By: Bradley Loves




Regardless of what has taken place over the last 2 or 3 decades…, many are of the opinion that their prayers for help have gone unnoticed and unanswered by GOD!

This could not be farther from the TRUTH.

Prime Creator/God has indeed heard all of the countless prayers for help!

This message is for those who are now locked in battle with the Deep State/Cabal/Illuminati!



Here is where you’ve made your mistake!

This mess is of your OWN making!  Therefore…, it can NOT be fixed using the very same type of thinking that got you into it!


The people (souls) sent into the Earth to help were NOT sent to JOIN up with you!

They were not sent to take “oaths” and “pledges” and “swear allegiances”!

They are here to CORRECT your faulty thinking – and to show you how to fix this EPIC MESS!

There are so many of them!    But YOU do not “like” how they THINK!


And…, many of them (as I am very aware) have been “identified” by YOU using advanced technology!

The alien technology available to you is very good at detecting and pin pointing and “very high vibrational frequencies”.

So.., you are aware of many of them.

But WHAT have you done??

You’ve tried to MIND CONTROL THEM!   You’ve tried to drug them!

You’ve tried to vaccinate them in order to be able to control them!

You’ve done everything except come to them humbly and ASK THEM AS EQUALS…, WHAT IT IS THAT THEY KNOW!

This…, is YOUR arrogance!  This is your faithless human nature!

Instead of “trusting” that Prime Creator might just answer your prayers and send you the help you wanted…, you assumed that these men and women would JOIN UP WTH YOUR TEAM AND TAKE ORDERS FROM YOU!

It does not work that way!

Your “thinking” is what got you into this mess!

The help you were sent (directly from God) does not “take orders” from anyone…, but GOD!

They are in communcation with Prime Creator in ways that you can not even understand or quantify!


They will not want to “sign” non-disclosure agreements…, just to keep the secrets that have allowed the Satanists and their Off-World Allies to take hold of the reigns of power just so they could almost destroy Earth and Mankind with it.

They do not want to “join” your secret societies, your fraternities, your clubs, and your groups!

They want things OUT IN THE OPEN!

They have come to help you…, but YOU have tired to take control of their lives, their finances, their families and even their MINDS because you are terrified if you come clean and open up to them as to HOW FUCKED UP YOU’VE ALLOWED THINGS TO GET…, they might tell someone!

So in order to keep the BIG SECRET (which is not really a secret) since every man women and child can see exactly how fucked up life has become here on Earth…, you’ve tried to hi-jack and control the very people Prime Creator/God sent to you!

Let me tell you this:

You are failing BIG TIME because Prime Creator will NOT be sending you MORE HELP…, when you have actually TORTURED the help he has already sent!


Why do you “act” as if you do???

Have you ever considered coming to some of the men and women you’ve identified as having very high soul vibrations and simply laying your cards out on the table and (HUMBLY) asking for help?

Have you considered not trying to CONTROL THESE SOULS through money, black-mail, threats, oaths, pledges, and sworn allegences?

Have you ever considered that maybe…, just maybe…, the severely screwed up abyss of havoc that you’ve dug here on Earth can only be filled in by some of the most loving and spiritual people because THEY REALLY DO HAVE SOME VERY IMPORTANT ANSWERS (THAT YOU NEED)…., GIVEN TO THEM BY PRIME CREATOR GOD???

Have you EVER contacted just one such soul…, set up a very “high level” meeting and then laid out all of your problems in the open (cards on the table) and said:  We know you have come to help…, here is what’s happening…, HOW CAN WE FIX IT??

Gee…, I guess you’d have to TRUST…, wouldn’t you?

Secondly…, you’d have to be WILLING to BELIEVE that PRIME CREATOR/GOD really does care and really has sent you some help.

This has already occured…, because you are “targeting” many such beings…, desperately trying to get them under YOUR CONTROL!

NewsFlash:  The ones that have truly been sent to help…, you will NEVER be able to control no matter WHAT you do to them.

They will NOT submit to “your authority”.

The ONLY real and true “authroity” is THE CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS!

They will die before “joining  up” with your team!

They were never supposed to “join up” with your team.

YOUR TEAM got Earth into this mess!

They are here to help you get out of it!   They are here to show you how to move forward!  They have all the facts and all the knowledge.

They are HERE…, it is up to you to come to them and humbly ASK for their help!

Heres a word of advice though:


It might go a long way to gaining their favor!

You are dealing with “very high” and “very smart” souls!   They do not take kindly to being tortured with hidden technology and secret weaponry!

And due to their COSMIC LEVEL STATUS…, they certainly do not deserve it!

If you want to meet with such a soul…, you may want to APOLOGIZE for such actions first…, and see what you can do to make it up to them to smooth over that fact that YOU BOTCHED first contact with the very help that GOD sent to you!

Something to consider for those who want to fix things here on Earth!



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