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I read an article only this morning that shows me clearly one of the greatest and most common sicknesses of our “great awakening”!

For the first time…, (at least in print on my blog)…, I am going to differentiate between what I find as a serious FLAW in NEW AGE THINKING…, and the more common serious flaws in thinking of those who really have nothing to do with the New Age at all.

Anna Von Reitz has really NOTHING to do with what I would consider the New Age Religion… (Channeling.., et. al)…., but she is still a human being going through an awakening…, (and seems to be a good person)…. but…, she is exhibiting a very common sickness that many  AWAKENING MINDS are going through…, and that sickness is DENIAL!!

Not only is she in denial…, she is in SERIOUS DENIAL!

Taken from one of her recent posts…, we find this:

Judge Anna von Reitz
I am not even Catholic. And even if I were, I obviously wouldn’t know a thing about any “Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children” or any other such hyped-up morbid nonsense. Despite years of these ugly rumors circulating first about Jews and then about Catholics and then about Muslims, too, there isn’t a shred of any credible evidence of any such things taking place. It’s all always just rumors and gossipy fear-mongering by people with nothing better to do than let their imaginations run wild.

I myself left my Facebook page open for a solid day and asked any victims who had first-hand knowledge of any such activities to come forward. You know what I got? Nothing. Not a single claim from anyone who had ever witnessed anything or been abused. Zip. Nada. So far as I have ever been able to determine, all this talk of “Satanic Ritual Abuse” is sensationalist garbage being churned out by mindless, irresponsible muckrakers who have no evidence, no first-hand knowledge, and no business spreading all this crap.
Everyone on this planet has to raise their minds and heart up to a point of being able to turn their “Shinola Sensor” on, and know the difference between truth and fan fiction.
Why don’t you arrest the people who are causing you the problems? David Rockefeller, for example, whose family has been undermining America since the 1890’s? Or Hank Paulsen? Former head of the mis-named “Treasury Department” who allowed such egregious trading and “relaxation” of enforcement policy that the SEC has been run like a gambling casino for two decades? Or Bill Clinton, who sold off half your country to private investors under false pretenses?
Why don’t you all wake to #$@$@# up?
Why don’t you focus on the real problems?

Now…, just who the heck is she KIDDING?  I mean…, the proof, the articles and the witnesses are ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!

You’d have to have your head pretty deeply into the sand…, or…, really far up your rear end to have missed it.

Unless…., (are here it comes)


Taken from Veterans Today…, and Preston James latest article…,(posted on September 29, 2016) he writes that “human trafficking”…, and “child sex trafficking” are both rampant around the globe!

“Dr.” Preston James has a PHD. in Psychology for crying out loud…, and Anna Von Reitz…, does not.   Actually…, the debate is still on about whether she is even an actual “judge”.

In his article HERE

Which is called: SEX TRAFFIC TERRORISM IS RUNNING RAMPANT IN AMERICA, Preston James lays out for us a good outline of the entire sordid mess…, and yet, Ms. Von Reitz says that people who are trying to “expose” the TRUTH…, and hopefully SAVE some lives (of innocent young children)…. are chasing their tails:


Americans would rather chase their own tails and worry about their neighbor’s new hair color and nurture morbid bad dreams about “Satanic Rituals” than deal with reality and the results of their own bad choices and apathy?


…….there isn’t a shred of any credible evidence of any such things taking place. It’s all always just rumors and gossipy fear-mongering by people with nothing better to do than let their imaginations run wild.

What Ms. Von Reitz FAILS EPICALLY to do is make the necessary connections between the MOB…, the CHURCH…, the SATANISTS…, the “shadow” Government…, and all that goes off world!

Why does she fail?????

DENIAL…, DENIAL…., DENAIL…., (I don’t want to look at that…, it’s too evil for me to see, and to deal with…)

Maybe living up in the woods of Alaska…, has kept her quite SHELTERED from the reality that WE ARE NOT LIVING IN KANSAS ANY MORE TOTO!

The entire world has changed…, not only did she miss it…, she REFUSES to take an honest look!

Just today…, on RT… (that’s Russia Today) for those who don’t read there…, we can find this article (which yes…, is hard to believe even for me, but has been posted as the Truth, so I’m reposting it….)

Sex robot cafe aims to offer Londoners fellatio (blow jobs) with their morning coffee!

You think I’m kidding right?

Well then…, please READ the article for yourselves HERE!

Here is a quote from the owner of the “establishment”

With opening hours of 6am to 11pm, blow job cafes could soon replace the pub as Britain’s favorite socializing spot.

Charvet believes a trip to the cafe is the best way to start the day.
“Everyone is drinking coffee daily,” he said.

“And nothing is better to start a working day than engaging in sexual action, US research has found.”

“People like to chat before they make love. It makes sense the robots will speak and tease men’s desire,” he added.

The Paddington cafe will be home to eight robots dressed in a variety of costumes.

“Uniforms are going to be worn: nurse, police, student and secretary.”

If the London cafe is a success, Charvet plans to open a 24/7 shop in the heart of Manchester.

I wonder what Anna…, who lives in the woods of Alaska, will have to say about this??

Maybe she needs to get into the “city” once in a while, to see what is actually happening upon the planet!

The above RT article,  is EXACTLY what I was talking about in one of my more recent posts located HERE

Again…, what is this all about?


In my opinion…, this is the most prominent and debilitating AWAKENING SICKNESS that exists…, and those that “lash out”…, at everyone else on the web, and on Facebook…, and in other places for trying to tell the truth…, are doing nothing more than “coughing and puking” their SICKNESS on the rest of humanity which actually does want to WAKE UP…, without going through the disease of: DENIAL.

More to come…..

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