By: Bradley Loves

Getting comfortable with the TIME WAR – will help you to sort out the facts from the fiction as we go forward in this series.  It will help you to SEE the “big picture” far more clearly.


To this end, I am going to use the entire PART TWO of this series to simply get you used to the idea of TIME TRAVEL manipulation before I go into any part of the past and try to offer you proof that not everything we see as our history was “organic” and therefore meant to take place! 

For instance:  I can tell you for a fact that 9/11 was NEVER supposed to happen.  The Patriot Act was NEVER supposed to be signed into Law…, and that American’s Freedoms were NEVER supposed to be curtailed as they were!  This was not part of the organic Time Line!!

The second thing I am going to do is try to show you why Jesus even showed up here on the Earth when HE did, and what HE was trying to do by coming!

Now, all of this being said, our first task of PART TWO is to try to determine just how long the Draco and the Grays have actually been here!

Have they been living here on the Earth a million years or more as they claim?  Or…, did all of this TIME-LINE manipulation business start far more recently?

In all honesty – they could very easily have shown up sometime in the 1940’s or 1950’s as a result of some DEEPLY SATANIC RITUALS that were being done in the 1930’s – by Heinrich Himmler and his unholy twelve at Wewelsberg Castle – and once finding their way here to the Earth by “invitation”…, could have decided to “possess” the planet by using Time Travel Technology to go far back into Earth’s past – as far back as they needed to go – in order to create a secondary TIME-LINE!

If this is the case –  there could have been some highly BENEVOLENT groups of human beings who then showed up – (from the future) and attempted to set the TIME-LINE right once again by informing us that things had gotten horribly out of skew with what originally took place and it had to be corrected!

It could be that all of this “manipulation” that took place in the here and now is what initiated what has become known as the TIME-LINE WARS…, and not anything huge that happened in Earth’s past.

The honest truth of the matter is that the whole TIME LINE WAR could have started right here in the 1900’s –  no matter how far backward IN TIME the war then later progressed!

The strangest part of all of this (if you can even grasp it) is that the entire war over Earth could have started in the 1930’s with the Alien Treaties signed first by Adolf Hitler – and then later signed by Eisenhower in the 1950’s!

The reason that this is so very important to grasp is that this planet belongs to us!  We are it’s “owners” by right of living here, and it is ours because we are human beings taking incarnation here! 

No one has a “right” to be here – except those who incarnate!

NONE of these beings who have come here from off world could legally be here under Cosmic Law, or could ever have interfered with our planet’s history – unless and until they had first secured a SIGNED TREATY – a treaty that gave them the very necessary “CONSENT”  they needed to be here, and thus the consent to interfere with our lives and our history!

Remember what we have learned about “consent” in a Freewill Universe!

However…, once a “treaty” to operate here on the Earth – and further more to occupy joint military bases deep underground – had been signed and paid for with whatever was on the bargaining table – the Draco and the Alien Grays could have very easily used that “signed treaty” to make the CLAIM that since they had the capacity and the ability to TIME TRAVEL – that the necessary “permission” they needed to operate here on planet Earth was “legally” good for anytime in Earth’s entire history – PAST – PRESENT & FUTURE – and that all of the Earth was now fair game and up for grabs!

You see, the Draco…, and the Alien Grays – who were quite well known to be Galactic Pirates to everyone else in the Galaxy – it seems to me – should have been “expected” by those who were bargaining with them – to act in bad faith right from the very beginning!   How our so called leaders did not see this, amuses me…

And yet, in all fairness, probably no one at the table was expecting this level of treachery!

Please watch the video below to the very end to get an idea of the valuable lesson that Elizabeth Turner learns when she makes her own very first “bargain” with an actual pirate – and finds out it did not go very well!

You see…, both Hitler and Eisenhower were “bargaining” from the stand point and understanding of the technology that they knew about, and from where they stood on the planet at the time.

And since they themselves could not even begin to TIME TRAVEL…, and did not have the technology to do so…, they “assumed” that they were only giving the Draco and the Grays permission to intervene and interfere here on the Earth in the 1900’s!

However…, if you are used to TIME TRAVELING – and you have the technology to do so at your disposal…, then the Draco and the Grays could easily have “assumed” that any “formal treaty” that they were signing with Adolf Hitler and then later with Eisenhower – was being done to gain access to the Earth at ALL TIMES – PAST – PRESENT – and – FUTURE something no one who was bargaining in those years would have even considered. 

Can you imagine the horrified look on both Hilter’s and Eisenhower’s faces as they realized (much in the same way that Elizabeth Turner does in the video above) that they have just been duped by a group of Galactic Pirates!

With such a signed treaty now in hand…, the Draco and the Grays could then take that “permission slip” right to the very beginning of Earth’s own history – BY TIME TRAVEL – plant a FLAG on the planet – and claim it for themselves BY MEANS OF THE TREATY SIGNED IN THE FUTURE even if no humans were even on the planet at the time!

Furthermore…, they could then make the outrageous claim all throughout Earth’s entire history that “THEY WERE HERE FIRST”…, which may not have actually been the case in Earth’s original ORGANIC TIME-LINE!

Maybe now – just a few of you  – are starting to get a hint as to the total and colossal trash pile of difficulties that our so called leaders got us into by putting pen to paper and signing things IN TOTAL SECRET – and behind the backs of all humanity – certain treaties that they had absolutely no business signing without getting everyone’s consent!

This is exactly why I’ve said over and over again – SECRECY – is pure evil, and it will be the means of the destruction of our ENTIRE WORLD unless it is stopped right here and right now! 



So…, now that I’ve laid this out for you…, you may understand why I hinted in the first few lines of Part Two that we need to start trying to understand just how long the Draco and the alien grays have been living here on Earth, and disregard what they’ve said about being here first!   

We need to politely disregard all of that because TIME TRAVEL was never considered!

In all honesty – due to Time Travel – it may not have been as long as they claim! 

Granted, they may have interfered with Earth’s past many times by going backward in time to countless points along the time line, and manipulating both people and events – but that DOES NOT MEAN that they were here FIRST by any stretch of the imagination!

All that it means is that they used their TECHNOLOGY to change and alter various events along the time-line – and thus managed to create a secondary Time-Line which was not our original and organic Time-Line.

This is why our true “history” from the point of view of where we are standing gets very dicey with lots of problem areas…, and as we speak…, we’ve also got something called the MANDELA EFFECT taking place which is occurring because various versions of certain Time-Lines are now converging together and blending back into one.

As I said – it’s a REAL MESS – and one that none of us living here on Earth DESERVE!

Yet another nod to why I keep confronting every blasted New Ager who pukes out the FAKE IDEA that we all somehow “contracted” for all of the hurt, pain, and suffering that we’ve been exposed to!

This is all the more important to realize when you know for a “fact” – as I do – that 9/11 was NEVER supposed to happen!   Even if it was seen as a possible future event by using Looking Glass Technology – it was only there because the Time Line had already been messed with further back!

The only beings that 9/11 actually served was the Draco and the Illuminati/Luciferians who wanted to create a destruction scenario here on Earth. 

In other words – we as a race of human beings – DID NOT EARN THAT OUTCOME – but instead had it forced and foisted upon us by just a handful of men operating from behind the scenes!

MEN who need to be locked up for all eternity – and have the key destroyed!

So…, now that we’ve laid out a foundation…, let’s go back to BIGGER FISH TO FRY – PART TWO…, and see if we can learn something!

Stay tuned for PART THREE….


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