By: Bradley Loves


Don’t you just LOVE how GOD helps those who tell the TRUTH??


Neon Revolt (and some other Anon’s) are digging!   Albert Pikes life history has come to the forefront…, and it is quite interesting!

Taken from this article:

The Palladian #SkullAndBones – Part 2. #SecretSocieties #TheCabal #ClintonFoundation #Arkansas #SkullAndBonesAnon #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NeonRevolt


It is of particular interest that Pike started his own Masonic Lodge in Little Rock, Arkansas…., which is exactly where Bill and Hillary Clinton lived for so many years while Bill was Govenor!

Remember that Pike (even though a Freemason) was an unapologetic LUCIFERIAN!


Notice how he “instructs” the World Councils that all initiates of the HIGH DEGREES (of the Masonic Religion) should “maintain” the PURITY of the LUCIFERIAN DOCTRINE.

It does not get any more clear, simple, and straight forward than this.

At this point anyone who says that HIGH LEVEL FREEMASONS are not Luciferians…, are blind, sleeping, stupid and just wanna stick their head into the sand!

It does not matter what the lower level members claim!

They can claim that Masonry is Christian all they want…,  it’s a LIE!

At the very top levels…, ITS SATANIC!


Thank you Anons……



Remember what I said about Oaths, Pledges, Secret Loyalties, Fraternal Brotherhoods, Orders, etc….

All MAGIC…, all meant to BIND!



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