Poor General Flynn!

All of the money he had – the best Lawyer in Washington DC – the support of the President of the United States – as well as being a highly Decorated Army General can barely save Mike Flynn from the totally corrupted legal system that is now operating inside America!

If this is the case for Mike Flynn –

  • Then NO ONE living in America is safe from the highly corrupted and Demonic Legal System that is now operating inside the borders of our country and most especially in Washington DC.
  • No one stands a chance at a fair or an honest trial any longer!
  • No one in America therefore should be bound to this FRAUDULENT legal system!
  • If it is rigged – then it can not dispose Justice period!

It is done!  Without fairness and without honor – the only thing left to do with the legal system is dig a grave and bury it!

Those of us who understand that there is a GOD – and who pray daily – are already praying for every tainted judge and jury TO BURN IN THE FIRES OF HELL for eternity!

We are also praying that every crooked and schemeing Lawyer who bends the legal system and uses lies and deception to suit and agenda to join those judges who are already in pit and in the fires!


Many of us know now for certain – that justice – the law – and rules are DEAD HERE IN AMERICA.

Our only method of protecting ourselves now is the SECOND AMENDMENT!

In the old west – JUSTICE was administered from a man’s hip!  His right to bare arms was his only protection from criminals AND from wholly corrupt law men and freak show judges.

History – it seems – is about to repeat itself!

Thank GOD I live in Arizona!

See this article:

Flynn Defense Files Supplement For Motion to Dismiss – New Evidence of Mueller Blackmail Using Threat Against Flynn Jr…


In a supplement to the defense motion to dismiss [pdf here] we discover some of the evidence of prosecutorial misconduct turned over by the DOJ to the Flynn defense.

Specifically Lt. General Michael Flynn’s plea was based on a threat against Michael Flynn Jr. if his father didn’t sign the plea.  This will very likely get the plea dismissed.

Because the exhibits had to be filed under seal, they are heavily redacted; however, Flynn’s defense counsel, Sidney Powell, has asked the court to release & unredact the full content of the exhibits so the world can see the coercion behind the corrupt plea agreement.

The Mueller prosecution team lead by Brandon Van Grack put the agreement and threat in writing, but they also made a deal with the former defense team to hide the terms in an effort to cover-up their misconduct.  Coercion to force a plea is unethical and unlawful.

See more here:


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