Never forget that LOVE – REAL LOVE – is your goal.

CARE – REAL CARE – is the only legititmate path to LOVE.

Anyone who says otherwise – does not “know” LOVE.

If you can say – you don’t CARE – you’ve just said – you don’t LOVE.


There is only one real poison on Earth at this time – and it is called – Luciferian Thinking.

The Luciferian path says:  SELF ALONE…, SELF ONLY…, SELF ABOVE ALL ELSE – and then – do what thou wilt.

This path is the path of destruction – and those who follow it are the NEGATIVE POLARITY.   They are “the dark” and have nothing to do with “the light” even though their words say otherwise.

No matter how much I write – perhaps until the tips of my fingers bleed, those who want to be deceived…, will be deceived – and will not be able to see!

Thus…, they can NOT be saved from the darkness they embrace.

They will go down the path of negativity and darkness…, and many of these call themselves “Christians” –  “New Agers” – “Light Workers” – “Energy Workers” – pick a description, pick a word because it is a sad story.

They are on this negative path only because they do not realize that LIES, DECEPTION, DELUSION, DENIAL, and lack of TRUTH are also part of the negative polarity.

Don’t take my word for it…, just watch your own life – and see where it ends up once the ledger is completely tallied up!  You won’t like it.

It is purely mathematical – the numbers will NOT LIE IN THE END.

A ship that is made of IRON – will sink to the bottom if it has but a single hole in it that has not been properly filled.




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