By: Bradley Loves

Once again…, the public is the “last” to know what really happened!  According to this interview (done by Alex Jones on INFO WARS) the reactor blew up in 1959 around or near the area of Thousands Oaks, California.

See this video!

Now…, for those of you who want the REAL TRUTH…, something that Alex Jones does not even know…, is that there are at least a DOZEN Nuclear Reactors in California!

One of them (for certain) is underneath LAX!

I was given some very good insider information on this fact from a family member of one of the people who knew about it.

When I asked this person “why” there would be a Nuclear Reactor under LAX…, the answer that came back was quite astounding!

Because there is a CITY down there…

My jaw hit the floor!

I had always known there was a city under Denver Airport…, but not that there was one under LAX!  Apparently the city under LAX is much older than the one under Denver Airport and was built at a time when Nuclear Reactors were coming online to power everything.

This information came to me at a time when the Fukushima Reactor had gone critical…, and was pouring out tons of radiation into the sea water!

I was talking with a person who was “in the know”, and told the person how glad I was that California had only “two” nuclear reactors in it…,  San Onofre, and Lompoc.

This person giggled…, and said:

What makes you think there are ONLY TWO nuclear power plants in California?

My reply was well that’s what we’ve been told….

To which this response was given

YOU of all people should know that nothing you are told is true!   I have a family member that worked on a Nuclear Reactor underneath LAX years ago!  And…, there ARE MORE in the Los Angeles area that are hidden than that one.

So there you have it!  LIES, DECEPTION, COVER UPS…, and what the “sheep” don’t know…, can’t hurt them!




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