By: Bradley Loves


An honest conversation on these topics is LONG over-due.

Hidden beneath the floor boards of our once great nation are practices, rituals, and magical incantations that are wholly and totally based upon SEX, and the perversion of SEX!

Sex energy is a very powerful ENERGY!

Even the ancients knew this!

There is an entire religion called TANTRA that is dedicated to the exploitation of human sexual energies.

What most people FAIL to realize is that far beyond the “feel good” energies that having sex between two willing partners can bring to a body, mind or soul…, there are also hundreds and hundreds of hidden DARKLY MAGICAL incantations & spells that are designed to take advantage of a human beings SEXUAL ENERGY.

They are designed to put that energy to use in a very DARK WAY!

Because very few “NORMAL” men and women understand “magic”…, they do not really have a clue about what is going on with people who engage in such practices for DARK reasons.

They are 100 percent totally IGNORANT as to the deeper implications of certain behaviors and rituals.

And because they can’t understand them, they conclude they are NOT HAPPENING, or could not possibly be happening.

SEX energy is the most powerful energy a human being has to offer!  It comes directly from the base, or the Root Chakra and is extremely potent.

The sex energy is turned on by arousal, and once turned on, is like an open electrical circuit that can be tapped and re-routed.

It is basically just like a fully charged BATTERY that can “power” things that would not otherwise work…, and for the purposes of our discussion, can actually POWER MAGIC SPELLS!

ALCHEMY is a very real part of what MAGICIANS get into because ALCHEMY has to do with the human spirit and the human soul…, or in other words…, the POWER that a human being possesses!

Even the NEW AGERS who study ALCHEMY have no real clue as to the unlimited depths that MAGICIANS will stoop to in order to GAIN PERSONAL POWER.

Magical Power, Magical know how, the ability to control the elements, the ability to control others, and the power OVER others…, are all things that a DARK MAGICIAN will eventually seek!

They seek this power to create great wealth and riches in their lives.  They seek this power to create great success and status in their lives.

They want to live in opulence, and they want to have “all the nice things”.


Sadly…, everything that someone living on Earth wants (that they don’t already have) comes at a PRICE!

There are ELEMENTAL BEINGS – UNSEEN ENTITIES – GENIES/DJINN – DEMONS and the like, which can and will do “favors” for human beings, BUT, they will always want to be paid!

This payment will come in the form of ENERGY!

However, you can NOT gain in power, and thus gain in Magical Ability if you are using and giving YOUR OWN energy away!

No DARK MAGICIAN will ever use their own energy!

They will ALWAYS seek to steal, or to use someone else’s energy to barter for what they want!

This is where all of the great PIRATE SYMBOLS of the ILLUMINATI come from!

They are, in fact, telling us SYMBOLICALLY, (through their symbols) that they are the greatest PIRATES the world has ever seen.

In order to GAIN in POWER, STATUS, RICHES, and EARTHLY REWARD…, everything they give up in trade, for the power they seek – HAS TO BE STOLEN!

If they were to give up anything of their own…, they would “lose” in power, riches and status!

This is also where all of the Hollywood VAMPIRE movies come in as well!

They have taken to trying to convince us (through movies) that VAMPIRES are cool!  VAMPIRES are powerful!  VAMPIRES have secret power and abilities that normal men and women don’t have!


This is the message that Hollywood has made abundantly clear over the last few decades!

The problem however is that VAMPIRES ARE PARASITES!

Like pirates, they create nothing…, and only STEAL what is not theirs, and then use it to GAIN POWER!


Because everyone would be taking, stealing, and abusing, and no one would be giving, creating, or offering!

So where does Pedophilia come in then, and WHY is it so important to men and women who want to practice DARK MAGIC?

Once again, it has to do with a child’s sex energy!

Children are like a fresh and untapped BATTERY, that has never been used!

People who “study” SPIRIT MAGIC and SPIRIT COOKING and other forms of ALCHEMY know that in order for certain “spells” to work properly, there has to be a “power source” attached to the spell as it is being cast!

