This post is going to twist your mind a bit!  We are all going to jump headlong into the deep end of the pool (just one time) and hope that everyone who comes along can swim!

As a review, I am going to point you to an article that I wrote on November 30, 2017!  You can find that article on Harmonics here:


Once you’ve reviewed this post…, let’s take another step forward from there!

You’ve had 16 months to digest what I wrote, and even though I was planning on waiting until the clock hit 17…, this is as good a time as any I guess.

Here is a quote from that post:


When a musician strikes a string on a guitar or any other stringed instrument, if it is done just right, the other strings will also give off their own sound as long as they are in SYMPATHY with note that is being played.   In fact, (many) notes that are not even on the instrument can be heard under the right conditions.


After writing the above…, I wrote this:

Every single act or behavior can be described mathematically, and even played as a musical note.

Thus, every act or behavior has it’s own HARMONIC.

SECRECY (as a musical note and a mathematical value) has many subsequent HARMONICS which will be put into play each and every time this “note” is played.

Because SECRECY is low on the scale of notes, it’s HARMONICS will also be low.

Other notes that are in SYMPATHY with SECRECY will automatically be played at the very same moment the SECRECY note is struck.


So let’s unwrap this a bit further, shall we!   And let’s put it into context with what we see happening in our world (our created reality) today.

Since every “act” or “behavior” is like plucking the strings on a guitar…, then every “act” or “behavior” that you can possibly engage in (automatically) engages the specific HARMONICS for those same acts.

This is NATURAL LAW!    This is COSMIC LAW.

This is immutable, and can not be changed.  Once the string is plucked, the corresponding sound for that string comes into manifestation!

However…, all of the corresponding HARMONICS – to that sound – also come into manifestation as well!

Think on this deeply!  Meditate on it if you have to!

In other words…, once you do “the act”…, you will get ALL OF THE EFFECTS OF THAT ACT!

Even things you may not have wanted!

Putting this into mathematical terms…, we have what we call the “laws” of CAUSE and EFFECT!

Anyone who studies “Causality” knows that everything that happens in the Universe – is a result of “some cause”.

I have even attributed the very existence of all souls to PRIME CREATOR…., the very “first”..., first cause!

(Creator being defined as: First Cause – and “Prime” also meaning First, and thus you have:  The First, First Cause!)

Whether your mind can think in terms of mathematics OR, you want to stay with Harmonics…, the important thing to remember here is that CAUSE/ACTION/BEHAVIOR/SOUND will always have effects upon MULTIPLE LEVELS of Creation!

This is paramount to grasp if we are ever going to move forward.

Because every single action/behavior can be catalogued in the Universe mathematically (by way of Geometry) and…, because we all now know that Geometry is actually the “mirror” of sound (Harmonics) …, then it becomes only logical – and pure science – to say that an “action” or event like “secrecy” could be graphed both mathematically and harmonically!

It also becomes quite logical – pure science – that if this action (FIRST CAUSE) of engaging in secrecy is put into manifestation by whom ever is doing it…, then that (cause) will automatically pull into manifestation all other corresponding HARMONICS to the action as well!      

(On multiple levels of creation)


Is everyone on the same page?


If you find yourself sinking to the bottom, please swim quickly off of this page – and just head back to the safety of another article!

So are you still with me?  Well then, let’s continue!

So, continuing, let’s take the example that I laid out 16 months ago.  I said that those men and women who engage in “secrecy”…, are plucking a note on the musical scale and are thus the “cause” of the sound of that note coming into manifestation.

Because we all live in a multidimensional reality…, (we are not able to “see” a lot of it) and therefore we are NOT AWARE that the note that we just plucked (in this case secrecy) had multiple Harmonics that automatically come with it on higher “unseen” levels.

One of the many harmonics of secrecy (deception) I suggested is:   SUBVERSION


This is because the Universe does not see “secrecy” as a healthy thing.  

Especially if this action/behavior (in this case described as a musical note) is the cause of – or brings into manifestation within our common reality extreme DISTORTION, DESTRUCTION, and SUFFERING.

