By: Bradley Loves


I have written (in previous articles) that it is virtually impossible for there to be so many species, cultures, and bases living inside the Earth (as so many in the know have claimed) and for these species, cultures, and groups to have any kind of “spiritual” or “ advanced religious” attributes to their societies!

The first duty and responsibility for a spiritually advanced group would be to SECURE and PROVIDE for the safety and well being of other human souls within it’s sphere of influence!

The war-like history of the surface populations of our planet over the last two thousand years is case in point that there is not a single SPIRITUAL or COMPASSIONATE advocacy group living within the innards of our planet!

I have little doubt that there are beings living within the Earth…, but at the same time, I have little doubt that these beings have the slightest concern for the men and women who make up the surface populations of our planet!

IF they had wanted to help the rest of us, (with the technology they are said to possess) they would have done so a long, long time ago!

Any claim the to contrary is simply not logical or reasonable…, and is thus a HUGE CON!  People like “Corey Goode” and others similar to him are smoking something…, and it is not just weed!

There are SERIOUS FLAWS OF LOGIC in every one of his stories that talks about his journeys into the inside of the Earth and his meetings with “benevolent” inner Earth groups!

Moreover…, even if the beings inside of the Earth did not want to physically help us…, they could have warned us about the Governments and Politicians on the surface countless times and saved many poor choices on the part of the populations.

They did not!

I can only assume therefore that these groups are functionally CALLOUS and COLD and have very little regard for any life outside of their own circles!

This is not a “trait” of spirituality…, but instead a “trait” of selfishness and of supreme self interest.

However technologically “advanced” these beings may be…, they are abysmally poor in any kind of spiritual wealth and therefore are probably not worth making contact with unless you personally are seeking great technology or power!

The only reason that I am bringing this up (for a second time) is that it parallels what I am now going to say about America and the American Government!

That fact that Child Protective Services is now (fully out in the open) snatching CHILDREN from their loving parents and placing them in foster care (only so that these kids can be sexually abused and taught about “sex” with adults) or worse trafficked into Government programs where they are passed around like whores to high level officials only speaks to the utter and total degradation of the United States Government (which in my opinion no longer exists)!

See this video for details:


You see, utter and total corruption in Government is something you could have expected to see in  Europe!  History has shown us that whether you are in France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, or some other part of Europe…, the Governments of those countries have gone through huge patches of history where they VIOLENTLY OPPRESSED THEIR OWN PEOPLE and made a mockery of law, justice, truth, and freedoms.

America was created to stand for MORE than that…, and for a portion of it’s history it made a gallant attempt!

There were failures (especially in the way the American Indians were treated and the way blacks have been treated) but at least until 1875 (the first one hundred years or so) there was a meaningful attempt.

I would be remiss if I didn’t however mention the fact that it is my opinion that American History (especially starting at the CIVIL WAR) was altered due to TIME TRAVEL.

This is most likely why things have not gotten better since the CIVIL WAR!

Therefore, I do not believe that what we are seeing play out in 2019 is what actually took place in the original organic time line, but instead is an altered variation based upon the desires and goals of some very powerful sub-groups within World Governments who were fortunate enough to have access to TIME TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY!

The absolutely INSANE PUSH TOWARD A SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER is a reflection of the desires of a very small, but very powerful group which found themselves in control of secret TIME TRAVEL TECHNOLOGIES and used that knowledge and ability very ambitiously to attempt to  change and mold all of American Society into a version of reality they were more comfortable with!

One of the most striking and yet obvious nuances of that “version” of reality they are attempting to create is the complete breakdown of sexual norms and sexual limitations.

These people (regardless of what ever else we may think of them) are total SEXAUL DEVIANTS!!!

The complete and utter breakdown in American Culture at it’s roots is being guided and fueled by these people who are using the TIME TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY like a video game platform where they watch what happens inside the game their first time around…, and once they see what takes place…, to USE THAT KNOWLEDGE in order to “cheat” by doing things differently the second or third time around.

In this way, people, places, and things can be either supported or attacked long before they have any real affect on society.  What is seen as “good” for these TIME TRAVELERS is supported with lots of money and influence, and what is seen as “bad” for these TIME TRAVELERS is stomped into dust long before it sees any success that it might have seen in the original TIME LINE!

In this way…, a completely DESIGNER REALITY is super-imposed into the space where the old reality once was.  The very obvious problem with this is that is is NOT ORGANIC because it does not represent the WILL of the masses or the WILL of the whole…, but instead represents the sultry and deviant dreams of a select few who found in their grubby hands some technology that was WAY OUT OF THEIR LEAGUE to use properly.

This is why almost the world over men and women can not and will not believe the path the world is really on right now because it is so foreign to their own desires and sensibilities!

Anyone with a MIND AT ALL can see that this is NOT where the majority of us want to go…., and that is why the FAKE NEWS and FAKE STREAM MEDIA has to pump propaganda into the public domain 24/7 because it is trying to desperately convince all of us that the reality that is being “created” by just a few is a reality that we all should want!

Anyone who can think outside of the box can see this – even if they don’t have all of the other information that would help them make sense of it all!

The core of this “new” and “fabricated” reality that just a few are trying to foist on all of the rest of us is SEX WITH CHILDREN!

These men and women (mostly Satanists and people who do NOT believe in a GOD but are highly educated and thus had access to TIME TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY) decided that they would like the world a whole lot better if EVERYONE was having sex with kids just like they like to do!

