By: Anna Von Reitz


When I say something like, “in the broader spectrum”— our language is so incompetent and wiggly that I immediately invite alert people to wonder: “Broader than what?” and “In which spectrum was that?”

This is in part what I found so worthwhile in Russell-J:Gould’s work: the reminder of how imprecise our language is and how much of communication depends on trust and on assumptions.

For example, is Nancy Pelosi Roman? Or Catholic? Or Roman-Catholic?

Who knows? One can only “judge by the fruits”.

Certainly, no sincere follower of Jesus could so easily ignore the mandate not to kill, especially as it applies to millions of innocent babies.

The actual doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church is absolutely against killing (ritual or otherwise) of anyone and against abortion, too, which should make members of the Roman Catholic Church proud of the stand that their Church has taken.

Yet at the same time, there’s Nancy Pelosi — as well as other members of Congress– pretending to be Roman Catholics, and suffering no penalty at all for rubber stamping millions of abortions and authorizing for the payment of all this slaughter using public funds?

Doesn’t add up, does it?

And then we hear about there being a “man-boy sacrament” allowed by the Church? Hello? Sex between men and under-age boys being condoned by the Roman Catholic Church? And represented as a sacrament???

That doesn’t add up as anything “Christian”, either….

Then we are confronted with literally thousands of accusations of pedophilia and worse by the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church.

Again, this doesn’t make any sense!

Unless…. we are talking about the Roman “Church” instead, which has always been pagan, and hidden in plain view in the Office of the Pontiff and sometimes even referred to as “the Secular Religion”.

“Secular Religion” is another oxymoron like “Private Citizen” or “Sovereign Citizen”.

Rome in its heyday allowed and practiced every possible form of belief, witchcraft, idolatry, and god-worship known to man. Constantine brought all that with him to the Council of Nicea, and basically sued for a “deal” with the Christian Church of his day. He’d make peace with them if they would form a partnership with Rome.

In this way, the original Christian Church was polluted and at the same time enriched and left in peace, the quid pro quo being that they would work for Rome and Romans who were members of the “Church” could continue to worship their pagan gods privately without interference.

So it has been that the Citizens of Rome have enjoyed special rights and privileges in the Roman Catholic Church, and the Whore of Babylon known as Ashtoreth, Astarte, Isis, Cybele, and Columbia —yes, as in District of Columbia — grew up and flourished side by side with the Christian version of the “Roman” “Catholic” “Church”.

And that, my dears, is how we can have Black Masses celebrated in Vatican City, and Serpent Auditoriums donated for Papal Audiences, and what appear to be Catholic Clergy raping children, because according to the Old Religion, sex is a sacrament, and all forms of sex are “sacraments”.

Those individuals doing this aren’t Christian. They are Satanists and they worship The Father of All Lies. What bigger Whopper than pretend to be a Christian priest, when you are actually working for Old No Name himself?

My heart goes out to the many millions of loyal Catholic Church members and to those who have dedicated their lives to teaching the Gospel and living it in their day to day lives, who are having to deal with this horrible denouement and “Apocalypse”. I regret the damage this must cause to their faith and to their peace of mind.

Remember that if you hold fast to the teachings of Yeshuah and to his leadership in all things, the faulty institutions of men don’t matter; their failings and betrayals however horrible they may be, cannot dim the love that binds us and the Holy Spirit that moves us.

This afternoon amid unconfirmed reports that the Italian Government has seized Vatican City and overturned the 1929 Lateran Treaty granting Vatican City independent international city-state status— making it a separate country with a separate government inside Italy—similar to the status that both Washington, District of Columbia and NEW YORK CITY have claimed within our borders, I realize the likely necessity that our country and its government will have to do the same thing.

In our case this will involve revoking Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of The Constitution of the United States and permanent dismantling of the Municipal United States Government run as an oligarchy by the members of the Municipal United States Congress.

I am also thinking that the removal of the center of the spiderweb in Italy greatly expedites the removal of other centers of the web in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein where major corporate headquarters have been established for control purposes, to commandeer banking and transportation and record keeping and postal service functions worldwide.

Here, in The United States of America, the hub of their operations has been centered in the District of Columbia, originally set aside as a common diplomatic setting and meeting ground for all the States— and it has especially been headquartered in the Municipality of Washington, DC.

Though the Roman Catholic Church was saddled almost from its inception with the impossible task of –literally– serving two Masters, and its work has had two very separate and different outcomes as a result, one hideous, one sublime, they have accomplished amazing things.

I know that as all of this unravels and all the dirt caused by the “Roman Church” comes to light, the outrage of the rank and file people worldwide will swell and the detractors of the Roman Catholic Church will quickly try to capitalize on this debacle to discredit all Christians — but, remember this doesn’t have anything to do with actual Christians. It has to do with the pagan Romans slyly pretending to be Christians.

So getting back to Nancy Pelosi….

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