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Does anyone out there think that it is “just an accident” that someone who directs an orchestra is called a: CONDUCTOR?

Why use this particular word?   Isn’t a “conductor” more of an electrical term?  (Conductance)

What is a “conductor” in electrical terms, and how is electricity actually related to SOUND?


[kuh n-duhk-ter]


1-a person who conducts; a leader, guide, director, or manager.
2- an employee on a bus, train, or other public conveyance, who is in charge of the conveyance and its passengers, collects fares or tickets, etc.
3-a person who directs an orchestra or chorus, communicating to the performers by motions of a baton or the hands his or her interpretation of the music.
4-a substance, body, or device that readily conducts heat, electricity, sound,etc.
Copper is a good conductor of electricity.


If you look closely at the definitions above, you’ll see just one word standing out and that word is CONVEYANCE!   Later on, you’ll see that copper is an excellent material for the “conveyance” of electricity.  In other words (conduction).


[kuh n-duhk-tuh ns]



1-the conducting power, especially the power to conduct alternating current, of a conductor, equal to the real part of the admittance, and in a circuit with no reactance equal to the reciprocal of the resistance.
Symbol: G


Wait, back up a dang second…, I did not just read that the “symbol” for conductance is “G”..., did I?

There is that “damn” Freemasonic “G” again…, rearing it’s ugly head everywhere in our world…, and this can NOT be accidental.



If the very same word “conductor” is being used in the electrical world…, and then also being used in the world of music and sound, it becomes quite clear that music/sound/harmonics has something VERY IMPORTANT to do with electricity, AND that it would be something that the FREEMASONS would be deeply interested in!

Naturally, you (as a commoner) are never taught about this very important connection.

You are supposed to think that “music” and “electricity” are two totally different things!

Well…, what “IF”…, they weren’t?

What if Music and Electricity were merely two parts of the SAME THING!


By giving you “false” information…, (in school) and by not allowing you to know how all of these many things are connected to each other, they have “hidden from you” vital knowledge about how the Universe really works.

THUS…, your mind is “divided” into compartments.

Instead of seeing the entire world (and the Universe) as a connected WHOLE…, you are taught that it is DIVIDED into many “complicated” parts…, none of which have anything to do with the other.

Why would anyone do this to entire cultures, and why would it be important to do?



You see…, before the Luciferians could ever divide “We The People” of the world…, they first had to divide the people’s “minds” into compartments!

This is known as “COMPARTMENTALIZATION” and it goes far, far deeper than just a National Security Term used in secret operations.  It literally has everything to do with DIVIDING OUR MINDS.

Compartmentalization is and always was a LUCIFERIAN tactic that was first used in SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE!

It is (and always was) a tool or a tactic used to “divide the mind” of an individual so that they could become a “programmed” robot who could not think for themselves!

Does it surprise you to find that “Compartmentalization” – a simple word being tossed around as “normal” in the National Security arena – is actually a SATANIC TOOL OF MIND CONTROL??

In the grand story of  “as above, so below”…, you’ve got to remember that nothing can happen here in the physical world, unless and until it has already FIRST happened on a higher level.    (The level of the mind)

The physical world we live in is merely the manifestation of what has already taken place on a higher level.

Those of us who understand HOW reality gets created and called into manifestation, understand this fully!

Men and women who “understand” how everything that is happening is connected to everything else WILL ALWAYS make their own choices about right and wrong…, and can never be fooled into taking heinous actions against others or their own interests!




By dividing our “minds” into compartments on the mental level…, only THEN could WE be divided on the physical level.

This is why is was so very important for the Luciferians to get control of the entire world’s educational system in the late 1800’s!

Can you say: Darwinism and Social Darwinism?

NAZI Germany was the “beta test” that failed!   Too many people in the world still understood things on a holistic level and did not willingly accept the “programming” of the NAZI’s and of the Luciferian SS!

Their “minds” were just not compartmentalized enough!


What the former NAZI’s and SOCIALISTS around the world were attempting to do after World War II – is to “install” their own teachers into classrooms everywhere, and thus put into place their own “ideas” and their own “theories” so as to get them deeply embedded within the educational system!

