By: Anna Von Reitz


Larry– the Law of these United States is the American Common Law. As of 1954 the courts that we now deal with stopped accepting Common Law pleas and started accepting only statutory pleas. There is no more sure or binding proof of the nature and jurisdiction of these courts than the nature of the pleas being heard by them. So we may conclude with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that: (1) these are not the courts the people of this country ordained and are owed and (2) that these are Maritime Courts.

From these facts then we can conclude that every “Plaintiff” and “Defendant” being addressed by these courts is not a living “Person” and that our most basic identity as one of the living people has been unlawfully and unconscionably converted to that of a business. We have been “impersonated”– literally. And when we face charges in these courts we are suffering barratry because of these false presumptions.

Both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States are foreign entities with respect to us and both have created “franchises” for themselves named after us. These franchises created by infringing upon our Common Law copyright to our own given names are what are being addressed as Defendants and represented as Plaintiffs in these various courts.

The more typical cases are being addressed to franchises of the Municipal United States. These PERSONS are slaves as defined in the 14th Amendment to the Municipal Constitution and they are guilty and liable for the Public Debt by definition— so Eazy Pickens for the COURTS and their OFFICERS who put on a show and an appearance of justice when in fact they are only deciding how much the poor bugger will be fined and how long he will be jailed.

This is the reality and this is the shameful, deceitful, deplorable estate to which your profession has sunk in this country: institutionalized crimes of knowing impersonation and barratry based on equally purposeful and malicious falsification of public records.

I call down the wrath of Heaven on the worshipers of Ba-El who have done this. I expose them as the frauds and charlatans they have been and have willfully become.

That includes you, Larry, because you have cause to know all these things and yet you are dishonest about them and try to obfuscate the facts.

It’s perfectly true that Admiralty Law is the creature of the High Seas jurisdiction. It is perfectly true that it only applies on the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways” in this country.

But it is also true that since 1933 we have all been “presumed” to be “inhabiting” that watery jurisdiction and to be “missing, lost at sea”, so that, conveniently, all that remains are ESTATES and Public Trusts named after us, which the members of the Bar Associations seize upon and “administer” for “salvage” purposes.

Larry, you need to have a fire hose of truth applied up your ass and if you keep raising your head around me or in reference to what I am telling people, that is what you are going to get each and every time you open your mouth. So if you really want to protect the trade secrets of the Bar Association I suggest you be quiet and not give me such an obvious platform for exposing everything you say and do.




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