We are in the middle of an INFORMATION WAR! 

Everyone out there – even those who are “BAD” and are playing on the “DARK TEAM” are telling you this.  Why?  They are telling you this – because they have to according to GODS RULES.

So, again, what this very time in our Earth’s History boils down to – specifically as regards this information war – is “YOU” – and your connection to GOD and to the rules he set down for all of us.

This “information war” is in actuality all about you, and what you’ve learned. 

If you’ve “learned” all of the lessons you needed to learn – then you can NOT be lied to during this critical time.  This information war is asking your consciousness THESE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR OWN PAST:

  • Did you have a MORAL compass inside of you?
  • Did you have ethics and unlimited respect for others?
  • Have you prayed daily to the Creator of the Universe?
  • Did you have a personal relationship with HIM?
  • Did you always stand for the TRUTH and COMPASSION in your life no matter what – and have you taken this important stand in all your interactions with everyone else?
  • Did you LIE, or CON others as part of your job, your marriage, or in your relationships with your children and your friends?
  • Did you CARE about what is happening to others if they did not have all of the correct information – and what have you done to stand up against EVIL and expose it in order to help GOODNESS be victorious?
  • Was your “job” – and your “paycheck” all you cared about? 
  • Were you “ordered” to deceive others – and did you do that just to keep your job and your paycheck without a single thought about what effect that was having on others and the world at large?

Do you see where this is going?

What the Universe is now doing in the midst of the STORM is assessing YOU and YOUR PAST CHOICES.

If you have not consistently chosen for the highest good and the best for all – you will NOT be getting or receiving the highest good coming back into your life during the STORM. 

So many people in these stormy times are now desperate for the TRUTH and they want to get the WHOLE TRUTH. 

They are demanding the TRUTH because they are desperate for it – but in their own lives for years, with their jobs, their co-workers, their spouses, their kids and so many others who DEPENDED on them to tell the truth – they withheld vital information that could have made a difference!

In other words – THEY FAILED.

They withheld information – and they kept vital things secret that others needed to know for various reasons.  As a result – many people suffered.  

Now, these very same people are lining up for the JAB –  because someone else that THEY trust (the entire medical establishment) is lying to them and withholding vital information that they really need to make an informed choice – and so in reality they are getting a death shot jabbed into them. How is this not perfectly JUST?

The icing on the cake is that almost every single FEDERAL WORKER/EMPLOYEE – many of which followed despicable orders simply to keep their jobs and their paychecks – while so many people got hurt by their actions are NOW BEING FORCED to get the JAB.

GOD has said that you will REAP what you SOW!  If you plant tomatoes – you will get tomatoes!  If you lie to others – you will be lied to in the end!

And guess what?  We are in THE END of a long cycle.

As bad as this sounds (and is) – many of these people are now “getting” the consequences of what they willingly (and without thought to the harm they were doing to others lives) dished out. 

They spent their entire lives thinking of what was best for them alone – and did not bother to think of compassion, others needs, ethics, and the necessity to TELL THEM THE TRUTH. 

They worried only about their jobs and their mortgage.

So now, when they need TRUTH the most – they are part of the group that is not going to GET THE TRUTH. 

They will be led (like animals to the slaughter house) by others who are going to LIE TO THEM – because when others needed THEM to be honest and tell the truth – they did not do so.

Now, this is not just happening with regular people!!   Those who are “intel agents” and who were working inside of every single level of Intelligence Agencies are also on the hook here.


GOD our loving Father has seen exactly what THEY were doing for the last several decades – and the countless and endless secrets that THEY were keeping – and how others were totally misled by their omissions and how critical the truth that they were withholding and keeping secret really was to keeping peoples lives on the straight and GODLY path if they only had access to it.

HE is not going to let them come out of their Agency RAT HOLES – with endless reams of spying information and intelligence in the middle of this storm – where they can plop down millions criminal indictments on every man, woman, and child on Earth – when THEY THEMSELVES participated in keeping endless secrets for decades – which then caused untold suffering and pain for so many.

It is a COSMIC MISTAKE for them to think that they had the right to break every law and rule of decency and respect merely to FIND all of the people who were breaking GODS LAWS and RULES of decency and respect.

What is worse is all of the SET UPS – and TRAPS– that were set by them because so many of these intel agents were not just gathering information.  They were actively tempting, coercing, and cajoling people to engage in evil merely so they COULD be caught.  They became SATAN’S henchmen.

God said – DO NOT lay out traps for my children!  Do not lie in wait for them and use bait to cause them to stumble – for it is FAR WORSE to do this – than to hurt them unintentionally or in a fit of anger.

