By: Bradley Loves


For “dollars”…, for “priviledge”…, for “status” above others, countless men and women are engaging in DECEPTION.

Your friends, your neighbors, people who you work with, have taken to the “low” vibrational tactic of trying to “sway” your opinions through “half truths”, “spin”, “false narrative”, and “story telling”.

It is simply everywhere!

You have to know that for a guy like me to watch this kind of behavior is EXTREMELY difficult!

For people who really want to “help” the world, and thus help human beings, it is very much like the WILD FIRES that are now raging across California.

The constant flow of LIES and DECEPTIONS in the media, the alternative media, and across the internet, are just like the deadly fires of California that are burning anything and everything of value in their path.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with so called Spiritual People who follow the New Age.

As well “intentioned” as they are…, many of them are fanning the flames of LIES, and as a result are doing incredible damage!

This actually “hurts” the most.

They are out there doing what they think is “battle” with the dark…, but are spreading the LIES OF THE DARK, without knowing what they are doing, and so have “become” mindless and unwitting soldiers for the wrong side.


To watch it rolling out like it is…, makes it difficult because just as some small corner of deception gets cleaned up, another one starts and it is an ENDLESS stream of FAKE NEWS coming from the Main Stream Media, the Alternative Media, and the New Age Media.

From now on…, the “New Age Media” has got to be separated out from the Alternative Media…, (which is actually trying to uncover the lies and deceptions).

The NEW AGE MEDIA focuses mostly on CHANNELINGS and SECRET MESSAGES “gotten” from the GALACTICS…, 99 percent of which are wholly and totally FAKE, FALSE and only adding to people’s endless misery.

It is not helping a single bit.

Like Valium (a mind numbing drug that is a form of diazepam) which makes any kind of unbearable situation seem better…, the “channeled message drug” (a mind numbing drug that is filled with “hopium” – a version of false hope) also works to make any kind of unbearable situation happening in the world SEEM BETTER.

However, neither “valium” or “hopium” actually cures or gets RID of the problem.

They are merely drugs…, that allow “weak willed” people the ability to cope for a short period of time. (A very short period)

This is exactly why channeled messages have to be “taken” in heavy doses, and why the SAME MESSAGES have to be repeated every 3, 4, 5 or 7 days!

The “effect” of the drug wears off fairly quickly and has to be readministered!

Rarely (if ever) are channeled messages accurate, and thus larger and larger doses are required for the same mind numbing effect to take place.


Most channelers who are the “pushers” of hopium, are smart enough to realize that the “message drugs” they are pushing are not accurate.

Therefore, after many failed predictions that “involved actual dates”…, 100 percent of them across the entire world have stopped making any prediction that involved a specific date!

They more or less made this an written agreement between themselves.

However…, that DID NOT stop them from continuing to “push” the channeled message drug!

Countless millions of human beings were and are…, so “addicted” to the “hopium drug” that the pushers really can not stop handing out the “mind numbing” hopium even if they wanted to.


People are DEMANDING that the “drug” continue to be supplied because they are so addicted to it.

Where is my next channeled message from Arch Angel so and so….?

I NEED THAT MESSAGE to get me through my week damnit!   I can’t go to work unless I read that message!

Please…, someone..,  just tell me what to THINK and what to BELIEVE concerning what is happening on our world…, it’s all so awful…, please just give me the DRUG!

I will BELIEVE YOU!  I will believe ANYTHING you say!

Please dear channelers…, KEEP CHANNELING…, I need that HOPIUM to continue…..



And thus, endless real DAMAGE is now being done by what I am going to call the NEW AGE MEDIA!

The Alternative Media is forever going to have to be separated out and stand apart from the New Age Media…, because the Alternative Media is at least trying to uncover the TRUTH!

They are looking for verifiable FACTS!

They New Age Media does not deal in facts at all…, just DRUGS.

My Blog…, LOVE TRUTH, is an Alternative Media Blog!  It is doing battle with the Main Stream Media…, and it’s endless stream of LIES, DECEPTIONS, and FALSE NARRITIVES.

My blog is based in facts that are verifiable, can be looked up, can be checked out for yourself, and are in direct opposition to the countless lies being told each and every day by the MSM.


On the other side of the spectrum, NEW AGE MEDIA BLOGS or WEBSITES are doing nothing of the sort!

They are adding to the confusion and the misery…, and as a result are causing even MORE PROBLEMS.

These blogs and websites are: NOT HELPING HUMANITY

The reason they are not helping is becauase they are CONFUSED themselves about what is true and what is not…, and what is real, and what is not.

Instead of posting vidoes and interviews from people like:


And countless other men and women who are desperately striving to uncover the entire TRUTH about what is happening on Earth, they dabble in “spiritual mediumship” and “spirit gazing” to divine from spirits what is really happening here.

This is a zero sum game because there is so little TRUTH in it (if any at all.)


I am asking my readers to help with this problem!

Start calling any blog or website this is running lots of Channeled Messages a part of the NEW AGE MEDIA…, and do NOT allow them to be labeled as TRUTH MEDIA or ALTERNATIVE MEDIA.

Stop letting them get away with  selling their HOPIUM, and pushing their DRUGS…, and outrageously calling it “truthful”!

If we work together…, we can put a STOP to this addiction and help our brothers and sisters to HEAL from the mindless, mind numbing drugs they are taking.

All my love….




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