By: Bradley Loves

The most obvious question that writers like myself ask on a daily basis is if anything that is written or posted is actually having an effect.

Day in, day out…, there is so much information to be shared.

However…, as much as I would LOVE to bring the TRUTH out, and reveal everything that has ever been hidden from the masses, there are those people who have sworn allegiance to LUCIFER and are working just as hard (24/7) to keep the real TRUTH from coming out!

They do this by writing outlandish stories which sound like “disclosure” but are in fact nothing but more lies, more cons, and more distraction formulated specifically to play to people’s emotions and already “programmed” beliefs.

This is a very old Lawyer’s trick!

In order to “hide” the TRUTH from an advisary…, they bury a single page of documentation, usually called “discovery”, inside a box of 10,000 pages of meaningless drivel…, and hope that the legel advisary gets tired of seaching for the ONE PAGE of real truth.

On the internet…, it is the very SAME THING!

And if you think not…, then sadly,  you are FOOLING yourself.

Still not ready to accept and embrace just how EVIL the “dark side” can really be, too many spiritual people are lapping up countless (numbering in the millions) of posted articles monthly which claim to be part of DISCLOSURE…, but are instead, being put out by SATAN’S ARMY…, a group of dedicated LIARS which number in the millions of people (just in America alone).

As Alex Jones has always said…,

We are in the middle of an INFORMATION WAR!


(Because there is a “WAR” on for your MIND)

I could not describe the situation any better…, and yet…, I worry and am anxious that very few people out there in “internet land” really get how deep the Rabbit Hole goes when we are talking about DIS-INFORMATION, FALSE INFORMATION, and OUT AND OUT LIES!

I cruise through website after website, and blog after blog, finding KNOWN LIARS and AGENTS (at least known to me) who are constantly “quoted” as legitimate sources…, and see their endless “fake disclosure articles” being re-blogged…, re-linked, and repeated as if  TRUE…, when I know for a fact that the content in question is 90 percent false with just enough fact in it to make New Ager’s willing to read it.

I wonder in dismay if any REAL TRUTH will ever come out into the open because so many people have become “citizen journalists”…, but have also been SO PROGRAMMED by channeled entities and channeled teachings…, that when they are faced with obvious contradictions…, they CHOOSE THE LIE rather than face the truth.

There is no better example in the New Age than the LOVE AFFAIR that New Ager’s had with Barack Obama!

Here is a man who lied endlessly to the American people and the world.

Even New Ager’s who were not insanely programmed to overlook every bad thing he did eventually HAD to admit he was LYING!

Then…, instead of re-thinking their support for him…, they redoubled their sicophantic adoration of him saying that he HAD TO LIE in order to protect himself and his family and that it would all work out in the end.


  • He lied about the fact he was Gay!
  • He lied about the fact that his “wife” is a Trans-sexual.
  • He lied about the fact that the kids living in the White House were not really his!
  • He lied about the fact that he found and killed Osama bin Laden
  • He lied about his participation in the Mars Jump Room Program
  • He lied about his place of birth
  • He lied about his religion
  • He lied about his mother’s connection to George Bush Sr.
  • He lied, he lied and he lied some MORE!

I have thought about this deeply…, and have come to the sad conclusion that in the movement for “TRUTHFUL DISCLOSURE” as opposed to “DECEPTIVE DISCLOSURE”…, the New Age can NOT be trusted any longer.

Men and women who call themselves “LightWorkers” are in fact far too gullible and far too willing to lie to themselves and to others to be trusted with the Truth.

I have come to the conclusion that Bible based Christians…, like Steve Quayle, or former Satanists like Mark Passio, or former Illuminati family members like Jay Parker…, are FAR MORE WILLING TO TELL THE ENTIRE TRUTH…, without lying to themselves & others in order to “cover up” or “hide” obvious deceptions!

