By: Bradley

I just want to let everyone know just how much I love you guys and gals.   I know its tough!   I know that what I write is hard sometimes to swallow!  Trust me when I say that I am very cognizant of that fact!

This is why when people ask me to just start writing at the higher levels, I politely say NO!

If I were to tell, reveal, describe, or write about just how DEEP THE RABBIT HOLE really goes…, most honest and decent people would flip out!

They would never come here to read ever again and they would be scarred for life!

All I can say is that even Q – anon…, a group of polished military intelligence people have said POINT BLANK that what we are facing and dealing with is PURE EVIL!

I will second that…, and go even further and say that it goes OFF WORLD into the higher and unseen realms of existence.

I will say that the spiders web of illusion and delusion is spread all across the entire Earth…, and that every single man, woman, and child is literally covered in this repugnant, and stench ridden web of lies.

That is why…, everything must come out SLOWLY and steadily…, and you have to STAY WITH IT DAILY!

Most importantly…, stop going back to the countless websites – New Age and otherwise – that want to “reacquire” your BLIND TRUST and you BLIND BELIEF…, in order to control you.

Stay with:

  • Q-Anon
  • Neon Revolt
  • Anna Von Reitz
  • Field Mcconnell
  • Love Truth/Bradley Loves
  • SGT Report
  • Serial Brain 2/And We Know
  • President Trump
  • GOD our loving Father/Prime Creator

Our search/task/mission is to serve TRUTH and nothing less!

This “battle” is for all the marbles and it definitely goes into the unseen spiritual realms.

We are fighting against forces and powers you can not imagine!  This is the part that is so very difficult for most to grasp onto.


All my love….


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