By: Bradley Loves

I took the day off yesterday because I thought that FAR MORE information than most people could handle came out in the two commentary posts that I put up.

Truthfully, it was a lot to digest.  So, I decided to give my readers a little time to think about it.

There is a really good reason for doing this as well.   Because today…, in THIS POST…, I am going to go FAR DEEPER in to that same rabbit hole…, and bring out the most sobering details of some things that almost NO ONE has thought of…, or could even conceive of.

As much as you thought that that information was “tough” to take…, and difficult to hear…, it’s NOT the whole story!


I was talking to a guy…, whom I trust, who is into playing computer games.  He was telling me that some “very strange things” are starting to happen with his computer and with the game program he uses.

He told me that at first he thought that the program itself had developed a virus (because it kept loosing information and changing things he had done within the game).  So he got a clean copy of the game and put that on his computer…, ONLY TO FIND that the same thing was happening.

Next, he got a brand new computer…, thinking that his computer had been hacked and was the problem.  Then he loaded up the “clean copy” of the game…, and even took precautions to NOT CONNECT THE COMPUTER TO THE INTERNET on his new computer!

Within a few days, the very same thing started to happen within the game on his new computer, and he told me in frustration that he doesn’t know whats wrong, and HOW THINGS LIKE THIS CAN HAPPEN.

I frowned…, and gave him some sobering thoughts that were very hard for him to handle.

I told him that it wasn’t the game software, nor his computer that had been hacked…, but instead…,


I went on to tell him that it was most likely that the “virus” or the problem that was developing over and over with his computer software, was in fact being “uploaded” to his hardware (new and old) solely by his own interaction with it, and that his own MIND was the source of the virus!

This is why no internet connection was even necessary for repeated problems!


I really want everyone at this point to reread the two (very difficult to digest) commentary posts…, because it is right here where all of the background information necessary to understand this problem is.

You see (IN SECRET) our government (a word ironically that stands for “mind control”) has been working (with off worlders) on super advanced technology that will totally MAP THE HUMAN MIND.

Let’s repeat that so that it can really sink in!

You see (IN SECRET) our government (a word ironically that stands for “mind control”) has been working (with off worlders) on super advanced technology that will totally MAP THE HUMAN MIND.

The technology now exists to understand how “thoughts” are simply “broadcast frequencies” which are very similar to our own radio and television waves.

They move “electro-magnetically” into the UNIVERSAL FIELD, and once put there, stay there as invisible…, but still “manifested” thought things which can be tuned into by others!

Having worked out this puzzle (most likely as far back as the 1940’s and 1950’s)…, it was then the objective of the SECRET GOVERNMENTS (and their whore scientists) to see how they could “use” this understanding and know how to AFFECT HUMAN BEINGS on a large global scale (without them knowing about it).

Naturally (once again) there were certain off world supporters adding help when ever they could, because THEY had another agenda that even the EVIL men and women of the CABAL did not completely understand.

Once in the 1970’s…, they had determined that they could actually “UPLOAD THOUGHTS” into another human beings mind…, (this was proven in the Utah, Draper Prison experiments)  they knew that they could take this technology to a whole new level!

You see…, while putting VOICES into another person’s mind…, and making them think that either GOD, or ANGELS, or Ascended Masters are talking to them was really nothing more than child’s play!

It was a “teenage” prank, where those men and women who thought they were MORE INTELLIGENT…, could have a “laugh” at the expense of others who they saw as the mostly gullible spiritual “GEEKS”of the world.

Hey… your shoe is untied McFly……. ooops…, fell for it again!

So they started to broadcast “Angels and Masters” voices into the minds of humans who were psychically able to TUNE IN to these broadcast frequencies in the late 1970’s and then really cranked up the technology in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

The trouble for humanity came when far from the expectations of the CABAL…, who at first were probably only doing this as a test…, (or a cruel joke)…, hundreds, then thousands…, (and now millions) of people started “tuning in” to these frequencies…, because THEY TO wanted to “channel”.

