This interview, although difficult to understand because the man who Alfred is interviewing is from Sweden…, is really important in my opinion.  It is dealing with one of the subjects that I believe is some of the CUTTING EDGE RESEARCH in the world today!

This is even research that the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM does not yet have…, and is working on…, so if you want to be up to date and “EQUAL” to what all of the top secret military people know…, then WATCH THIS!

It has to do with the “experimentation” of massive parts of society with MIND INVASION/CONTROL technology which can be broadcast from Satalites – Ground based GWEN TOWERS and other broadcast systems.

It’s purpose is not just to map the human mind or brain…., but to READ a person’s thoughts…, and their memories.  It is a sort of A.I. , which is being developed and TESTED on human beings as we speak to see if a “direct link up” or “hook up” between man and computer can be done on a GLOBAL SCALE.

This of course would be the first and probably LAST step toward total control of the. Human Being.

Please watch…, and then help get the word out!  This is important.

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