By: Bradley Loves


This post, is a necessary addendum to the last post I wrote which you can find here:

This second post is a direct and open “message” to those men and women who have been charged with THE WORLD WIDE CURRENCY REVALUATION and EXCHANGE!

The message is this:



  • Do you realize that this “RV” was ordained in heaven for a very specific reason??
  • Do you realize that the very reason this was “ordained” to happen is that millions upon millions of good people (spiritual workers) had come to Earth to spend hours and hours a day in prayer using their time to counter balance what the DARK was doing…, but can NOT do so only because they are so broke…, that they must spend every single waking moment trying to scrape pennies together just to eat??
  • Do you realize that IF this had happened years ago (which it was supposed to have)…, then the people who have been waiting for these financial benefits would have been FREE to use their time to pray very intensely for ALL OF US??
  • Do you realize that these very powerful “collective” prayers would have changed TIME AND SPACE around us all for the better??

Endless excuses have been made by the very people GOD put in charge of this task about how they must be diligent, careful, cautious and wary.

They have been CONNED and DUPED by the Dark Forces that they are compelled to work along side of…, who know very well that every second and every moment of DELAY…, is a blessing and a sacrament to LUCIFER and his agenda!

They had been given ONE…, just one single task to undertake for the entire world…, and they are BOTCHING IT badly every single day because they don’t realize WHY THE MONEY WAS GOING TO BE DISTRIBUTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!

They are too stupid to understand that the “DARK SIDE” pays it’s people very well!  There is endless money given to their very large groups of men and women who gather together in special places to PRAY very intensely for the victory of the DARK and for the reign of LUCIFER to become manifest!

They are too stupid to realize that millions upon millions of good and willing people came to Earth to pray with equal intensity…, but are unable to do so because they can not pay their rent, buy food, buy water, or even pay their electric bill!

They are too stupid to realize that instead of an “AWARD” from the heavenly realms for getting this done (if it ever gets done)…, when they pass over to the other side…, they will be immediately DETAINED by ANGELS and interrogated as to WHY THEY TOOK SO LONG and WHY THEY PUT OFF WHAT GOD HAD ORDAINED FOR THEM TO DO….

They will be shown that the money was specifically for the common every day people who had VOLUNTEERED to come to Earth to pray very intensely for a change on Earth…, but could ONLY spend the necessary amount of time doing so…, if they did NOT HAVE TO HOLD A REGULAR JOB!!!!

These loving and prayerful people came to Earth trusting and prepared…, only to find that the very people who agreed to take on this task…., (planetary revaluation of currencies) and who for this reason were BLESSED WITH HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY OF THEIR OWN…, had become “derelict” in their duties to the CREATOR!

They became “confused” by their daily conversations with the DARK ONES…, who led them around like dogs on a leash at every turn…, lying to them, making up horror stories and doing everything within their power to cause DELAY after DELAY!

The Dark ones did this knowing that ever second these prayerful people were without money to pay their bills…, (and thus had to waste time they would have used for prayer) was a second closer to the victory of evil and the seating of LUCIFER UPON THE THRONE OF EARTH.

Those of us who know that this is the TRUTH…, will not go “easy” on the men and women who are in the position to get this RV DONE!

We will NOT be generous to you once you get to the other side because YOU WERE GIVEN MONEY and POSITION ON EARTH so you could do this one task and get it DONE QUICKLY!




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