings can take place on a moment by moment basis (as needed) even for the smallest and most insignificant part or portion of God’s vast Creation.

Let’s once again look at this image of water.  Below are two samples taken from the same drop of water.

The first image is the water taken out of a very polluted lake or stream (read:  distortion).  The second image is a view of the same sample of water after a short while of very intense prayer.

If the entire Universe is on auto-pilot, and corrections can never be made (as Deane seems to suggest) then prayer would have no affect upon the distorted water.  However, when the problem is addressed from a much higher level (the level of the mind – using both WILL and INTENT) – the distortion not only corrects itself – but it acts like it was never there in the first place.

Even “WE” – at this level of Creation – can make corrections that will have an effect on vast levels that we can not even imagine simply by using “mind”.

If you are having difficulty understanding this, think of someone either driving a car on the road, or flying a plane.  Cars do not stay on the road and planes to do fly through the air without tiny corrections being made constantly.

A car has a driver (with a mind) – and a plane has a pilot (with a mind) – that sits and watches everything so that at every moment corrections can be made to keep the car moving down the road or the plane flying through the air properly.

But for some reason – while a car and a plane need constant corrections to keep moving properly – the entire UNIVERSE can be on “auto-pilot” (with no one watching) and needs no attention at all to keep moving properly in the space within which it was created.  In other words there is no one “minding the store” so to speak.

I find this line of thinking simply perplexing!

Not only is it not logical, but it lacks understanding of HOW matter forms into shapes in the first place.

Let look (once again) at HOW matter forms geometry in the first place.


Matter takes shape – ONLY because of sound and vibration.  Sound must be present in order for matter to form geometry. 

This video is highly useful because it shows us that matter does indeed form geometry due to vibration.  It also shows us that if the tone or the frequency/vibration is changed then an entirely different geometry is formed.

Now – add to this that everything (in the Universe) is in motion (turning or spinning) and that each element of matter vibrates differently to form various geometric patterns and shapes – then what you are seeing is a very intelligent cosmic orchestration of sounds on millions of levels in order to animate all of it and keep it going.

And if distortions do occur – such that parts are not working properly – then “corrections” have to be made in order to keep the whole thing functioning as it was designed and intended.

(Like a car driving on a road or a plane flying in the air in real time)




IF a single drop of distorted water can be prayed over and healed (read Harmonically corrected) – then an entire Galaxy can also be Harmonically corrected.

When the correction is made – not only does the distortion vanish, but it appears as if it was never there in the first place.

You really have to think deeply about what I just said.

Not only is the distortion removed – but there is no evidence that it was ever there in the first place.  In other words there is no memory at all within the water sample that anything was ever wrong.



Once an error is harmonically corrected there is no memory of the distortion.  The only reason that our Galaxy could even have a “tilt” like the one suggested above is that someone (from somewhere) which is not God and not Source is CAUSING THE TILT.

This means that there are beings somewhere (on a higher level than we are) that WANT THIS TO OCCUR.

In other words they do not want the doorways and the gateways opened up to God! 

They are in a state of war with each other (or have decided to separate themselves from God and to ENSLAVE those who are below them) and have used their knowledge to cause this problem which GOD – as the intelligent MIND of the being who is driving the car (The Entire Universe) down the road – is constantly trying to correct for.

The solution is therefore simple – REMOVE THESE BEINGS – that are causing the problem, and the correction that God is trying to make will have an immediate and total affect.

Because this is a very difficult subject to explain, Luke and I will do a podcast about it so hopefully it can make more sense.

In the meantime, please watch this video below:

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