By: Bradley Loves

There is nothing more important than telling the TRUTH!  Secrecy and information hiding is just another form of telling lies for personal gain!

The first and only thing I would like to say about the David Wilcock Video that I just published for you to watch in the previous post, is that I find it exceedingly disingenuous of Wilcock to say that he “believes” the ALLIANCE is fighting a “war” against the Draco in another Galaxy!

I almost fell out of my chair when I heard him say it, because he has gone on record in countless other videos and television programs – done with both Corey Goode and Emery Smith – and has said that many parts of Earth’s Secret Military were actually working WITH and along side of THE DRACO in something called DARK FLEET!

Dark Fleet is something that had originated here on Earth – is supposedly using Earth built ships – and most likely has some underground bases located here!

How can Earth be at WAR with the Draco…, while at the same time fighting along side of the Draco in other Galaxies?

So which is it David – it seems to me that you like to change your mind about what you know and what you “believe” more times than a yo-yo goes up and down in 60 seconds!

David Wilcock ??

It almost seems to me as if David says whatever his “handlers” tell him to say…, and he switches his stories depending upon how the winds of disclosure are blowing at any given time!

At any rate, enough for now about that video…, and let’s get into what I wanted to say in PART THREE of this new series!   I’ve got no loyalties to anyone except my readers, who deserve to hear the TRUTH in the most fair and accurate possible way…, without anything being held back or hidden for selfish reasons!

I would like to start with some information I’ve already published here on LOVE TRUTH in part two of the BIGGER FISH TO FRY SERIES!



This is some of the most interesting information because it gets into exactly “when” some of these Deep Underground Military Bases were actually started.

A question is put to Thomas Castello about when the Dulce Base or the area underneath Archuleta Mesa was first excavated.

QUESTION – When exactly was the [upper human-occupied level of the] Archuleta installation constructed?

ANSWER – I heard Dulce was started in 1937-38 by the Army engineers, enlarged over the years, most recent work was completed 1965-66 to connect tunnels to the Page [Arizona] Base, site of one of the older underground facilities.

So what we have here is a witness saying in no uncertain terms that this underground military facility was first started even BEFORE Adolf Hilter invaded Poland to start World War II!

The invasion of Poland (September campaignPolishKampania wrześniowa1939 defensive war, PolishWojna obronna 1939 roku, Poland campaignGermanPolenfeldzug), marked the beginning of World War II.

The German invasion began on 1 September 1939, one week after the signing of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact between Germany and the Soviet Union.

The obvious question is WHY?  

Supposedly “America” had no knowledge that a – World War II – was even coming down the “pike” in 1937!  So why would spending a huge amount of money (just after the Great Depression) and building an underground military base near Dulce be so necessary? 

Of course, if you read this blog on a regular basis…, then you’ll know that Albert Pike (a 33rd Degree Freemason) talked about World War I, World War II, and World War III in the late 1800’s with an Italian colleague!

So I guess it is fair to say that CERTAIN MILITARY PEOPLE who were living in America were very clear in 1937 – that a World War was indeed about to take place and were preparing for it!   Naturally, this takes us directly back into the back rooms of the deviant Freemasons and their Satanic Illuminati brethren!

However…, THIS ALSO takes us directly into the realm of TIME TRAVEL and the TIME LINE WAR where those beings/entities/humans who were “trafficking” information back into the past – many times did so for their own reasons and their own agendas!

I’m not just talking about one single group here either.  We’ve got the alien grays and the Draco – who once having signed secret treaties with Eisenhower – could very easily have slipped into their “craft” and gone backward in time to the late 1800’s and established their own underground bases in the desert Southwest of America in preparation for what they knew was coming several decades down the road in the Time Line.   (Remember the “permission” slip ??)

Then, we’ve got our own “American Time Travelers” going back in time to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and informing the President of the United States (basically warning them) that the Alien Grays and the Draco are probably there…, and that they have super advanced technology and there is little to nothing that can be done about them at the current time.


