This podcast is a very spur of the moment commentary on some comments that were made by Kerry Cassidy. Her Comments concern some things that were said in a recent SG Anon (Q News Patriot) Audio File (Number 28).  I have the utmost respect for SG Anon and for Kerry Cassidy both. I am merely adding my comments to clarify what I believe she was saying (or trying to say).

I also have the utmost respect for the White Hats who are working very hard to end this global nightmare and to bring an end to the Satanic Tyranny that we have all been under. My comments are meant to stimulate thought, enlighten, bring new information, and to dig deeper into maybe what is not readily apparent to all sides.

My main position is that anyone and everyone who is fighting AGAINST the Deep State and the CABAL is on the same team and that we must unite, help, support, and yes even protect each other!

I am not at odds with anyone on the Q team, and am in full support of the end of Global Tyranny!

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Here is a link to the Q News Patriot audio in question.  You can find what was said at 35 minutes and 45  seconds into the audio!

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