They jumped on the band wagon…, and wanted to be a “receiver” of very high spiritual and IMPORTANT information, so that their friends and family would “respect them”…, and think better of them.


They ramped up their entire OPERATION…, placing most of the super advanced equipment and the staff in underground bases in ANTARCTICA!  They did this because they KNEW that what they were doing was not only cruel…, but so completely IMMORAL and UNLAWFUL that if they were found out…, it would be the end of their NEW WORLD ORDER DREAMS.

Almost all of the broadcast waves and frequencies come from there, and then are “distributed” by the NRO’s military “spy” satellite system to the rest of the world.

They created the “GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT”…, and the many so called ET “helpers” who were “on the verge” of saving humanity…, as a logical way to get almost all of humanity to STAND DOWN…, and take no action against them as they rolled out their NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA.

For the most part…, this has worked incredibly well!

The only problem has been that many of the men and women operating this technology made the mistake of giving out dates and times to the people they were “working with” on the other end of their broadcast frequencies.

WHEN THE DATES CAME AND WENT…, it created huge problems for the men and women who were “channeling” the fake and faulty information that was technologically being sent out via satellite directly into their MIND.

This probably created huge headaches for the military leaders who were in charge of the project…, and meetings were held telling the “operators and handlers” running the equipment to NEVER GIVE OUT DATES AND TIMES…, but instead to use the word SOON…, and ON THE VERGE…, to describe things that were never going to happen.


If this were the only “fallout” from what has been happening (in secret) and behind the scenes…, then perhaps humanity could eventually deal with it and get over it.

However…, far from busting the hopes and beliefs of a few gullible and trusting spiritualists who were always seen as too “flaky” by the establishment anyway…, the real ramifications of THIS TECHNOLOGY has now began to “bite” them in the behind in ways even THEY were not ready for!


Up until now…, what we have been talking about is 1970’s and 1980’s technology! But the Secret Government and their whore (Frankensteinian) scientists have had another 35 years to develop and implement even MORE ADVANCED technology to map and infiltrate the human MIND.

As much as “broadcasting” THE VOICE OF GOD…, into another unsuspecting human beings mind may seem like a simple “prank” or a “joke” that a teenager who is playing with technology might play on another person…, the level of technology they have reached  now is FAR BEYOND THAT!

As the article that I did commentary on pointed out…, they have now been able to MAP the actual brain wave “PATTERNS” which create and cause certain thoughts and feelings to occur!

Having “saved these patterns” on memory sticks…, they have started “broadcasting” thought patterns into the MINDS of human beings IN ORDER TO GET THEM TO THINK THOUGHTS and DO THINGS they would never otherwise have done!

Thus, the technology went from simply “invading” a persons mind, and having a conversation with that person…, (as in channeling) to actually “HACKING” that persons mind and IMPLANTING and INSERTING frequency patterns that would then cause that person to begin to ACT AND BEHAVE differently!

The entire “gamut” and “spectrum” of electro-magnetic frequencies and possibilities have now been mapped and saved to a super computer!

They have mapped the brain wave “patterns” that cause people to be SLEEPY, or ANGRY!  They have mapped the patterns that cause people to be FEARFUL, or JEALOUS, or DOCILE, or OBEDIENT and COMPLIANT!   This was only the beginning!

Once again…, this was probably all done in the 1990’s!  Where they have come from there is astounding.

Now they have specifically mapped the patterns of genetic problems and even DEVIANT BEHAVIORS.

As I said in the last article…, they know the very specific “brain-wave” patterns that are given off by GAY people!  They know the “brain-wave” patterns that are given off by pedophiles and sexual deviants!  They know the “brain-wave” patterns that are given off by gender-confused humans who want to “change” their sex because they don’t feel comfortable inside their body.

