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The real question here is this:

How many “intelligence” agents does it take to screw in a light bulb?


Because if we (the world) were to wait for the “intelligence agencies” to figure things out and come to the proper conclusions – we’d be here (stuck in limbo) for the next thousand years!

Even with those of us (many actually) who really do get and grasp the TRUTH, and are attempting to lend a hand, – “they” – the intelligence apparatus still seem to consistently make the wrong conclusions and go the wrong way most of the time.



They don’t “believe” that certain people are “good” and can know many things that are just not yet aware of.

But this is not the real tragedy… 

The real tragedy is that they are so PROUD and so FULL OF THEMSELVES – that to simply sit down and ask for advice or a meeting is 100 percent BEYOND them.  You see, they are DELUDED to think that only “they” can know what is going on out there.  Only “they” can understand complex matters. 

Only “they” have access to the truth (or so they think).

But they don’t know everything, and that is why chaos is still running amok across the world.

They would rather die, than ask for help to understand from people (spiritual people) who really do have a grasp of what is going on.


Still, they act as if I’ve done nothing for them or for the world by what I’ve actually disclosed and shown.

So here is another piece of the puzzle – a big one – one that I’ve been trying to show them/telegraph to them from behind the scenes…

August 29, 2020

Top CIA Officer Spreading Russia Bounty Lies And Linked To Biden-Harris Satanism Suicided

A gobsmacking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the conflict resolution protocols established between the Russian Federation and the United States. that were established in January-2018 when the directors of Russia’s three main intelligence and espionage agencies all traveled to Washington D.C. for an historic and unprecedented series of meetings with their American counterparts, reveals that based on the findings contained in a highly-classified “Of Special Importance” brief prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has “effectively-satisfactorily” dealt with the lies being spread that Russia paid bounty’s to the Taliban to kill US soliders in Afghanistan—lies that began in the powerful National Intelligence Council (NIC) and were relayed to socialist Democrat Party leaders US Senator Elizabeth Warren and US Senator Kamala Harris, who then passed on these lies to leftist media outlets—lies that were invented by National Intelligence Council member top CIA officer Anthony Schinella, who has now been “suicided with a bullet to the head”—after which an FBI liaison to the CIA entered Schinella’s house and removed his passports, his secure phone, and searched through his belongings—that was followed by Schinella’s wife discovering a large collection of bondage and S&M gear that he had been hidden in his house—satanic sexual devices appearing to confirm the claims made by a 24-year-old former US Marine named Kelvin Whelly that he engaged in bondage sexual acts with Senator Warren—and the claims made by 26-year-old personal trainer Sean Newaldass that he engaged in bondage sex with Senator Harris—the same Senator Harris who’s now the vice presidential running mate for socialist Democrat Party leader Joe Biden—and whom its just been shockingly revealed about engaged in a massive cover-up of child sex abuse crimes when she was the Attorney General for the State of California—thus leaving it unknown as to how far this satanic bondage sexual ring has penetrated into the leadership of the socialist Democrat Party and leftist mainstream media establishment—but does give further confirmation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) assessment that the final night of the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris convention last week “was an actual satanic child sacrifice ritual”—an assessment being further confirmed by top President Trump confidante Scott Adams, who says he now sees “satanic coincidences in the Biden campaign”.


The truth of the matter here is this so LISTEN UP all you agents and ASS ett’s

What we are dealing with is “Principalities of Darkness”.

Once men and women “offer” themselves freely to Satan/Lucifer – they “open” themselves to the underworld of dark spirits – demons – and possessing entities!  In other words they ALLOW – by consent – the spirits of the underworld to come into their minds and into their bodies!

The result of this complicit action is ALWAYS slavery!


The result of this complicit action is ALWAYS slavery!


These demonics (negative harmonics) are always and forever into human bondage and slavery!  That is how it works.  This is FOOD for them.  They “feed” on it.

Therefore the very best way to tell if a human being is actually possessed, or is under the influence of a negative harmonic (a demonic) – is that they will ALWAYS go for the S&M – Sado Masochistic Bondage and Slavery of human beings and participate with it.

It is the “principality” or the “demonic” living inside of the human that MUST FEED on the suffering energy – the beating energy – the humiliation energy of innocent victims!  And to make it the most POTENT ENERGY POSSIBLE – they always make the bondage and slavery SEXUAL!

How can you tell if a human being is in control of him or herself – or the “demonic” is in charge?


  • A soul who is in full control of his or her own body will NEVER harm another human being – even if that human being “asks” for them to do it.
  • They do not actively engage (in the real world) in S&M and BONDAGE
  • A possessed human being will not only jump at the chance to beat, humiliate, or torment someone else – they will feed off of that energy and enjoy it.

Even if these “actions” or “behaviors” are being done with other “consenting” adults – it simply proves those who participate in this behavior in the real world are ALL POSSESSED by demonics and principalities.

The TRUTH of the matter is that people like this should never be “in charge” of a single thing here on Earth – because every single decision they will ever make – is a decision that will cause or bring SUFFERING TO HUMAN BEINGS.


Because that is what the demon inside of them wants! 

It is the principality that is in control of their minds and emotions and so all of their decisions are geared toward FEEDING THAT PRINCIPALITY THEY SERVE. 

It is the principality that they live for and FEED!

To put men and women like this “in charge” of something is to put an UNDERWORLD DEMON in charge of that very thing.  And all that the underworld demon wants to do is to create suffering, pain, humiliation, bondage, and slavery so that it and it’s allies CAN FEED OFF OF THAT ENERGY!




Shall we play a “game” ??? 

Put the pieces of the puzzle together – find the articles with these pieces in them…




There is MORE if you need it.  Five thousand articles in Five years!  Oh…, and for all of the agents and assets who continue to pursue one of God’s own – a word of advice:

Leave me alone – or when you get in front of GOD’S THRONE – you’ll wish you’d never been born!


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