Thus, on the higher levels, the HARMONICS of Secrecy will also (always or must) come into manifestation as well,  in order to bring “balance” to the secrecy note that was played.

Does this make sense to everyone?

The “Universe” is actually looking after itself because the Universe KNOWS that certain notes cause DYSFUNCTION – and so it looks to create the CURE to what has been put into place in order to keep itself FUNCTIONING PROPERLY.


  • Why is it a “fact” that every single Government that wants to keep secrets from its people and the rest of the world has to constantly deal with spies?
  • Why is it that every military intelligence operation always has to deal with leaks and leakers?
  • Why is it that every corporation on Earth has to deal with “infiltrators”, corporate theft, espionage, and the selling of “their” secrets?

Does anyone out there think this is accidental given that the entire Universe – an intelligent Universe – can certainly take care of itself?


You are not stupid…, but you ARE ignorant of what your actions and behaviors are doing on many multiple levels of Creation.

What you are doing is FIGHTING AGAINST THE UNIVERSE and fighting against it’s own LAWS!

You are quite literally “Pissing into the Wind” and then bursting out in anger when your brand new pants get wet with your own pee…

You are now “re-acting” (quite stupidly I might add) to your own previous actions.

Because you are playing (in very real terms) musical notes on a precise mathematical scale – then in addition to all of the notes that you are playing,  you are also getting all of the harmonics that go with those notes as well.

This is why people who can “SEE CLEARLY” will never play those notes!

They don’t want to play them, because they understand far more deeply just how the Universe and the Cosmos really work – and how it will respond to things of that nature.

They understand:

  • Magnetics
  • Harmonics
  • Geometry

They understand (exactly) how and why things come into manifestation in this physical realm!  They “know” how REALITY GETS CREATED!


This is why so many who are at the very TOP of the Illuminati consider themselves to be MAGICIANS! (Or, Magnetitians)

This is also why those at the very top of the chain never do any “harmful actions” on their own, but instead always “order” others or someone on a much lower level to do the bad things for them so that the consequence and the karma always goes to the one who did the bad/adverse actions.

They are working very hard to AVOID the karma for those actions!

Those who just “follow” those orders are ignorant of the UNIVERSAL LAWS OF CAUSE and EFFECT!

They usually bring very “bad” things into their lives through their own actions/behaviors (eventually) and the more ignorant things that they do, the more “payment” they will have to make to the Universe in the end!

Hillary and Bill Clinton are prime examples of useless husks of human beings who will be “paying” the COSMIC PRICE for their countless crimes LONG INTO THE FUTURE!

They “fancied” themselves as “Witches and Warlocks” but they could not even begin to hold a candle to the world’s REAL MAGICIANS.  Magicians who know full well the meaning of and all things concerning:

  • Magnetics
  • Harmonics
  • Geometry

Here is something else I wrote 16 months ago:

LYING (as a musical note, and a specific mathematical value) has many subsequent HARMONICS which will be put into play each and every time this “note” is played.


Each time the lying “note” is struck, the HARMONICS of GREED, THEFT, and CORRUPTION will also automatically be activated as well.

These “higher dimensional notes take “more time” to come into manifestation – because they are more subtle harmonics of the original note!

But, let’s be very clear…, they will come into manifestation just the same.

This is why people who engage in the first cause of LYING, will always have to deal with GREED, THEFT, and CORRUPTION within their ranks (eventually).

It is impossible to strike a “note” and not have the resulting HARMONICS appear immediately as a result.  This is a Natural Law Science.  It is precise.

This is why there is an old (and very correct adage) that there is NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES!

How could there be?   The harmonics don’t support it!

If you engage in lying and deception (the brothers and sisters of secrecy) you will get the harmonics of those values or notes as well.


I will leave you with this for now!   It is an awful lot to digest…, I know…, but this is advanced STUFF!  If you have made it to the end of the article, pat yourself on the back!

If you grasped everything I wrote…, then REALLY pat yourself on the back.., because you are much smarter than 90 of all people living on Earth!

Well done and all my love



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