By: Bradley Loves

“TIME” has been compromised!   This is all that you really need to know!  

Once you know this fact, and make this TRUTH a part of your daily life, only then will you be able to adequately “discern” or “decipher” what is really happening in the world around you at this time in history.

America is inexorably intertwined with this quantum madness; a madness that goes back in time not only to the middle ages of Europe, but back to the days of Jesus Christ, and even further to days of Ancient Egypt, Babylon, and finally to Atlantis!

Earth has been experiencing a quantum and temporal WAR for millions of years only because of certain prophecies that said this:

HE WHO CONTROLLED AMERICA – at the very end…, would win the battle of the Earth!  And furthermore, he who controlled the entire Earth, would win the battle of HEAVEN and EARTH!

Deeply deviant men and women, who were working very hard inside of Secret Societies within the dark European Oligarchies and various control structures of the day, always knew that they eventually had to gain CONTROL OF AMERICA!  

Even BEFORE it was founded and created – they already knew this!

They also knew they had to do this totally IN SECRET, without the common men and women of the Earth ever KNOWING that they were doing it because every single one of us have FREEWILL – and if we all knew what they were doing behind our backs…, we could literally change the outcome of the TEMPORAL WAR!

This information has been “known” since the day George Washington and the early revolutionaries who chose to build a Nation here on predicted sacred soil called “The Promised Land”

America: The Promised Land

America was long known to the world’s initiates. They determined when it might be ‘discovered’. They chose the discoverer. They knew the plan for the New World and its purpose: to become the leading nation in the promised Golden Age.

America was discovered by an Italian called Christopher Columbus in 1492.  It was named after a later navigator called Amerigo Vespucci.

That’s the story we learn at school.

If we have critical teachers, they might add that the Vikings under Erik the Red were actually the first to reach America—and we believe that this story gives us a true understanding of the matter. And yet, this does not correspond to the truth.

“History is something that never happened, written by someone who was not present at the time”, noted Voltaire shrewdly.  Sir Francis Bacon remarked that “… history is a lie agreed upon”.

In earlier ages too, history was made only to a limited extent by monarchs and churchmen.

Behind them were the gray eminences, the truly powerful masters of knowledge, some of them initiates.

They were familiar with the mysteries and with occult teachings which were not meant for the eyes of the profane, and met in secret societies and lodges.

In the early middle ages, the existence of America was already known to these guardians of the mysteries.  How might we otherwise explain that a Venetian merchant map of the world shows and names the continents of North and South America? 

Naturally not completely correct geographically—that was beyond contemporary skills for more familiar territories too—but this map had been drawn 78 years before the ‘discovery’ of America, namely in 1414.

A destiny guarded by initiate

Why, one might ask, did western conquerors not set off westwards much earlier, if the initiates of the secret lodges already knew about America?

Everything has its appointed time, one may reply, and, banal though this may sound, it is surely closer to the truth than many other explanations.

For America is the country of the New Age now dawning, and the leading role which it plays in the world is consequently no accident, but dispensation, providence or destiny—what-ever one may wish to call it. 

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It is not an accident that people as far back as the 12th century were talking about AMERICA’S DESTINY in the Golden Age.  They had already been warned and informed of this by TIME TRAVELERS…, and other beings using quantum access!

This is why paintings and images such as the ones below even exist in our “so-called” history…, which is not really a history as much as it is a – DOCUMENTARY OF THE UNFOLDING TEMPORAL WAR THAT IS STILL ON-GOING.


What we as people living on the Earth today are faced with is a KNOCK DOWN – DRAG OUT FIGHT that has taken placein time!

It is a “fight” and a “war” that is taking place between those who want “GOOD”..., and those who want “EVIL”!

It is a war between two different TIMELINES for the entire Earth!

One timeline where all of the Earth moves upward and forward…, and one where the Earth experiences a great catastrophe and falls down into the pits of some really dark and evil events which then change the trajectory of history and time throughout the entire GALAXY!

Dan Burisch called them:   Time-line 1 and Time-line 2

But, I have given huge hints about the many Earth changing technologies that are currently being hidden behind the scenes by the DRACO and their malicious little minions -the Grays!  

Oh…, and guess WHO ELSE has thrown in with the Draco and the Grays…?

You guessed it…, the LUCIFERIANS and the GENERATIONAL SATANISTS – who see this world wide catastrophe of TIME LINE TWO as the best possible way to finally take over the entire world – and then to hand it over to SATAN!

The Luciferians include: the Rothchilds Families and the Global Central Banking System they created – and is under their control!


However, just as humanity did during the days of Atlantis…, we do HAVE THE ABILITY (as we speak) to change the entire structure of the planet using an advanced and ancient technology known as:  CELESTIAL MECHANICS!

You have no idea how much super advanced information I gave out (coded) to the White Hats on how to literally change the entire world!

See this:


We could literally change everything and raise up the frequency and the vibration of humanity ON OUR OWN, merely with technology – but the Luciferian Secret Societies (using the Roman Catholic Church and the UN/United Nations) have confiscated and buried  every single book of advanced science and advanced technology that our Ancient Ancestors ever wrote!

These books are hidden underground illegally in something that is purposely mis-labeled the VATICAN LIBRARY.   

I say that it is mis-labled because it is not really a library at all…, but instead it is a series of illegal underground warehouses that run on both sides of an underground road for a distance of 18 miles – and contains the collected STOLEN WORKS of thousands of years of Earth’s Entire History – including much of what was taken from the LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA – a library that was open to the PUBLIC!

All of these STOLEN WORKS are being protected by a huge private army known as the – SWISS GUARD!

See this:


The VATICAN is sitting on top of all of this knowledge and hiding it – because it WANTS THE AGE OF LUCIFER to actually take place against our freewill, and it used TIME-TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY to set up an “unnatural” Time-Line outside of the natural and otherwise ORGANIC flow of events to set the Earth up for a COSMIC CHEAT where Lucifer can come into power – which is huge part of the TEMPORAL WAR that is now being fought behind the scenes!


Make NO MISTAKE about what the VATICAN wants for America!! 

It is the power behind the scenes that is desperate to remove Donald Trump!  You can clearly see below a “white man” on a dog’s leash and crawling on his hands and knees. 

He is wearing a MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hat!

There are NO ACCIDENTS, this is what the VATICAN wants for America!  It wants all Americans back on a leash where they belong!

Nancy Pelosi is their FRONT WOMAN…, for the time being.


Certain “other” front men got fired!   But wrote books to make sure their HIGHER UPS knew they were still loyal!


So…, this NEW SERIES is going to lay it all out for you!   It will answer how we got here, and how far back in time it all really goes!  I hope you are ready to GO DEEP!

Stay tuned for PART TWO

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