So they simply used the knowledge of events and what was coming in HISTORY to move people back and forth through TIME and put them into positions of power and authority until they had enough control over all of society to CHANGE IT INTO SOMETHING THEY LIKED!

Not what you and I wanted…, but what THEY wanted.

Now.., just like I wrote in the beginning of this article about the people in the INNER EARTH caring very little about us here on the surface…, the people working inside Government (at this point in time) care very little for us as well.

Thanks to BARACK INSANE OBAMA (and The Bushes and The Clintons) America has pretty much devolved into a BANANA REPUBLIC of the worst sort!

In fact, saying something like this is probably an insult to Banana Republics because honestly even THEY are not as bad as what we are now seeing taking place here in America!

What we are seeing is the total breakdown of Government period and the RULE OF LAW is all but gone!

There is no longer truth and justice here in America…, but instead Kangaroo Courts being run by bought off and paid for Judges!

Prosecutors who are willing to do and say anything to get a conviction of an innocent man (MIKE FLYNN) or to excuse and release a totally guilty criminal (HILLARY CLINTON)


The use (and abuse) of Time Travel by rich and powerful ELITES who wanted to “create” designer situations and circumstances for the betterment of their wealth, their companies, and their profits, forgot to think about what those fabricated circumstances would do to the fabric of American Society as a whole!


What I am basically saying in this post is that the Government as we all once knew it is GONE!

There are a few (perhaps) trying to save it…, but from what I can see…, they are not having much success!  I’m sorry to have to be so frank and so honest here.., but if those who are honestly trying to “save” the future of America DO NOT COME CLEAN with the rest of us…, and ask for our help…, then the TIME TRAVELERS will have won!

The only way to set the TIME LINE back to the way it should be is to BREAK THE CODE OF SECRECY around the Time Travel Technology so that those who are using it for nefarious purposes will be exposed!

Once this is done…, people will very quickly wake up to the fact their their lives are being manipulated and will be able to better understand when they should and should not take action or agree to do certain things.

Look…, this is not that difficult…, it all goes back down to what is INSIDE OF US AS THE TRUTH!  Regardless of any attempts to change the TIME LINE.., each human being has an inner recording of what SHOULD BE HAPPENING!

Once they are aware of the possibility that TIME TRAVELERS are trying to change the TIME LINES…, they will dive more deeply within themselves to ask what THEY FEEL ABOUT any situation being presented and will stay AWAY from efforts to sway them from their organically planned lifetimes.

This can only happen if the TRUTH of what is currently underway is EXPOSED so they can properly defend themselves against the propaganda of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA and HOLLYWOOD which is in bed with the TIME TRAVELERS who want to change our reality into a far darker and far more DEVIANT version.

Very simple really.

So where does that leave us?

My opinion is that until the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT comes clean about advanced technology and what has been down with TIME TRAVEL…, there is no FUNCTIONAL GOVERNMENT here in America!

It simply does not exist!   What is happening to Donald Trump proves that!


They have gone ROGUE!

Child Protective Services and the Courts are only the first examples of a totally gone rogue Government!


You are gonna need it!

Get yourself lots of food, and clean water and an alternative form of cash ASAP!

Know who your friends are and who you can trust to watch your back because from this time forth…, AMERICA IS BASICALLY DEAD!

When Child Protective Services comes into your home to take your child…, do everything you must to protect that child and escort THE GOVERNMENT AGENTS TO THE DOOR saying not on my watch!


And if you are worried that the “authorities” are gonna be mad at you…, don’t because in my opinion…, there are no longer any AUTHORITIES WORTH TRUSTING!

You and your family are ON YOUR OWN so do what ever needs to be done!

Now…, you may say that I am saying this out of the blue and that this point of view is suddenly DRASTIC!  It’s not and I will tell you why!

Just like in the first part of the post above…, there IS NO WAY that the American Government did not KNOW about this TIME TRAVEL PROBLEM long ago!

They have been HIDING IT…, covering it up…, and trying to “contain it” on their own…, so that they could KEEP THE TECHNOLOGY!

In doing so…, they sacrificed AMERICA!

They…, just like the people of INNER EARTH are both callous and cold and do not deserve our respect!  The people in the Government knew for a long time that this was happening and DID NOT INFORM THE PEOPLE!

Thus…, the people are now suffering endlessly and in ways that the human mind can barely imagine!




The entire thing has gotten so out of hand…, that the only logical answer is stop listening to the Government totally…, because as long as (it) continues to keep THIS SECRET…, the innocent populations of the world will SUFFER and SUFFER and SUFFER under the thumb of this madness!

Their penchant for SECRECY has now reached the level of UTTER MADNESS…, and at this point in 2019, only LUNATICS are left running things in Washington DC.

You are under no obligation to listen to, obey ,or follow the will of LUNATICS!


Thats all I can say…, if you do not…, your own life may soon be in danger due to “GOVERNMENT AGENTS” who want to put you into a “camp” or something like it.

As I’ve said…, the PROBLEM IS TIME TRAVEL…, and the people were are fighting are a very small, but very powerful group with the control of technology that is WAY PAST THEIR PAY GRADE!

They are SATANIC DEVIANTS who want a NEW WORLD ORDER OF SATAN…, and YOU are the only thing standing in the way!

All my love…..


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