By: Bradley Loves

All I can say is that this has been a long time in coming!

Finally, a wholly crooked cop.., who thought that “LAWS” only applied to the little people, is going to be criminally indicted for lying, fabricating, deceiving, conning, and otherwise just being a hugely horrible human being!

The only other thing that I can say about this news is that there are probably another 5,000 of the approximately 35,000 FBI Agents that really need to see the inside of a jail!

Most of those work in Deep Underground Military Bases along side of Alien Grays and help them in their TORTURE EXPERIMENTS concerning humans.

Sadly…, I think that if this goes as far as we want it to…, what we are going to see is that “Earth” is filled to over-flowing with REALLY BAD PEOPLE!

People who just didn’t give two seconds of concern about rules, laws, ethics, morals, truthfulness, other people in general…, and were ONLY out there to fill their own pockets with as much cash as they could while they wore a badge!

Humanity has a monumental “weakness problem” in the moral, spiritual, and ethical areas!

Alex Jones (yes I will still link to him – since I am not a coward) talks about McCabe in the video placed on the page in this link.


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