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I love Clif High, and treasure every video he does, not only for the mind-freeing
wealth of information and insight he provides, but because he fills in more of the Dirty Missing Pieces of our common history, and sheds light on the European History that supports everything that I have been talking about for decades in America.

Slavery is not an American Problem.

Slavery was brought to our shores by European interests.

Slavery in this country began not with black slaves from Africa, but with Irish slaves, who were not treated as well as the African slaves. The Irish were simply worked to death and piled up like cordwood and built into the causeways of New York. Food was considered a luxury. Housing was non-existent. In the winter, they froze, and in the spring, a new crop of Irish slaves was imported.

The Southern Plantation owners were enlightened and humane by comparison to the Dutch and British merchants. We know this, we take it for granted, that slavery was part of the early history of this country and it is also taken for granted that slavery was the cause of The American Civil War — which is only partially true, but certainly the nobler part of the provocation.

What Clif High brings to the table is a broader view of the history of slavery covering the Byzantine Empire which together with Rome comprised the slavery-loving Holy Roman Empire and the anti-slavery forces of the Saxons, Friesians, Angles, and other Celtic-Germanic people.

The Saxons and their Allied Peoples hated slavery and the way it degraded Mankind and they would not suffer its presence, so they warred against it then and they continue to war against it now, while the progeny of the Holy Roman Empire who make their money from slavery and the sin of name-stealing, continue to promote these evils in our midst.

Long, long before the Roman Catholic sponsored Municipal Government of the United States cast its lot with The Confederate States of America, both Rome and its Eastern Cousin, Byzantium, were leading proponents of slavery and made the bulk of their money from slavery and accrued the larger part of their coercive political power from slavery.

As Public Awareness and Public Opinion against slavery grew, the perpetrators were obliged to adopt ever-more deceitful means to accomplish their ends, and both the Roman Church and their cohorts in Constantinople backpedaled trying to redefine their ardent support of slavery in terms of being “slaves of Christ” —- but a simple glance at history proves otherwise.

There is and there was nothing at all “Christian” about their practice of slavery, a fact that led to the Holy Roman Empire officially biting the dust on the 6th of August 1806 —- officially.

Unofficially, the Holy Roman Empire carried on with hardly a ripple in its internecine activities, just as the Office of the Roman Pontiff and Romanus Pontifex Trusts purportedly dissolved in 2011 have continued unabated despite all the handwashing and asset shuffling.

And behind the scenes the Pope’s Men and the Eastern Orthodox Minions have been instrumental in institutionalizing slavery throughout the world and in undermining the League of Nations (which outlawed slavery worldwide in 1926) and replacing it with the slavery-compliant United Nations Organization.

Was it the discovery of this Dirty Secret that led to the murder of United Nations Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold? Like JFK, he should have just made the speech and told us instead of talking about making the speech.

Take a good look at the so-called (unauthorized) Fourteenth Amendment to The Constitution of the United States of America, which immediately follows their Thirteenth Amendment —-which appears to unilaterally abolish slavery.

With one breath they “abolish slavery” and with the next, they permanently institutionalize it.

Slavery is abolished….except in the public sector…. and oh, yes, criminals are slaves, and we get to define what constitutes crime….

What shameful, despicable double-speak.

Generations of honest Americans have looked at these Amendments and been unable to read them because of the complexity and deceitfulness of the verbiage. They’ve also been deceived into thinking that these Amendments were approved and ratified by their States of the Union –they never were — and many Americans still assume that The Constitution of the United States of America applies to them, instead of applying to our erstwhile British Territorial Employees.

Throughout the history of the Western World for the past 3,000 years, Rome and all its various acolytes, subsidiaries, outposts, and bureaucracies, has been the Source of Slavery and the primary force perpetuating it. If we did nothing but expose the rot at the heart of the Roman Catholic Church, the Roman Municipal Government, and the United Nations, we would accomplish much for the good of humanity, but it isn’t enough to expose the bad.

We must also appreciate what is good, and support it.

The Anglo-Saxon resistance to slavery and enslavement has stood for two thousand years and every time the Romans and Byzantines think they have it all wrapped up the way they like it, we blow them to Hell again.

If your family roots stem from Northern Europe, and even if they don’t, please take time to learn about the long and bitter fight against slavery that has been at the root of so much suffering and strife, the same fight that is at the root of the current miasma, and the same fight against this evil that they are now attempting to enforce as “medicine” and “science”.

The entire remaining Roman Empire— “Holy” or not — is motivated by nothing more than lust, self-interest, and greed, and it is held together by nothing more than snake-oil and statutory laws that don’t apply to living beings, plus deluded men running around in black robes still collecting taxes for a non-existent Caesar.

It’s time to eviscerate the Roman Empire—and the slavery it promotes— in any
form, once and for all. Get your Visigoth on.

Please listen carefully to this timely video by Clif High for a Yule Time insight into the holidays and the history that most Americans don’t know and which we desperately need to know:

And all my Readers please note how all this fits together and makes sense and sheds light on the information that we have already provided to you.

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