By: Bradley Loves



If you could only “see” what I “see”.

If you could only know how all of this is put together, you’d fall down to your knees in absolute AWE!

The absolute “truth” of creation is wholesome, perfect, and sublime!  It is not meant to be difficult to understand or difficult to grasp!

It is pure poetry, pure genius, and pure harmony!

And yet…, even so, NOTHING about it is difficult at all!   A child of 7…, with a fully opened mind, could see it ALL, and understand it ALL!

God our loving Father did not create this realm (a magnetic hologram) to be difficult or hard for us to grasp!

The “trick” to figuring this all out, is to realize or understand that within this “realm” we can have “various” realities depending on what we THINK, SAY, and DO!

Now, it becomes as simple as the Kalidescope.

The “rocks” (matter) are already in the drum.  Simply turn the wheel and see what kind of NEW (and different) reality becomes manifest within our REALM!


Sadly, it is the MIND CONRTOL and the BRAIN WASHING of the Luciferians and the Satanists that has created a real time “block-age” to the otherwise quite simple understanding of our REALM!

They have done this purposefully and with the full INTENT to DECIEVE.

They have hidden the simplicity of our creation from our very eyes and they have LIED to us endlessly in order to make it seem complicated or difficult.

They did this becasue they already KNEW how reality gets created, and they wanted to RULE OVER IT or CONTROL IT TOTALLY.



Does it surprise you or seem logical to you that one could “assign” a musical note to each and every single thought, word and deed?

Does it seem logical that one could also assign a mathematical value to every single thought, word and deed?

Mathematics, being an exceptionally profound and basic “language”, is all about the use of numbers.

Unlike “speech” however…, numbers will NEVER LIE to you!

Music is also a language!   Because it is a “Universal” language, it is based deeply in “mathematics” as well!

This is why as a language, you could also say that MUSIC “never” lies!

It is very precise, and gives (or creates) EXACTLY what it is supposed to create, when ever, or where ever it is played!

If this is confusing you…, let’s go right back to our favorite Cymatics Video and (once again) watch it carefully.



For those of you who may have watched this film over and over (and over).  Have you ever listened closely to what the announcer at the very beginning says?

He says:

The film you are about to see……, ….is a film used to describe the effect of cymatic frequencies (sound) on matter.


Think deeply about what he has said!

He is basically saying that everything that happens within this single film – “DESCRIBES” the very real effects of “sound” on matter!

– Did you know that everything that exists in the physcial world is made up of some kind of “matter”?

Do you also realize that (reading between the lines here) what he was actually saying is that the film you are about to see is going to show you the very real effects of SOUND on everything that could possibly exist – anywhere – both seen and unseen!



So, what he is actually saying here is that SOUND, (MUSICAL NOTES) have the very real effect of re-organizing matter (which is everywhere) into other shapes and other forms.

What I am saying here is that this should concern you very much because YOUR OWN BODY is made up of matter!

What you should have always taken away from this video (every time you saw it) was that your own bodies cells, the water in those cells, and your bodies molecules – are being effected by every single note or cymatic frequency generated from anywhere in the world – PERIOD!



This is why I said in another series that I wrote called – THE TRIUMPHANT – that “sound” was potentially a WEAPON of epic proportions!

(I also said that SOUND should never be used in this way.)

Knowing what you know NOW…, is it more reasonable to you that every thought, word, and deed could be described by a musical NOTE?

Does it now seem more reasonable to you that “IF” thoughts, words, and deeds could be described musically (as notes) then they could also be described mathematically?

Going back to Part One of this series…


Can you now admit that an “idea” or a “concept” put into motion like SECRECY…, could be described as a tone or a muscial note?

And if you can admit that, can you also admit that any note that can be played, would ALSO have to have HARMONIC OVER TONES that were connected to it!

Can you admit that any and all HARMONICS associated with “secrecy” would have to be “sympathetic” or “in sympathy” with secrecy!

Thus…, SUBVERSION…, which is a known harmonic of secrecy is in full “sympathy” with secrecy, and is BORN in the very same second that the “SECRECY” note is played.

It does not come into effect AFTER the note is played…, but is born at the very same moment as a HARMONIC of the original note!

It is an “effect” of the very same CAUSE!  Only this effect takes longer to manifest because it started out as a HARMONIC of the original note…, and not the actual note itself!


So what I am saying here is that if you don’t “want” the SUBVERSION HARMONIC to manifest here on Earth…, then don’t “play” the SECRECY NOTE!

What I am saying is that it is the people who are “playing” the secrecy note that CAUSE the subversion Harmonic to come into being!  Not the people who perportedly do the subversion!

Now…, for those of you who are following this series, it probably has occured to you that there are many “GOOD NOTES” on the scale of things.

  • LOVE
  • JOY

All have their own particular “harmonics”.   And when any of the above “notes” are played and come into manifestation…, the corresponding HARMONICS of these actions/notes will also come into manifestation because they are “BORN” at the very same moment that the original NOTE was played.

Because these are all beautiful notes…, the harmonics of these notes will be equally beautiful and harmonious.

Stay tuned for PART FOUR of this series…

For now…, listen once again to a stunning HARMONY of voices from BYU.   This song is 100 percent acapella, meaning even the sounds of the base guitar and percussion are being made vocally by someones voice!

It is pure UNITY and HARMONY of SOUND being advanced for the purpose of JOY!

The moral of the story is:

What can human beings do when they work together ONLY IN HARMONY with each other and for the benefit of everyone else??

All my love….




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