In this all new podcast, Bradley and Luke take a deep dive down the rabbit hole and talk about why certain people are suddenly SEEING THE TRUTH that God wants them to see, and are seeing it EVERYWHERE – and can’t possibly miss it, while others are not seeing anything at all.

I’ve written about this a few times now on – and have basically said that the people who are really and actually coming awake – are seeing TRUTH absolutely EVERYWHERE – no matter where they look. 

God Himself is showing them (the awakening ones) in such a way that truth can’t possibly be missed.

We then discuss WHY it is only certain people who are actually SEEING these things, and what others can do IF they actually WANT TO SEE them as well.

I wrote about this – 3 years ago ( A big Red Pill) – in this post:


During our almost hour long Podcast I talk about how almost every single movie ever put out by Hollywood has at least some very deep truths hidden away inside of it. But more than that – the SIGNS and the SYMBOLS they have been using are absolutely EVERYWHERE around us.

They were in our faces – and we were NOT SEEING them.

They turned the entire world into a constant flow of SYMBOLISM right in front of our faces and laughed because we were all BLIND to how it all connected.

We had to be awake in order to be able to SEE IT – and their goal was to keep us asleep.

Luke and I then talked about this part of the new Matrix Movie and I promised to put a link for you to watch it.

See this important clip from the Movie Matrix Four


You can start at the beginning, or you can move forward to 1:20 seconds and then watch it to the end.  There is so much information in this single clip of the Matrix Four Movie that I could write an entire book about it. 

The information here is so deep that almost everyone misses it!  The very moment that the Architect (who represents Lucifer) starts telling you the entire TRUTH – he picks up an Apple and takes a bite out of it.

There is a very noticeable PAUSE as he picks up the apple before he bites into it in order to make SURE that you notice what he is picking up – and then he places the apple next to Trinity’s head (who represents Eve) and who at the very same moment, has a bullet rushing toward her as well meaning she is in peril as a result of what HE did.

 Sound familiar?


This next movie clip from the very first Harry Potter Movie is saying the exact same thing – only a bit differently.  In this one the Master Wizard (Not Lucifer) is telling you what you need to know.  Watch carefully and he repeats to Harry EXACTLY what the new Architect from the last Matrix movie said to NEO.

Harry is found sitting in front of the MIRROR OF DESIRE (ERISED) – Desire “spelled” backwards.

After we hear a very important TRUTH – the next scene in this movie AFTER Dumbledore tells Harry one of the deepest truths of the entire cosmos (that desire is an extreme stumbling block in your search for God = Truth) – we see a scene of Harry carrying a “White Owl”, which in this case tells us that WISDOM has just been expressed in the movie and we should have paid attention.   “Be Wise like an Owl”

It is a sign/symbol that you just heard something profound, and should have noticed to it.

As the Architect said in the first movie clip – Desire and Fear baby – for 99.9 percent of the people that is the meaning of reality! – Desperately desiring for all the things you don’t have – while fearing the loss of what you do have…

In this unfortunate condition, humanity would NEVER be able to find or come into contact with – God = Truth.

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