That “power source” usually ends up being a young child who has been very “sexually aroused” during the casting ceremony, and is having their energy “harvested” – “stolen” – or “offered up” by those who are casting the spell (for whatever goal or purpose).

Remember NO MAGICIAN wants to use their OWN power in any spell, because that makes them less powerful.

So, they seek to STEAL/PIRATE/VAMPIRE that “energy” from another source!

Children are not only excellent BATTERIES, but have no clue that their energies are being taken from them during the casting of a magic spell (unless the ritual also includes torture and abuse).

This is why ADULTS who are deeply into DARK MAGIC keep telling their students to find young children to exploit in order to practice their magic – or their “ALCHEMY”.

(Children are easy targets, have no clue what is happening, and can’t usually speak about what was done!)

This is ALSO why the Illuminati is using every resource at their disposal as we speak to try to NORMALZE adult/child sex!

Remember the Illuminati are not just Luciferians!  Many of them are DARK MAGICANS!  And therefore many of them are using and casting MAGIC on a daily basis!

Alistier Crowley wrote that using a “young boy of about 5 or 6 years old and possessing in good intelligence”, was the perfect “specimen” for most dark magic spells!

Interestingly, countless people who have witnessed RITUAL KILLINGS have said that the victims are generally in that age range, and are usually boys!

SVALI herself, an escaped Illuminati whistle blower, said that when she turned 13 years old, and was taken to the VATICAN to be inducted into the Illuminati, she (and several other kids her age) witnessed a ritual child sacrifice that was done on a stone alter located several levels below the VATICAN.

Many priests and a few Cardinals were present!

The victim was indeed a boy of about 5 or 6 years old.



ALCHEMY is not what most people think it is!

It is a very peculiar branch of MAGIC that takes power and energy and then TRANSMUTES it into something else – for some other purpose.

Just as there are many “good” or “white” magical transmutations…, there are JUST AS MANY “evil” or “dark” magical transmutations as well.

Here is where using young childrens “sexual energy” would come in handy for SPELL CASTING – by transmuting that energy into a food, or a payment of sorts for DEMONIC FAVORS!

An “accomplished” ALCHEMIST and MAGICIAN would hardly be worth his salt – if he did not know how to perform at least a few of the very dark or evil transmutations as well.

This is why I have written many times that it is my “opinion” that St. Germaine (a universally recognized ALCHEMIST) is not an Ascended Master as is claimed, but instead is a full blown MAGICAN.

The ability to do proper alchemy (both good and evil transmutations) comes from ones ability to do MAGIC first and foremost!

MAGICAL KNOWLEDGE is exactly what people like Alister Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard, Helena Blavatksy, and even Marina Abromovich are seeking!

This also explains why St. Germaine is pictured with Helena Blavatsky (a known Luciferian) in an old photo.

It is also why Adolf Hitler and many of the NAZI “SS” (who were connected to the THULE SOCIETY, were ALSO very connected to THEOSOPHY and the occult teachings of Helena Blavatsky.

Especially if she was vocal about being “friends” with the likes of St. Germaine!

Alister Crowley said in some of his writings that “anal sex” with a boy was one of the most POWERFUL MAGICAL RITUALS that could be done, and claimed that it could be used to open inter-dimensional portals or even gateways to other realms and worlds!

Naturally these worlds and realms would be quite dark and low in vibration!

The reason I am writing this post is so that GOOD men and women can know “WHY” the powers that be want so desperately to legalize sex between adults and children!

They want to ability to freely use children in their Magical Rituals, and they do not want to have to hide that any longer!

More and more young people are studying MAGIC than ever before, and want to become MAGICIANS!

The NEW AGE has prompted countless young people and millenials into learning about WICCA, and into trying their hand at MAGIC…, because every single NEW AGE BOOKSTORE on the planet (also sells) books on MAGIC and SATANISM as well!

Needless to say, those who go deeply into the study of MAGIC are going to be needing lots and lots of young children and the sexual energy they can offer to power those spells!

And NOW you know the rest of the story…..


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