By: Bradley Loves


Some of you may have wondered about my “Final Public Notice” Post…, which is more or less exactly what it says.

The reason that I have “gotten” to the end point ‘so to speak’ with all of this is that too many people that I know are being TARGETED by Directed Energy Weapons!

This has got to stop!

These are really “good” people…, and the stories they are telling me about the torment and the torture they are enduring is indeed HORRIFIC!

One of the victims of this “type of warfare” is really close to me…, and his life is being so tormented, (as we speak) that he can’t work any longer.

They are “speaking” to him inside his head and are 100 percent tormenting him.

The “Channelers” and “Channeled Entities” have completely ignored this type of weaponry…, and are (in my opinion) covering up for the men and women who do some of the most horrendous evil on our planet.

Only Cobra…, (recently) was brave enough to post something about this issue…, which (even though it may not seem real to many) is VERY REAL…, and VERY DARK.

See this link to review what Cobra said:

I’ve had enough…, becuase much of this technology is probably Alien Technology…, and was gotten by way of TREATY!

And now…, this technology is being “used” on Spiritual People!

As Cobra said…, this is such an affront…, that even those who do “not know what they are doing” (don’t know what the technology they are operating is actually doing) will be shot on sight!

Therefore…, I put out this PUBLIC NOTICE in all seriousness…, to the ET/OFF WORLDERS…, (since I’ve been told that they can and do access our Internet).

I am “holding them” 100 percent accountable for every single piece of technology that they gave to the CABAL that is now being used against innocent human beings!

This is my purpose and reasoning…, and thank you for your kind patience!

All my love…


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