Of course, history has shown us that Dulce, eventually became a JOINT Human/Alien underground facility…, so more than likely it would have been the Luciferian/Satanic/Illuminati who convinced the Military in 1937 to start the work on deep underground excavations in and around Dulce, New Mexico.

They were the ones that stood to benefit from the base being there in the first place…, and so this information was most likely ALREADY KNOWN TO THEM in 1937 – even before a single shovel was lifted and long before World War II was a reality – they “knew” they needed to have a base located right there…, for future benefit!

The next question asked of Castello is also sort of revealing:

Q – By WHOM was the Dulce installation originally constructed?

A – Nature started the caverns.

The Draco [reptilian humanoids] used the caverns and tunnels for centuries.  Later, through RAND Corporation plans, it was enlarged repeatedly. The original caverns included ice caves and sulfur springs that the ’aliens’ found perfect for their needs.

The Dulce caverns rival Carlsbad caverns in size.

So here is the first clue that we’ve got that the Draco… and the malicious little alien Grays “appeared” to have been living in the Desert Southwest for centuries!

But…, if we take into account the Time Line Wars…, and TIME TRAVEL…, then these off worlders could very easily have had their starting point on Earth in the 1980’s, the 1950’s or the 1930’s…, and then simply TIME TRAVELED backward in time a few centuries to “establish” their presence and occupancy in what Castello claims were natural caverns!

Once again…, if you’ve got TIME TRAVEL at your disposal…, it becomes quite simple to say ridiculous things like:  I WAS HERE FIRST!

All you need to know is that there is a certain piece of land or territory that is highly valuable…, and then jump into your craft and Time Travel backward when no one else is there yet (a journey that takes mere seconds) – and then claim it!

As I’ve said before…, for “off worlders” to make such ridiculous claims is easy to dispute because the only people who have “rights” to make such claims are those who take actual INCARNATION here on the Earth!   

Earth “belongs” to it’s incarnate inhabitants by COSMIC LAW!



The Four Corners Area of America…

Researchers into Conspiracies, Secret Societies, Underground Anomalies, Legends and Mythology, Ancient Civilizations, Energy Grids, Geo-Magnetic anomalies, Bio-genetics, Abductions and Missing Time, Missing Persons and investigators of other specialized ‘vanguard’ fields of research began looking toward this small desert town. These unusual convergence’s of phenomena in a singular locale sparked even more interest and investigation.

From that point on, it was as if some ancient seal had been broken, as if an ancient cloud of darkness had begun imploding in upon itself, broken apart by the piercing light of human perception and the relentless probing’s and scrutiny of brave and daring souls.

Sensing that something very wrong and unnatural was going on here, something ancient and evil, some of these brave souls — who by choice or chance found themselves battling-it-out on the front lines against ancient forces that were determined to keep themselves from being exposed — continued to wage their all-too-often personal battles against the enigma… some of these inevitably losing their minds if not their very lives in the process.

As these brave souls were worn down by the intensity of this psychic warfare in their efforts to expose and defeat this ‘mystery of iniquity’ [to coin a Biblical phrase], they sent out desperate calls for ‘reinforcements’.

Many answered the call, and the ancient and formerly invisible ‘beast’ that had managed to hide itself below the deserts of the southwest like a dragon in its lair, began to stir in rage and terror at these new exposures, and to lash back at its new-found enemies.

The repercussions began to be felt throughout the whole country, through which the beast had reached out its deadly tentacles — which were also in the process of being exposed along with the black ‘heart’ of the beast itself.


Suffice it to say that there is an INFESTATION OF PURE EVIL working in the underground areas of the American Southwest!  But this speaks directly to the PROPHECY that I mentioned in PART ONE of this new series! 

HE WHO CONTROLLED AMERICA – at the very end…, would win the battle of the Earth!  And furthermore, he who controlled the entire Earth, would win the battle of HEAVEN and EARTH!

It is too soon for me to remind everyone of what we are seeing on television here in America?  Is it too soon for me to say that Hollywood is showing us exactly how SATANIC they want our entire country to go??