It is my opinion that Bradley Manning was one of the “unlucky” test subjects who (because he was a whistle blower and pissed certain people off) got hit (while he was in prison) with endless brainwave patterns which caused him to feel as if he could only survive by changing his sexual identity.

The proof that this stuff works is the fact that he indeed went ahead with changing his sexual identity.

Now…, what kind of WEAPON do you think this is?

When BIG BROTHER can reach into your MIND…, and plant “brain wave patterns” that cause you to change everything about yourself…, and everything that you know you are…, into something else…, we as a SOCIETY HAVE GONE OFF THE DEEP END!

The SATANIC SOCIETY is only just around the corner folks…, and it’s NOT PRETTY!

As I also pointed out…, it is my belief that they have mapped the specific brain wave patterns that are manifested inside the minds of extreme sexual deviants!  The kinds of patterns given off by men (and women) who ONLY want to have sex with kids and no one else!

Perhaps now…, you might have some sort of IDEA…, what their goals are in order to create the type of NEW WORLD ORDER “REALITY” that they want.

They are just going to reach into our minds (through broadcast waves) and IMPLANT the specific “frequency patterns” that will cause all of us to suddenly have the STRONG DESIRE to start having sex with children!

And this is just the beginning!  This is just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG!

In the “perfect” NWO society…, there will be RULERS and SLAVES!

Just as in the days of Julius Ceaser…, in the last days of ROME…, there will be public bath houses where men go with young boys to “enjoy them”…, and society will “go along with it” because their minds have been HACKED to think this way.

It is already happening!  The military, the Pentagon…, and even the NSA has freely admitted that the downloading of child porn images is rampant among their own employees!

What…, did they think that the CABAL was going to “spare them” just because they are the Military?

They are being “targeted” just like every other man, woman and child is being targeted because the NEW WORLD ORDER means the mental control of every person living on the planet!  Not just the unsuspecting public.  In fact…, the “mental control” of the Military, The Pentagon, and the NSA is far more important to the CABAL because those are the very attack dogs who are going to be let loose on the people.

Now…, as sick as this all is…, THIS STILL IS ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG!


As much as the corrupt men and women who are part of the Illuminati want to control the world and live like Kings and Queens “on high” over the rest of humanity!  This “plan” is no where near what the “agenda” of the off worlders is.

The CABAL (because they are spiritual weaklings, cowards, and bottom feeders) are the perfect humans to USE in order to get the planet…, and gain a foothold here that they will not let go of!

Because of their corruptibility, their deviant natures…, and their weaknesses…, which include the desperate NEED for lots of money, nice homes, and an easy life…, they ARE BEING USED…, in the “takeover” of humanity…, and will be cast aside the very MOMENT they are no longer useful!


Almost no one…, not even the military that is putting this stuff in the air…, realizes that they are spraying NANITES on the people!

The tiny (micro scopic) components of self organizing and self constructing NANO-TECH is part of every chem-trail “death dump” put on the population and has been on going for at least 15 to 20 years now!

This is the FINAL STAGE in MIND CONTROL…, and goes far beyond the VOICE OF GOD…, and even IMPLANTING brain wave patterns into people minds via satellite (which by now is child’s play to them).

This self constructing NANO TECH is turning each and every human being into a human “radio receiver” where the nano tech that is now most certainly already inside their bodies…, and has molded and melded with their CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, can very literally take over the hosts body…, turning them into robotic like zombies…, that simply act out the broadcast “programs” that they are receiving via the cell towers and satellites!

And…, YOU NOW KNOW WHY the military has in fact held practice exercises using real people and real world situations to COMBAT and fight ZOMBIES!

Are WE getting the picture here?


The human MIND works very much on the same theory as radio and television waves in that it also sends out and receives electro-magnetic broadcast waves!  The Secret Shadow Government has simply taken this knowledge, and done the most EVIL things they could possibly think of doing, with it.