They did this because they clearly knew that they could never hope to “divide” such huge groups of people against one another UNLESS their minds were divided into “compartments” first!

Thus the truth of the matter is that our current day educational “system” is in fact a “type” of RITUAL SATANIC ABUSE!

It is “abuse” because it seeks to “compartmentalize” the mind, and change the way the human mind understands and views vital information that should be seen as CONNECTED!


(And thus…, they can NEVER be conquered)

Now, as long as we are “going there” and are on this subject…, can you tell me why a “conductors wand”…, the one used to conduct an orchestra looks EXACTLY like a MAGICIANS WAND?


Could it be that they BOTH have something to do with CONDUCTANCE, or rather CONVEYANCE?    The “G” that was talked about above?

Isn’t a magician really just attempting to “conduct” ELECTRICAL ENERGY? Or more accurately put, conduct ELECTRO-MAGNETIC ENERGY?

Didn’t we just read that COPPER is an excellent conductor of electricity in the definitions above…, and now were have a link to an article that says COPPER is in every human beings blood!

Copper: Essential for Human Health



Why is it that the “symbol” for electricity is the “lightning bolt”?

Did you ever stop to notice that when you plug your phones and your computers in…, the SYMBOL for the “electrical charge” is a lightning bolt?

But did you also stop to notice that the SYMBOL for LUCIFER is also a “lightning bolt” ??

As is the SYMBOL for the NAZI SS?

You can see this connection FAR MORE CLEARLY in the very first symbol used by the Brown Shirts below.

Below is the Symbol for the (Sturmabteilung, (SA) aka – Storm Troopers), also known as “Brown Shirts,” – did you happen to notice how the “S” of the SA is a “lightning bolt” ??


Here was Himmler’s own depiction for the SS SYMBOL


Some people have suggested the the letters on either side of the “ruin” are the letters SJ, instead of H and H.

If so…., that could indicate that Himmler was in fact a Jesuit Priest who was part of the same group that worshiped the BLACK SUN.

SJ = Society of Jesus (aka The Jesuits)

Here is the Symbol for the entire GWEN TOWER SYSTEM located all around America!

It is basically the SAME SYMBOL used by Himmler in his own depiction of the SS, only this time it is depicting a very high energy ground wave frequency system that many people say are being used for MIND CONTROL!

Once again, the “lightning bolts” are all over this symbol…, and thus indicate the hidden hand of the Luciferians all over this frequency system.

And isn’t that something that the ILLUMINATI love to joke about when they communicate with the commoners?  Don’t they call themselves the HIDDEN HAND??

Here is Himmler’s Wewelsburg Castle in Westphalia!


Here is an “image” of the BLACK SUN on the floor inside the Castle.



If the lightning bolt of Lucifer is displayed each and every time you plug in your device…, do you think they are telling you that there is a HIDDEN HAND that is able to reach in and take everything you put into it OUT?

Do you think that this “tech” is more than likely given to you for THEIR USE and not just yours?

Who is CONDUCTING the energy – frequencies in and through your phone?

Does this mean anything to “you” based on what you now know?

Does your “phone” have anything to do with SOUND??



[fon-iks or for 2, foh-niks]

noun (used with a singular verb)

1-a method of teaching, reading, and spelling based upon the phonetic interpretation of ordinary spelling.
Obsolete . phonetics.



Phonics has everything to do with:  “SPELL” ing??


phone [fohn]


2-a portable electronic telephone device, as a cell phone, mobile phone, or smartphone.

verb (used with object), phoned, phon·ing.

3-to speak to or summon (a person) by telephone.
4-to send (a message) by telephone.

verb (used without object), phoned, phon·ing.

to send a message by telephone.



A “phone” is used to SUMMON someone…, as in DARK SPIRITS PERHAPS??

Does your “phone” have anything to do with MAGIC or MAGNETICS?

What is a “phone” really???

Finally, does it have anything to do with HARMONICS??

More in Part Three….


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