Over the last 3 months I have been under heavy Directed Energy Attacks (DEA)!   They have been getting increasingly worse, and so it has been quite difficult for me to function at full capacity at times.  Please know that I am doing my very best to bring you the truth under difficult personal circumstances.

Over the course of the last 40 years (starting in the early 1980’s) I have been under very similar heavy frequency attacks (which at that time were most likely experimental) but became more and more common as the years and the decades rolled on.

Now millions of people World Wide are under the SAME TYPES of heavy frequency attacks and cost of human life and suffering is beyond measure! 

This is just one of the reasons why I am so adamant to bring you this kind of information!  The weapons that cause this kind of attack have been around for 40 years at the very least!  People NEED to know about them before we can put a stop to them.

I was very close to death back then and only survived due to help of a Naturalistic Doctor who was well versed in Human Body Energy.  This kind of Doctor was very rare back then and I was lucky to find her.

She told me that I was functioning like a 70 year old man in a 20 year old body and had no clue why this kind of thing could even be happening.  She said all of the electrical systems in my body were offline for some unknown reason and was stumped.

Every single time she would reboot the energy systems, they would turn off again within 24 to 48 hours due to what I NOW REALIZE were frequency attacks!  No other Doctor in the American Medical Association had any clue as to what to do to save me and all of them wrote me off for dead. 

Furthermore, there were insane psychiatrists and psychologists (1980’s types) that were saying I was making all of it up because no regular “licensed” medical doctor from the corrupt Rockefeller System of drug prescription could find a drug related problem to heal.  (Even though I was dying – I was making it all up).

This is what you can expect from your so-called “trusted” doctors who only listen to BIG PHARMA and who have no use for alternative methods of healing.

They know NOTHING of real healing and of the human bodies energy systems – all they know about is drugs and nothing else.  These people don’t deserve to be called Doctors.

I’ve since learned that Directed Energy Weapons can and do attack the human body on the “energy level” and simply start shutting all of the critical systems in the body down one by one.  This is what Directed Energy Weapons can do to the human body.  Turning all of these critical systems back on is very tricky and takes time, love, and patience.

Thankfully there are doctors out there who know how to reboot these energy systems (but they are costly and hard to find) AND…, many of them have been killed by the Deep State over the last four decades.

The Deep State is up to it’s old tricks (once again) and it appears as if they just don’t approve of Love Truth Site (they told me so face to face) nor do they approve of the level of REAL TRUTH that I am telling the rest of you each and every day on this important website.

I would therefore like to ask everyone who reads here to be please be patient with me, send me your prayers for protection if you can, and please donate if you can afford to because every little bit helps to keep me going through these very rough times.

Thank you for coming to Love Truth Site today.

All my love






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