However…, their mis-guided and feeble attempts at total mind control will NOT END WELL for them…, because there are EVEN MORE EVIL BEINGS waiting in the wings, and hoping they do succeed…, only so that they can step in and take over, if and when the CABAL gets what it wants!

OFF WORLDERS, who have even far better technology will step in if there is success, and then USE the now mind controlled human population of Earth for THEIR PURPOSES, and the CABAL (who sold humanity down the river for a paycheck, and Castle in Switzerland) will NO LONGER BE OF ANY USE!



The Fallen Angels.., and supporters of Dark Luciferian Entities…, do exist!

At the highest levels of the Illuminati…, and unknown to most of the corporate people at the mid and lower levels…, there are very real, other dimensional, and discarnate entites…, who have ALWAYS wanted to have total control of humanity.

What they really have wanted from TIME without end…, is the method of “hacking” the Human Soul…, and stealing that soul…, and all of it’s knowledge for eternity.

This has always proved very difficult for them…, for the SOUL is the very essence of the creator (whom they HATE).

They see the HUMAN MIND…, as the “gateway” into the deeper and less “hack-able” frequencies of the human SOUL.  And therefore…, the first step in gaining access and possession of every soul…, is to gain access and possession of every human MIND.

This is why this entire New World Order Agenda…, at it’s very core…, is deeply SATANIC!

This is also why those who are the most ARDENT SATAN WORSHIPERS are at the very top posts in these organizations and at the very lead in this.

It is because this is a SATANIC operation and most likely has been partially on-going (on certain levels) for millions of years!

Our society and it’s reality is only the very  LATEST ATTEMPT of these SATANIC MEN AND WOMEN to role out their plans to conquer GOD HIMSELF…, and to ruin GOD’S CREATION if at all possible.

They most likely tried with both Lemuria first…, and then Atlantis.

This is the battle or the WAR that we are really fighting!  And all of the falderal that you hear in the CHANNELED INFORMATION CIRCLES is simply:

DISTRACTION and DISINFORMATION being handed out in this WAR in order to keep humanity off balance and most especially from getting up off the couch and TAKING ANY ACTION THEMSELVES to put a stop to this.


Because of their willingness to believe in the “channeled” side of things…, many very popular Alt Media personalities have latched onto the idea that all of this is happening for some “good result”…, which we will certainly see happening soon.

It is my opinion…, that many of the so called Milabs…, (Military Abuductees) who are coming forward now…, have been IMPLANTED with false memories… about what and who they once were…, and are even appearing on tell – a – vision…, giving us a NARRATIVE that is part of the on-going NEW WORLD ORDER takeover.

As much information that is seemingly being EXPOSED by these men and women…, it is NO WHERE near the deepest part of the TRUTH…, which I’ve outlined for you in this single post.

In fact…, the CABAL has always been willing to sacrifice a few morsels of truth in order to COVER UP the far more important ones that they REFUSE TO ALLOW TO BE FOUND OUT.

This is where people like: Corey Goode and David Wilcock come in!  Even though they honestly believe that what they are exposing the ENTIRE TRUTH…, the complete and total agenda of what is really going on has been (and always will be) totally kept from them.

It is only because they have “bought into” a certain part of the LIE…, which says that most CHANNELED MESSAGES being relayed to the planet have any TRUTH in them at all, that they are being USED in the way they are (for now).

In fact the opposite is true…, and that is that only very FEW channeled messages contain any truth in them whatsoever…, and that most of the channelers are in fact tuning into VOICE TO SKULL technology which was developed before they were even born!

Milabs…, and former Military personnel, are just as confused and MIND CONTROLLED as the rest of the population is…, and just like the rest of the population…, they are BEING USED in any way that suits their controllers and handlers motives, which in Goodes (and Wilcocks case) is to allow a “certain” portion of what has happened out…, in order to TOTALLY COVER UP the deepest, and darkest part of the MIND CONTROL agenda!

This is enough to think about in this piece….

More (much more) will come in part two…










































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