By: Bradley Loves

As you believe…, so shall it be.

This is a great quote…, and yet I would ask you this:

  • How many human beings know what they believe?
  • How many human beings know what they think?
  • How many human beings know what happens in the subconscious mind?

The general thrust of my writings have been toward a solid comprehension and understanding of where “we collectively” sit in the Grand Scheme of things.

Slightly different than what you may have learned from the Great Yogi’s of old…, who taught that you could “change” your own personal destiny if you would only change your thinking…

What I am “teaching” is not an individual pursuit. Although similar in many respects to the LOVE that one might need to achieve a personal “self realization”…, what I am trying to teach and to clarify is that OUR REALITY (our collective experience) here on Earth is not simply an individual creation…, but is also created in the aggregate.

The “REALITY” that we are seeing played out in front of us on a daily basis is made by all of us together!

OUR REALITY is a RESULT of what we think and how we think!

At first glance, this might seem innocuous!  It might seem that it has no real bearing on the lives of millions of “truth seekers” who tend to think and believe that it is all about “their own individual journey”.

If we were actually living in the historical past…, where food was still pure, air and water were not tainted…, and there were no television, radio, wi-fi, and dozens of other frequency waves bombarding our minds and bodies 24/7…, then maybe we could take the advice of those “enlightened” men and women who claimed realization in the distant past…, and even wrote books about their experiences.

The TRUTH however is this:


The “formula” for making a cake back then…, IS NOT the formula for making a cake NOW!

There are very important reasons for this which are being totally ignored by those who are still trying to follow the recipe handed down to them from ages ago!

This is the incredible truth that the NEW AGE refuses to see and to acknowledge no matter how many times people like me call them onto the carpet!  There is a great LIE that is being perpetrated onto the masses at large…, who have only just began to be awakened by the “energies” that were KNOWN to be coming available to all human beings on Earth at this time.

The best analogy that I can give to show you what I am talking about is this one:

There is a very OLD MAP…, which shows a road that leads to a desired destination. (Peace and Realization)

That road goes through many ravines, over many rivers…, through some tunnels and other such obstacles.  Many years ago (when the “saints” and the “sages” were in body or physical form) this road was “intact”, and you could use it to get to this destination.

Today however…, the ravines are filled with debris, the bridges going over many deep rivers have been destroyed…, and the tunnels are being actively blocked.

What I am saying is this:  THAT ROAD IS NO LONGER USABLE!

What the NEW AGE is totally missing is the SCIENCE behind what they are trying to achieve!

It’s not really their fault…, they simply don’t UNDERSTAND the science of what they are trying to achieve. But instead of listening and learning from those who are here to help them…, they instead close their eyes and ears to those who CAME HERE to teach this…, and instead run to “out of body entities” who have NO BUSINESS interfering in our REALM.

The truth is that there is a DARK FORCE which has come upon the Earth in the form of men and women who willingly serve OTHER DIMENSIONAL FORCES that are very dark and malevolent.

Working together in secrecy, these men and women who number at about 10 percent of Earth’s entire population, have began to use SCIENCE and ancient esoteric knowledge against the rest of humanity!

This is a BIG PROBLEM for all of us.

Working together over long periods of time…, these men and women worked hard to buy, own, and control EVERYTHING, only so that (at this time in history) they would be able to control something called:  The Collective Unconscious

Because the Ancient Mystery Schools always understood the deep science behind how the Universe really worked and operated…, they “kept” that knowledge from the common man (for his own protection and the protection of the Earth).

It is well understood that even in times long past (in Egypt for instance) there were two main RELIGIONS.

There was a higher and a lower religion.

The lower religion was for the masses of people who were not ready to understand the finer workings of the Universe.  The higher religion was for the adepts at MAGIC, and for those who could handle higher truths.  These “truths” were protected and hidden inside the Mystery Schools.

What has happened is that those mystery schools have been over run and infiltrated by men and women who are VERY DARK, are practicing Satanists and have vowed to serve out of body entities in exchange for their own immortality!

The DARK now controls the ancient knowledge of the collective unconscious…, and has developed astounding technologies in order to “steer” that unconscious part of our collective into CREATING (with our help) a very dark, demonic, and satanic reality!

The SCIENCE of “how things work” can not be put into a small article like this.  It is a life time of learning and understanding.  It also takes willingness to come to terms with the idea that things can be manipulated behind your back!

THIS video, which is an interview with Jay Parker, talks about part of the SCIENCE of what is happening!  For those who can not stomach the entire video, then please load it up and go directly to 13 minutes in, and listen up to the 21 minute mark!   This is ONLY 8 minutes of your time, and Jay will tell you that what is being done by the Illuminati, is being done to affect the EARTH’S energetic and magnetic field!  This information is incredibly important.


Because you…, YES YOU!,  live and breath and exist within Earth’s energetic and magnetic field!  How do you think that you are going to “individually” ASCEND or GOD REALIZE inside of a magnetic and energetic field of pure poison??

This is the EVIL that is being done to have a overall scientific effect upon the planet in order to LOWER it’s vibration so low…, that demonic and archonic beings can totally control it.


We can no longer use the “old recipe” of individual practices for our own personal salvation and God Realization because in these new times…, THAT WON’T WORK!

The energetic and magnetic grids and fields are BEING POISONED…, and you are being affected in your sub-conscious mind whether you know it or not.

The TRUTH that Jesus brought us fits the most right here:


No longer can you just sit back and “ignore” what is happening in the world and on the planet…, go into a cave and seek your OWN PERSONAL realization because you are being foiled on the subconscious level by these DARK FORCES who know the science of how to do that.

Only by taking REAL and CONCRETE STEPS in the physical, and in the here and the now to challenge and put a stop to these men and women who serve these forces will you be able to do the practices according to the old recipe!

The NEW AGE refuses to acknowledge this!

CHANNELERS refuse to say this…, and instead tell you to look away and DO NOTHING to help these poor children who are being raped daily…, because it’s their KARMA and they “wanted that”.

My question is this:

If this is really happening…, and Jay Parker and countless others like him says that it is…, then why has the Channeling Community totally ignored this??

More importantly…, if what is being done to these children IS IN FACT having an effect on the collective (on all of us) they HOW can they tell us that we should simply over look or ignore what is happening to these children…, KNOWING the negative and adverse collateral affect it has on all of us…, even on those WHO ARE LOVING?

To say things like:

….don’t worry about what is happening around you…, just keep your vibration high…,

Totally IGNORES the science and the process of what these DARK FORCES are doing here on EARTH.

There are only two possible reasons for this:

  1. These channeled entites have NO CLUE what is really happening here
  2. These channeled entites are in fact working for the same DARK FORCES that the Satanists are working for.


For now…, what we need to do is to WORK HARD and take concrete physical action…, (NOT IGNORE) to expose all of the Satanists Worldwide!  We need to expose their practices and their rituals and their agenda!

We need to work hard to put a stop to ALL OF IT!

We do this through positive action!

Sitting in your home, and waiting for an ASCENSION to occur, will not change anything!

My brothers and sisters…., Think on these things!

All my love,










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