By: Bradley Loves


TRUTH will set us Free!  This we have heard many times before.   LOVE is the “engine” that propels us on our quest for the REAL truth!

We can not “do this” without love in our hearts!

That being said…, LOVE is not “stupid”.

Love…, does not act or behave “stupidly”.

This idea…, is NON SENSE…, and is part of the NEW AGE DECEPTION.

That deception asks us to “over-look” everything!  It asks us to never “judge” anything (ever) and to allow everything.

Not only is this callous, cold, and calculating…, but is devoid of real CARE (just like Mark Passio says) and devoid of true LOVE.

Little children being sexually raped, abused, and ritually sacrificed DID NOT “ask” for those things to be done to them.

The (false) idea that they “contracted” for those things has got to be weeded out of your MIND.

The problem we are facing is this one.

I read dozens of “channeled” messages every week ONLY so that I can know what kind of crap is still being smeared all over mankind’s thought processes…, and the biggest LIE…, still being channeled (as we speak) is this one:

Everything that happens to anyone is what they contracted for.

So don’t worry about anyone but yourself…, keep your own vibration high….

This LIE…, (and it really is a LIE…,) is so damaging to us as a species that I can’t begin to describe the HURT it is causing us.

If you could only see what I see…, you’d see that this idea is totally SERVICE TO SELF orientated…, and comes directly from the “darkside”.

I don’t care who is channeling it.  I don’t care if they seem like really good people.  The “connection” they are making on a daily or a weekly basis is to a DARK ENTITY.

This message…, channeled over and over again…, SERVES THE DARK…, because it keeps all good people from acting (yes action is necessary) to put a stop to what is pure evil.

Therefore…, EVIL is now running amok on our planet!

I can see this clearly because I still think for myself…, and have not succumbed to a “Belief System”…, that calls upon me to just “have faith” in a particular channeled entity!

I have faith in PRIME CREATOR alone…, and all the knowledge of Source can be found in my LOVING HEART!

There is “no need” to listen to any other “channeled source”…, and then put my “belief” in that alternative source.

The only reason I am writing about this (AGAIN) is that channeled message after channeled message keep getting posted on the internet (weekly) continuing to SPREAD THE SAME LIE (over and over).

These New Ager’s just refuse to admit they are being lied to!

They believe so BLINDLY…, that they would see the world destroyed out from underneath them before they admit they were being duped!

Do you want to know why there is very little difference between the FANATICAL BELIEF SYSTEM of the New Age…, and the FANATICAL BELIEF SYSTEM of Religion?

The reason is simple!

It’s the very SAME PEOPLE who used to be fanatical monks, zealots, and other such characters (in other lives) who are now “fanatical” about the New Age in this life!

They just moved from the Church’s and Pews…, into Homes and meditation pillows. (But they are still fanatical about BELIEVING, while refusing to “think” for themselves).

Now meditation is not a bad thing…, it GREAT!  But you don’t need to “CHANNEL” anyone or anything to meditate on LOVE…, and then “think” about what you can do for the Earth and others that is LOVING.

The “channeling” thing is something that should be discarded.

So next time you see one of these:

There is nothing you need to do….

Just sit back and observe everything…

Have no judgement about anything at all…

It’s all good….

Anything bad that happens to anyone is something that person wanted and contracted for….

Keep your own energy high…

Know that this message is probably coming from the dark-side…, because it is mostly SERVICE TO SELF.  And, it allows for the “take-over” by the New World Order to go along smoothly without ANY obstruction by “do-gooders” who might stand in the way!

My friends…

Think on these things….


LOVE is not a feeling…, it is an ACTION!

Christ is not a person…, CHRIST…, IS A WAY OF DOING THINGS!

The “Christ Consciousness” is LOVE IN MOTION for the benefit of All Mankind!











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