There was no way that this hidden war for the future of humanity was going to stay hidden forever. 

People eventually were going to find out about it.  Now, the moment has come where average, everyday people are putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together and connecting the dots and seeing that mere men are using super advanced technology to literally steer time and are trying to create a FALSE REALITY here on Earth that is based upon the whims of just a handful of deviant and evil people.

In this new podcast, we take a deep dive into what EXACTLY looking glass is – how it works – how it is being used – and why using it in this way is not necessarily good for humanity.

The fallout of using Looking Glass has caused extreme damage, suffering, and chaos all over the entire world because it has created a “TUG OF WAR” between two opposing factions living here on the Earth – one that wants “good” to be our future – and the other that wants “evil” to be our future.

The rest of us have been caught in the middle for going on 70 years!

Artist’s rendering of the Looking Glass Device at S-4 (near Area 51)

Inside of the podcast – I use several short video clips from two old video interviews.  One interview is between Dan Burisch and Kerry Cassidy, and the other interview was done between Lisa Harrison and Bill Brockbrader.

Dan Burisch is a former active member of  MJ-12/Operation Majestic/The Committee of the Majority – and had top secret level access and clearance into Looking Glass and many other projects and programs.

Bill Brockbrader is a former Navy Seal who was given access to top secret data that had been collected from Looking Glass and was asked to come up with a conclusion as to what all of that data meant for the world and what it was leading to.

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