Is it too soon for me to point out that if indeed AMERICA turns Satanic…, and if nothing is done to stop it…, then the entire Earth and most likely the Galaxy will pay the cost of that mistake!




The thing that most people don’t want to know about World War II – is that it was a created War!   The Freemans/Secret Societies/Illuminati were at it again – and this time they had their “Off World Allies” placing a “big toe” on the scale of industry and technology and trying to alter the course of world events and human history!

(This was a Cosmic “no-no”)

Once again…, Time Travel and the TIME LINE WARS rears it’s ugly heads into our history and manifests as a World Wide Battle!

The Dulce Papers – Chapter 1

“THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE” correctly implies that this, one of the largest military battles during World War II between American and German forces, was an attempt by the Germans to buy time and prolong the war just a little while longer, for within a few more months the Germans would have been mass-producing jet fighters, bombers and other super-weapons that would have been invincible to the turbo-prop fleets of the Allies.

With the Allied invasion of Germany just before mass-production began, many of the prototypes and plans of the Nazi military machine were captured.  However most of the most sophisticated prototypes, plans and even scientists mysteriously turned up missing following the war. We will reserve further discussion on this subject until later in this volume.

After the war had ended several of the Nazi scientists who WERE captured — and who had helped to develop the revolutionary aircraft — were recruited by the CIA as a result of a secret deal that had been made between Allen Dulles, a member of the Bavarian Illuminati; and Nazi S.S. General Reinhard Gehlen, a member of the Bavarian Thule Society.

The deep connections between the Bavarian Illuminati which sponsored the CIA and the Bavarian Thule society which sponsored the Nazi’s allowed for the upper covert-ops levels of the CIA to be manned by nothing less than the core of the Nazi S.S. itself, with the help of fascist sympathizers and fifth column double-agents working within American intelligence, although some leading Nazi’s were ‘sacrificed’ to the Nuremberg trials to appease the Allies and establish the illusion that Europe had been de-Nazified.

Fred L. Crisman incidentally was a ‘witness’ to the Maurey Island event and had helped two Army G-2 agents acquire ‘slag samples’ which fell from one of the six DONUT-SHAPED ships observed.

So from what we have read above, there were ILLUMINATI/SATANIC elements in America and in Germany that were already working together behind the scenes long before the war even started! 

The war was being fought for a hidden purpose!

The war that was being fought was not being fought between nations as we all thought and believed – but instead being fought to “unite” the entire world under the banner of one EVIL GROUP!

World War II was the Luciferian/Illuminati’s first attempt at uniting the world and handing us all over into a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT under a total dictatorial regime called THE NAZI’s!

It didn’t work…, (well, at least this time around in our current time line because according to Phil Corso Jr. it did actually happen in another Time Line) – but never mind…, Allen Dulles to the rescue! 

He’s got a DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE (started in 1937) that is already being built in Dulce, New Mexico – I wonder how he figured he might need that?? – where many of the NAZI’s top scientists can work very comfortably in secret underground labs alongside of their Alien Gray/Draco “allies” whom Hilter had already signed various “treaties” with.

Wow…, moving right along from one really evil thing…, to the next really evil thing…, eh Allen??

And…, as Hollywood Directors like to say in the movies when things just don’t go quite right…, CUT!!    And then the director of the movie comes along a few moments later and yells out:

Okay everyone…, here we go…, TAKE OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD – TAKE TWO!

And then…, very suddenly he screams – wait WHAT…, CUT!!

The director gets up off of his chair and stomps around the set like a wounded banshee!

Then he says in a little more aggravated tone of voice – okay everyone…, here we go…, TAKE OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD – TAKE THREE!

And then suddenly…., WAIT…, WHAT…., CUT!!   


Now the “Director” of the movie is getting really pissed and perturbed!  Then he says in a really aggravated tone of voice – okay everyone…, here we go this is it…, TAKE OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD – TAKE FOUR!


Stay tuned for PART FOUR….


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