By: Anna Von Reitz

I have said before that your bodies are like space suits, which allow your consciousness to dwell in this dimension, but I must add that human consciousness is not the only form of consciousness that can inhabit a human body.

Angelic consciousness and demonic consciousness can inhabit a mortal body just as well, like putting a shirt on a large dog: it may not fit well, but it will do.

And so it is that when we contend with Evil in High Places, there are those who appear to be human because they are “wearing” a human body—-but are not human.
This reality is told to you plainly and many times over in the Bible, but in talking to people I get the impression that most of us have not really taken this information to heart and consciously considered what it means in practical terms.

It means that that nice lady at the PTA meeting– or political party convention– may in fact be a demon inhabiting a human body.

Or that man standing on the street corner with a “Work for Food” sign, may be an angel in the flesh. To your eyes, they look the same as anyone else and you cannot tell the difference.

Adding to the confusion there are other entities that can also inhabit human flesh — for example, beings from the Devic Kingdoms, who are Nature Spirits and have no moral consciousness at all beyond an alliance to the Truth.

And now, Artificial Intelligence, AI, is making its debut, a profane man-made melding of computerized machinery and human neural networks, further confusing an already jumbled roster of beings that appear to be fully human — and are not.

I am bringing this to your attention because in days to come this information will help you make sense of the world.

You will hear what has been done and planned in the dark and it will horrify you. I have heard it, and it horrifies me.

You will wonder how people could think and do such things, and the answer is, simply, they are not people. They are demons inhabiting human flesh.

They are the children of Satan.

They shouldn’t even be here, but they are—so, we have to deal with that fact.

It will be quite a shock to your senses and your mind to deal with the realities of this circumstance, and you may feel paranoid at times — but that will pass and you will learn to recognize all these “other” beings that inhabit our world, a learning process that will serve to eliminate their power and influence.

After all, if you could see the snake, you would avoid the snake. Or kill it. You would not invite it to tea and take its advice. You would not elect it to office. You would not let it run your educational system or control your media.


We do NOT need to “forgive” the CHILDREN OF SATAN…, especially since they do NOT belong here on Earth!

We do NOT OWE them that!


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  1. z

    ….my Favourite Uncle supposedly said, as he was just moments from experiencing mortality : Father do NOT Forgive them for they KNOW what they do. Mercifulness is Your Domain….

    and so it may very well be, ours to reach the very limits of our capacity to Love and simultaneously be at the very limit of our capacity to Forgive and simultaneously let go to the , for us, unknown expression of Mercy…..
    GrizzlyBear Hug

  2. Megan

    I will never forgive the agents of evil whether they be fallen angels, demons, or humans! They can rot in the hell they have tried to ensnare us in and that will be too good for them. They and everything they stand for repulses me and I pray daily for humanity to wake up and destroy the lot of them once and for all and those corrupt humans who have cast their lot in with them may they suffer eternally for what they have done. They deserve to the full extent what is coming to them.

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