By: Bradley Loves

We are at a crossroads!

Gone are the days when things just don’t seem to make sense…, and we can pass off what is happening in the world to coincidence or to chance.

The “manifestations” that we are seeing being “played out” in our reality have been purposefully CREATED!

Looking Deeper is a muscle that NEEDS to be exercised!  It is not something that each and every human being is given as a gift!

We are generally a “heart” centered people and we don’t expect that almost everything we are “told” is going to be a lie!  We like to be trusting!

Looking Deeper means having to “GROW UP”…, and having to realize that there are some really BAD people out there who have agenda’s that to a LOVING MIND are reprehensible.

A very prominent New York Psychiatrist wrote is a very popular book that chronological age…, has NOTHING to do with emotional age!  He wrote that you could indeed have a very intelligent man or woman in their 60’s who EMOTIONALLY were nothing more than children.

One of the things he wrote was:

Chronological age…, does NOT equal emotional age!

Due to the extremely traumatic way that most of the human beings have been raised in the last hundred years…, (a lot of which had to do with the Catholic Church and its abusiveness)…, huge swaths of humanity who are in their 60’s are in reality “emotionally” only 10 year olds!

They do not have the ability to THINK critically about what is going on around them…, and they do not have the ability to engage with what they see and solve the problems and find solutions.

The typical reaction of a 10 year old is to run and hide from any danger!

And yet…, NOW IS THE TIME!

We are at the cross roads and decisions have to be made!

Sticking one’s head in the sand like an ostrich is very symbolic of running and hiding from any danger.  And from my point of view…, and where I’m sitting…, that is all I can see happening with the greater portion of humanity!

In addition to the TRAUMA that is constantly being PUSHED into humanities psyche, and into the Earth’s energetic grids…, there is a constant “dumbing down” and real WAR happening in the MEDIA to persuade people that ALL of this is normal and to simply ACCEPT the explanations that are given from official sources.


LOVE is the only real solution!  But LOVE is not the type of love that only happens in the bedroom between boyfriend and girlfriend or man and wife!

THAT IS NOT REAL LOVE!   That is a poor substitute for what is an ALL encompassing feeling of compassion and unity with all other men and women.

REAL LOVE is a heartfelt desire to stop the suffering of any and every human being…, whether you know them personally or not.



REAL LOVE brings into manifestation the solutions to our problems because it does NOT sit still.

Anything you may read or hear to the contrary is BAD INFORMATION!

We are all in this together…, and what is happening on Earth right now has happened ONLY because GOOD MEN (and WOMEN) sat still and did nothing while it took place!

What happens in the next 10 years is UP TO US!

If it goes really bad…, then the only person to blame is the one you see in the mirror!  Please…, continue to try to talk to your families and everyone you know!  Keep trying to put out links and start up information blogs.

Get the word out…, and if you can’t do that…, please financially support those who ARE DOING THAT…, because those people are usually under various forms of stealth attack from the agencies who benefit from endless WAR.

CARING about what happens to others…, and helping them IS REAL LOVE!

On the other hand…, meditating all day long…, and trying to personally “ASCEND” may be personally beneficial to those who do it…, but has NOTHING to do with REAL LOVE of others on Earth (UNLESS) that person who meditates then takes ACTION to bring change into manifestation.

Personal Meditation is born out of personal interest and so is SERVICE TO SELF orientated UNLESS one goes to the next step and takes ACTION in the physical realm in order to HELP OTHERS.

HELPING OTHERS is the greatest LOVE there is!  Period…, END OF STORY!

Letting others fight their own battles…, because it’s their “KARMA” is nothing more than the cowards way of “justifying” non action.

My brothers and sisters…,

Think on these things!



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