Those that spent their entire lives laying out traps to cause people to stumble are a special kind of evil – and THAT is what most intel agencies were engaged in.


Simple.  Change your behavior right away.  Repent and regret that you did not tell others the TRUTH.  Start informing others of what THEY need to know (especially if you were paid to entrap others) with is a real COSMIC CRIME against GOD– and GOD will see this and HE will start telling you (through others or directly) what YOU NEED TO KNOW.

As you SOW – that is what you will REAP!

This information was given out a long time ago!  It was never erased. It was available to anyone who wanted it.

This was done so that you would always keep a moral compass inside of you.




Many of my readers may not like this post.  I get that. There are two good reasons for writing it.

First off:

I am ecstatic that all of the Pedophiles who have ruthlessly abused children or bought and sold them in human trafficking rings and worse are getting exposed.  It IS what I wanted and what GOD wanted.  This being said – there are so many crimes that are just as bad that were going on for decades – AND were at the root of this evil, but are getting very little coverage.

NONE of this is getting any attention – even in the Alternative Media.  No one is really talking about it.  I am exposing it – but I am just one of a handful.  That “worse crime” is the ALL CAPS NAME/BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD – the every “Corporate Government” in the world was engaged and involved in.

The “perpe-traitors” of THIS CRIME were legion:

They were:

  • All employees of Federal, State, and Local Governments!
  • All Corporate Courts that were operating as courts of “the people” which they can NOT do since they deal with DEAD THINGS.  They all committed FRAUD – and caused “real harm” and “real damage” to countless people.
  • All Lawyers and Judges and Prosecutors operating within these corporate Courts that went against the original Constitution of the united states – unincorporated.
  • All Police Officers, Cops, Sheriffs etc – that were enforcing corporate “policy” and not actual LAW.
  • Bankers who KNEW that the Birth Certificates were BONDS and were being traded on the Stock Exchange…

You see – all of THIS – amounted to human slavery and thus gave RISE to human trafficking.   Yes pedophiles are “bad” and did “wrong”.  However – to have the military merely rounding up all the pedophiles and leaving a million Government Officials, Agency Heads, Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors, and even the Police alone – is WRONG.

Now we can get into a debate as to what KIND of CRIME is the most immoral and the most evil, but that is not required here.  We just need to be aware of what took place.

Is supporting and enforcing an EVIL JUSTICE SYSTEM upon millions and millions of innocent and unaware people world-wide – which amounts to human slavery – for profit and for money less evil than sex with a child?  I don’t think so.


The “Agencies” or “Intel” Agents (while) using a dragnet of MASS SURVEILLANCE – and while spying on every man, woman, and child in the world through advanced technology – were able to “GET IT ALL” on the bad people.

But be careful of what kind of NET they actually cast out to do this!!

Seeing someone doing something through surveillance is NOT knowing WHY they are doing it…, and the ONLY thing that GOD really cares about is WHY they were doing it – not THAT they were doing it.

There is a very good reason to say this.

I say it because so very many people – who would have been otherwise good – were caught up in SCHEMES of BLACKMAIL – SUBTERFUGE – and ENTRAPMENT – set by the very agencies and agents who now claim to be squeaky clean and have the right to prosecute and set trials for the “baddies”.

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again – millions of Volunteer Souls came to Earth to help humanity – and since the NET was cast out to surveil everyone – it does not take into account any top secret COUNTER OPERATIONS that may have been run by the Illuminati (or Off Worlders)  – that were being run on innocent men and women (TARGETED INDIVIDUALS/VOLUNTEER SOULS) who may have come to help and were simply set up and made to LOOK EVIL in such a way so they too could be prosecuted.

This is a common tactic of the Illuminati.  They set up others to be guilty of the things THEY are doing,

GOD is certainly not pleased if countless “innocent people” are swept up in a NET that was designed to CATCH EVERYONE – while at the same time leave the very agents who cast the net – are left alone – never looked at – and are called: HEROS.


Intent is everything – and the DARK FORCES know enough about manipulation to manipulate those who want to “catch” the bad guys – so they will “catch” all the GOOD GUYS TOO.

If anyone knows this very clearly at this point – Donald Trump knows this.

My recommendation is THIS:

Go after all of the big fish (Satanists/Luciferians/Globalsits/Cabal) who did very evil things that are unimaginable  – but there has got to be a general forgiveness for the millions and millions of others who were SET UP to do things (or even Mind Controlled or V2K’d to do things) that they would not have normally done.


This is a good compromise – and allows time for the most EVIL people to be removed and dealt with- while the rest get a fresh start. Get “retrained” on Common Law – and a new financial system gets rolled out.

All my love.





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