It seems as if “THE PLAN” has slowed down to a mere crawl, and those who are in the know are saying that all of the possibilities and scenarios of what we are facing are constantly being “GAMED OUT” (most likely on Super Computers or even Quantum Computers).

But is it wise to leave the fate of all of humanity in the hands of a Super Computer that is being run by an A.I.?

This is the topic of this latest Love Truth Site Podcast, and it is a place were almost no one in the Truth Movement wants to go!

Please listen to this important Podcast about A.I.

Listen on Rumble:

Here is Kerry Cassidy’s latest update that dares to “go there” – and to dig into what no one else wants to look at or talk about.

Here is Gordy Rose of Kindred and D-Wave talking about his version of A.I. and how it smart it will be (and why).


Linked below is the Original Version of Gordy Rose’s Lecture WITHOUT the Commentary that is in the above video!  However, I do think the commentary is of value!  Which Video you watch is up to you.

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