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There is no doubt what so ever in my mind that more than ever PRAYER is necessary!  Connecting with our own souls and that part of us that is SOURCE is very much needed.

However…, being “spiritual” does not mean being “STUPID”.

Mark Passio is one of the best people (at this time in history) to take advice from because HE knows what is going on behind the scenes!  Jay Parker is another man who we should all listen to!  Kathy O’Brian is another one.

I use the phrase…, “this time in history” with some real meaning and purpose!

It has been said (you can look it up to verify it) that when Steve Jobs died (the founder of Apple Computer) the “only” book found in his personal bedroom on his night stand was: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI   written by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Interestingly, the “only” book that can be found in my tiny travel trailer is the same one… THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI.

It is my firm belief that Steve Jobs was “given” his cancer, (by frequency IMPLANT) and died very early in his life…, simply because he would NOT hand over the keys of APPLE SOFTWARE to the shadow government!

No back doors, no endless spying, and because he stood up to them…, they (secretly of course) KILLED HIM.

The same can not be said for Bill Gates…, who not only could not stand up to them…, but instead has JOINED UP WITH THE SATANISTS CAUSE!

He is now a full blown member of the Committee of 300.

The keys to the Microsoft Kingdom where handed over to the US Government long ago…, and they have been using those keys to SPY on every human being on the planet!

The Autobiography of a Yogi is a great book…, and tells us something of Steve Jobs, and other men like him.  The gist of that book is that it is very possible for a man to become FREE of his bondage in ILLUSION…, if he TUNES into the higher COSMIC FREQUENCIES around him.

Meditation on the third eye is recommended and countless men and women practice this today.

However…, it is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to note that Yogananda lived in the early part of the 20th century!  He first came to the United States in the 1920’s…, as a young man.  He started his spiritual training in INDIA…, at a time when NONE OF THE SUPER ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY we are dealing with now even existed!

His teacher and “master” Sri Yukteswar Giri, lived most of his life in the late 1800’s where no other FREQUENCIES but those of mother Earth were present and available.

For these men (at that time in history) sitting and meditating…, and “tuning in” was both advisable AND could be done with a beneficial result.


We are not living in that time any longer!  It is stupidity to think that a large summer picnic can be pulled off successfully in a HAIL STORM!

That is just dumb!

A smart person realizes what the weather outside is like and then ADJUSTS his schedule accordingly!

At this point in our history…, the airwaves and the frequencies are filled with SATANISM and SATANIC BROADCASTS.

“Opening up” so that you can “tune in”to the frequencies around you…, (at this time) is not only inadvisable…, but just downright careless!

It is like the person who wants to have a picnic…, and tries to do so IN THE HAIL STORM.

My advice (even if no one cares to hear it) is to be VERY CAREFUL with things like personal meditation…, and “opening up” to CHANNEL while hoping to get a “message” from an entity (at this time) is simply stupid!

Prayer…, and real soul searching…, or talking to SOURCE while going for a walk…, but not necessarily “listening” for any particular answer (because that answer could be coming from Antarctica) is a good thing.

It is simply getting REAL about what we are dealing with (at the moment) that is the most advisable thing to do.

Human beings are eternal…, and if you can’t “meditate” deeply in this life…, you’ll be able to do it somewhere else!


Even Sri Yukteswar (Yoganandas teacher)…, a man who I have much more respect for than Yogananda himself, was a very DEEP THINKER.

I have read that book cover to cover…, many times now…, and I am convinced that there is nothing that I am writing here that goes against what he stood for.

I am almost positive if Sri Yukteswar had been living (in this time…2016) he would have said something like:  There are times to pray…, and then there are times when you must TAKE OUT THE TRASH!

Both are necessary for a balanced life.  We must face, and DEAL WITH the SATANISTS!

To ignore them…, simply because it’s too difficult, or worse simply because we think that ESCAPING EARTH (through Ascension) is a better alternative than cleaning up the mess we made…, I’ve got news for you…, NO GURU would have ever advocated that.

Helping humanity…, serving others…, being kind…, and YES judging our own thoughts and actions are all part of our personal growth.

Yogananda only “realized his connection to GOD” after an entire life of praying and meditating!


Why is everyone so willing to believe that GOD is going to wave a magic wand and “ASCEND THEM”…….., “soon”…., with no personal effort on their part to try to lovingly affect those around them with a dedicated LIFE OF SERVICE.

The “times” we are living in now…, are anything but “conducive” to fast and simple GOD REALIZATION…, only because our world is so FILLED with broadcast waves and electro-magnetic frequencies…, that the far more subtle waves of the higher levels are all but out of reach for most people.

It is my (opinion) that what most people are tuning into (at this time) are very cleverly duplicated or cloned “feel good” waves…, which while pleasant to experience…, are being PUT THERE BY THE CABAL, to keep people from getting to any “real” God types of waves and experience higher frequencies the type of which Sri Yukteswar and Yogananda were talking about, and actually DID experience in the late 1800’s and very early 1900’s.


There is a hail storm going on out there now…, and it is not a good time to put out a blanket, and try to have a Sunday Picnic!

Unless, and until (we as a people) DEAL WITH THE SATANISTS FIRST…, and put a STOP to their technology…., then it is inadvisable to be going out daily, and “taking a dip” in the pool of “higher” frequencies.

There will be more coming!

Stay tuned for Part Three

As a side note…, Yogananda does talk about “karma” in his book…, a subject which I have taken to studying deeply…, because I DO NOT AGREE…, with most of the interpretations being handed to us by the CHANNELERS.

It is my opinion (after reading the book many times) that his teacher understood karma FAR BETTER than Yogananda did…, and even, Lahiri understood it better than his student, Sri Yukteswar.

Yogananda was very disposed to being a simple “monk”.  He was a spiritual enthusiast, and was very willing to JUST BELIEVE in the supernatural side of things, whereas Sri Yukteswar was far more grounded in the SCIENTIFIC SIDE of things.

He knew that what he was doing was not “magic” but Advanced Science!

In fact, the only book Sri Yukteswar ever wrote was called: THE HOLY SCIENCE

Therefore, I do not think Yogananda truly understood “karma” because he was simply disposed to give credit to “GOD” in most things…, where his teacher in fact knew there were far deeper physics and Cosmological Laws involved.

Sri Yukteswar understood these things, Yogananda never did.

For the New Agers who channel to claim that everyone who comes here WANTED or contracted for what is happening to them while here on Earth, is a GROSS misrepresentation of what karma is…, and that is why I added this to the post.

























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