Remember when we could all post “You-Tube” videos to share vital information??.., and now we have to use other platforms because “You-tube” will ban and censor ANYTHING that is truthful or attempts to expose lies!

Well, don’t say some of us did not see it coming in 2014!

Earning my own “Honorable Mention” – The Declaration below was written in late 2014!


3.1) Internet browsing is now PROTECTED under this automatic contract as well! Any censorship and/or blocking of any important information, news article/s, document/s, image/s, and video content, that I choose to access for research, and for ANY OTHER REASON, is now expressly forbidden by this contract.

3.2) To use machines, A.I., and technology to “censor” and to block my access to articles, video and information, without first obtaining a fully negotiated, face to face contract, that has been signed by me, is considered to be a breach of this Declaration, and automatically engages ALL who do such acts bound under this automatic contract!

Mmmmm…, who could have possibly foreseen this as necessary in 2014???

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