Note by Bradley:

MY HAT IS OFF TO THIS GUY – who ever he is!   If more and more people can finally wake up to seeing this stuff clearly…, I may still be able to write some of the more technical and esoteric articles that I’ve almost given up on ever writing!

This guy “finally” became very suddenly AWARE of the subliminal programming that every human being is exposed to as they (sleep) walk through their daily lives!   This subliminal programming is aimed at the SUB-CONSIOUS MIND!


We’ve all gone in a convenience store to buy things… now mind you this is not confined to just there, but I saw it there as clear as day.

I grabbed my morning joe in the 7/11.

I walked up to the counter and took out my debit card, my hand was next to the card reading device as the guy was ringing up my coffee and there it was:

The Card Reader Device – My Hand – and the word CHIP

Yup. We see it all the time. Device, Hand, CHIP. — Device, Hand, CHIP

I about fell over. I actually felt like my brain wake up a tiny bit more.

Hope this helps you wake up a tiny bit more too…


Here is where I found this:

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