By: Bradley Loves


At this point, it may be that some of my readers are wondering if I’ve “changed sides”…, or “gotten away” from the purity of my original message.

Long Articles such as:


… and others were “no non-sense”  tell all articles about what is really happening here on Earth.

And yet…, now…, you see me supporting Donald Trump and talking constantly about Q-Anon!

You may be thinking that I’ve betrayed my principles…, or even worse…, lost ALL perspective!

This however, is not the case at all.



There is not a single thing happening on our Earth, or on our World that I am not watching!

I see CLEARLY what is going on out there!

At the same time…, I see where “most” of the world’s populations are at…, and how “difficult” CHANGING all of our current “Satanic” systems really is going to be, because these “systems” go all the way back to the VATICAN and to Ancient Rome.

They are also heavily intertwined with the entire world wide Banking System, which controls the all of the worlds economies.

So, in order to safeguard people, cultures, assets, and not just simply DESTROY EVERYTHING…, the changes that we want AND need to happen…, must take place in a very disciplined and orderly fashion.

Remember GOD values “life” and those who support life.

To destroy civilization in order to build it up again as something different…,  WAS the “plan” of the Illuminati…, NOT of those who love GOD.

The Military is a very disciplined group of people who can and SHOULD be used in such a case and in such a time of GREAT CHANGE.

We have to remember what we were told by Jay Parker and that is that fully 10 to 12 percent of the ENTIRE WORLD still follows and practices the “old world” religions of Satanism!

Ritual Sacrifice – Blood Drinking – Black Magic and the like…, are what these people (millions and millions) do for their religious observance.

These “people” (term used loosely) teemed up with Off World Entities (The Reptiles) so that instead of hiding…, they could actually RUN THE WORLD.

A reasonable decision given that there are so few of them, and what they do inside of their “belief system” is so “abhorant” to most of humanity.

If their “goal” was to come out of hiding…, and to actually be able to do what they want to do in the light of day…, they would very naturally have to TAKE OVER THE PLANET and run it before that could happen.

A difficult task (at best) with numbers that are so few!

So…, why NOT team up with a group of either off world, other dimensional, or “underground/underworld” beings who have much more advanced technology than they do, and can lend them a hand in kicking the larger portion of humanity to the curb!

In their opinion…, it was time to MAKE A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL!

These “people”  (term used loosely) really came quite close to achieving their goal!

So it is not without purpose that WE NEED A GOOD MILITARY at our backs!

Satanism is NOT a laughing matter…, and those who practice it had fully PLANNED to simply kill most of us off!

Don’t kid yourselves!

I know that the NEW AGERS really have a difficult time with this concept…, especially since many of their “channeled” entities told them NOTHING about this plan.

But…, it is highly likely that many of these “channeled” entities were some of the very beings that were helping the Satanists in the first place.

(What…, you’ve never heard of “infiltrating” the enemies camp with a spy who is handing over endless bad information ??)

Grow up people!

It is very likely that at least some of these “Reptiles” …, many of which are highly “psychic” and have the natural ability to do “telepathy” over long distances…, were POSING as “Ascended Masters”.

It is ONLY REASONABLE to think that this is the case given the Satanists proclaimed desire to TAKE the world over and their subsequent plan kill off most of the rest of us!

This would naturally be an ACT OF WAR against the rest of us…, and in a real WAR…., spies passing BAD INFORMATION to the “enemy” are very necessary.

So, long story short, NO…, I’ve not lost any perspective…, and I have not moved to the DARK SIDE!

I’ve taken into account how FAST I think humanity can actually change…, given my first hand “boots on the ground” experience and taken a view that says using an ORDERLY transition is the most practical approach!

Would I have loved it to go faster?


Can it?

Probably not!

Why NOT?

One word:    SATANISM!

They do not want to give up the dream of “COMING OUT” and running the world OPENLY.

All my love…..



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