In the run up to 2012…, we were “told” by countless channelers how everything was going to change…, and how we were ALL (EVERYTONE OF US) going to ascend into the 5th dimension!

That time is now approaching a FULL 3 YEARS AGO!

At that time, we had our “friendly” neighborhood channelers telling us that there were really “no bad” people…, only “partners in contrast” who were here to “help us” by teaching us!

Later…, we had the same INSANE…, yes I did say that…. INSANE channelers telling us that all of the bad people had been placed into a thing called:


That from then on…, they could do nothing bad…, and that we should forgive all of the world leaders since they were NOW IN CONTAINMENT!

We were told by the channelers (and still are being told) by the channelers that there are loving ET’s just waiting to do “mass landings” in order to help us and that we are totally on the verge of getting this help!

Theses “messages” have been coming in hot and heavy EVERY WEEK for 3 full years now!  And EVERY WEEK we are “told” how close we are to getting the much needed help?


Let me say this.  If “I” wanted to do a global takeover…, and I needed to DIVIDE the populations of the planet…, part of my plan would be to create a way to SEND either mental or telepathic messages (in a way that seems harmless and benevolent) to as many people who were willing to hear them as possible!

We now have PROOF…, from the German Scientist Harald Katz Vella, who has said that he was in contact with someone who told him personally that MANY of the Iraqi Soldiers in the second Gulf war did not fight because of an advanced weapon called:


This weapon actually “talked” to these soldiers in their heads (voice to skull technology) and told them that ALLAH wanted them to stand down and not to fight.


I wonder just how many of these channelers are having the VOICE OF GOD technology (voice to skull) used on them.

Naturally they will deny it!  You see…, they see themselves as good people, and smart people…, so no false technology could EVER WORK ON THEM!

They are certain they are channeling the REAL DEAL…., right?


Yet these Iraqi soldiers were smart people too…, right?   No false technology could work on them either.

Yet it DID!

Now…, since the channelers will TELL YOU…, this could never happen to them…, what they are REALLY SAYING…, is that they are far smarter than Iraqi’s!  They are far more clever than those of Persian descent…, right?

They MUST BE…, because  while the Iraqi soldiers in that war WERE FOOLED by this technology…, they CANT BE FOOLED…., am I right here?

Isn’t that really what they are telling us?

This is just some food for thought my friends.

Again…, after all this time…, just where are those so called helpers of HUMANITY?

All my love!


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