In this regard…, the New Ager’s and Channeled Message followers have failed miserably over and over again…, only because they are still living inside the MIND CONTROL/PROGRAMMING MODE of listening to and immediately believeing external AUTHORITY SOURCES like “unseen channeled entities”!

These entities are given a “PASS” by New Ager’s and “lightworkers” because of their “name” or “rank” or “what they say”…, and NOTHING they say is checked, verified, looked at critically, or even considered BEFORE it is posted as TRUTHFUL!

This is how BARACK OBAMA became a “Saint”…, and even got the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE even before he was in office for more than a single year.

His “Sainthood” was revealed through countless “Channelers” and “Channeled Messages” put out by people who would NOT know the TRUTH if it came out and bit them in the behind.

America suffered greatly because of BARACK OBAMA and because too many (spiritual) people paid NO ATTENTION to all of the horrible things he and his administration were doing.

Just one single article about the “Crackdown” on the southern border between the USA and MEXICO has shown us that countless 18 wheelers that were being used to ship cargo into the USA have been found to be also hauling massive amounts of drugs/guns/money/migrants into the USA across the border.

Under OBAMA’S rules…, border patrol agents were NOT ALLOWED to even check the trucks!

Border Patrol Agents have said they felt like “Welcome Wagon Agents” because they were told to simply wave these trucks through!

Now…, for those hapless men and women who defended OBAMA by saying he had NO CONTROL over such things…, even if he may have wanted to do it…, answer me this:

Why now under Donald Trump…, are the Border Patrol Agents ALLOWED to check the trucks… if the “President” does not have the power to ORDER it done?????????


Too many people MADE EXCUSES for Obama and his lies.

This is not an exaggeration!


(PS…, I’m not saying that Trump is perfect OR…, that he has never lied.)

And yet…, as I read countless blogs that used to endlessly support Obama…, I have yet to read a single article from those same blogs saying:

I’m SORRY!   I was WRONG!   I mis-led you!

I should not have supported Barack Obama!

I now realize that he was LYING to the people!

I apologize for any hurt that I may have caused to my readers by my support of this man!!

Where are these posts and articles???????

What are the so-called spiritual people who were writing endlessly in support of him doing to recitify what they did??

Here is their “problem”…, as I see it:


This is why as I’ve said above…, I can no longer trust that New Ager’s can even be a functional part of any REAL DISCLOSURE!

They are unwilling to admit they are making mistakes and are actively being mis-led.

For any hope of REAL and HONEST DISCLOSURE…, I am now turning to Bible based Christians (even though some of their base beliefs may be incorrect)…, as I see it…, at least they are willing to openly admit if they are making mistakes.

I am also willing to turn to former Satanists like Mark Passio and former Illuminati family members like Jay Parker and Shane Bales (The Ruiner)…, for hope of DISCLOSURE because at least these people are willing to BE HONEST with themselves and not engage in MIND CONTROL programs.


You see AS former Satanists…, and former Illuminati members…, these people know ALL TOO WELL what kind of horrible MIND CONTROL PROGRAMS have been used on the masses…, and are less likely to be taken in by them once they’ve gotten out of the “dark side” system so to speak.

These people are also FAR MORE WILLING to admit the depth of depravity and the EVIL that their former family members are capable of…, and DO NOT MAKE STUPID EXCUSES FOR THEM by telling the rest of us they are only “playing an important role”…, and the world somehow “needs” them for “enlightenment”.


The people I am speaking of who have gotten out of the dark side are very clear just how EVIL the dark side is…, AND…, that almost all of these people DO HAVE A CHOICE!

They simply choose to go “Dark Side Cabal” (in Jay Parker’s words).

They do this for the promise of money, power, ease of life, and promise of good things after they die.

They rarely do it because they are FORCED as so many in the “New Age” would have you believe.

At any rate…, my question still is this:


Is anything I write gettting through??

Here is a video that is a must for those who really want a good lesson in how to tell the lies from the TRUTH!

Please find the time to listen to the entire thing!

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