By: Bradley Loves


This video is a mix of things.  But the first part is about the JFK files!

As we suspected and always knew…, JFK was shot from the FRONT and the SIDE.., not just from behind.

This means that it is highly unlikely that Lee Harvery Oswald is the man who did it.

Now…, what does this tell us?

That the CIA and the FBI have LIED their as*es off!

They lied for 55 years, telling us over and over and over that it was a LONE gunman standing inside the Book Depository…, when as it turns out…, they KNEW right from the very beginning there were mulitple shooters!

They lied…, they lied…, they lied!!

The MSM (Main Stream Media) has also supported this very LIE!

Did they also know??

Were they aware??

If the MEDIA lied knowingly…, they need their FCC Lisences taken away IMMEDIATELY for breaking the public trust!

See the video at this link:


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