By: Anna von Reitz



1. You begin your life as “one of the free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States”—- a Virginian, Minnesotan, Texan, etc….

2. While still a baby in your cradle, “uniformed officers” conscripted into the U.S. Army, who appear to be civilian doctors, improperly seize upon your name and estate and coerce your Mother to sign a False Information to the effect that you are a “US citizen”— the same political status you would have if you were a Puerto Rican, born in Puerto Rico or one of the other Insular Territories, like Guam.

3. This status as a “Territorial Citizen” obligates you to serve the government and obey its every whim, to be defined as a “taxpayer” and subjected to Selective Service, and to need a license—which is official permission to do something that is otherwise illegal— for things like getting married or traveling in your car from Point A to Point B. It also subjects you to the foreign British Equity Law and Territorial Court System, which is rigged against you so that British-affiliated Bar Association members can rule against you 97% of the time via the abundant use of their “judicial discretion”.

4. Throughout your life these vermin misinform you, either deliberately or in ignorance themselves, and tell you that you “have to” have a Social Security Number, you “have to” have a Driver License, you “have to” have a Marriage License, and you obediently do what you are told. Every time you do, you again unwittingly confirm that you are a “US Citizen” and effectively bear False Witness against yourself and against your own interests, just to get along and survive in this ugly horror show world they have created.

5. Here is the first take home message, campers! You are NOT a “citizen” of anything. Citizens serve the government. Nationals have the government serve them. So which one are you? Uh….duh….are you paying them or are they paying you? And if they are paying you, what is that payment based upon, if not your own hard work and years of paying taxes you never actually owed?

6. So in effect, you have been kidnapped and trafficked into a United States Territory, and never told about this change in your official political status. You’ve been subjected to the Queen of England and the debts of the British Crown Corporation and if you woke up enough to complain they slammed you into one of their very own rigged courts where they could rape and pillage you and your name and your estate some more.

7. But how could this be? How could this happen? How could nobody know about this? Well, they never told your Mother, and you were too young to know anything about it when it happened, so why would you have any inkling that this is so? You couldn’t know. You couldn’t even complain about it. And the dirty rotten vermin planned it that way.

8. So here you are, transported on paper, to Puerto Rico….without a clue and without a paddle to get home, stuck in THEIR foreign political status, subjected to THEIR foreign law, stuck paying THEIR foreign taxes, suffering through THEIR foreign bankruptcies, and living in THEIR “territorial” reality. And this is all being done to you by what appears to be your government, but it’s not. It’s THEIR government, which is supposed to be acting under a contract called The Constitution of the United States of America to protect you and your rights…..

9. So how do they get around their contractual obligation to honor and serve, and instead pillage and plunder? They just pretend not to know that you are an American from one of the American nation-states. After all, your Mother said you were a “U.S. Citizen”—- she just didn’t know which “U.S.” they were talking about and wasn’t told, either. And then you came along like a good little dweeb and signed up for Social Security, and everyone knows—- Title 42 plainly states– that this program is only for federal employees and dependents and political asylum seekers. Well, then! You must have sought political asylum, right? In Puerto Rico, no less. I hear the climate is nice there.

10. Who knew? The Gubmint knew. The black-hearted, treacherous cheats in Washington, DC—they knew. That’s how they were getting all the gravy. The Joint Chiefs of Staff— they knew. That’s how they paid for their newest whiz-bang jet fighters and germ warfare programs and everything else. The Clintons, Billy and Hillary, and Jimmy and Ronnie and both Georges and Mr. Obummer— they all knew. Everyone on THEIR side of the fence knew and they used to laugh at you poor idiots stumbling around, still thinking that you were living in America. They called you “sovereign citizens”— a deliberate oxymoron, and thought you were too stupid to ever get the joke. They called you “livestock” and treated you that way, too.

11. And if you are NOT mad enough to spit, if you are not angry to the core, if you are NOT ready to get on your feet, then you still aren’t getting the drift of what has been done here. Go back to the top and read slowly again, remembering that these are people on your payroll doing this to you and your sons and daughters.

12. But, you say, they are Americans, too. How could this be? Surely, they wouldn’t subject themselves to all these things? They wouldn’t live like slaves at the mercy of their own employees? Of course, not. They had to leave themselves an out, didn’t they? Well, here it is, black and white, the Foreign Sovereigns Immunity Act of 1976. You, my dears, are all “foreign sovereigns”— from THEIR perspective. Oh, they admit that you are in fact sovereign. They can’t avoid that. They just pretend that you gave it all away and “volunteered” to be treated as a Puerto Rican and a debt slave and whatever else they wanted to say about you—while they privately retained all their own rights and prerogatives as lawful sovereigns on American soil. You should see Bill Clinton’s claim of copyright to his own name and estate. He left nothing out. Not as much as a comma.

13. So, if you are sovereign on American soil and you are owed the guarantees and protections of The Constitution of the United States of America, how is it that you are still being chased around by THEIR bill collectors? Thought to be part of THEIR bankruptcy? Harassed and addressed by THEIR courts? Well, remember, all this bullshit is military. Remember the sentry asking for the password? And if you don’t know the password he can shoot you? Right? It’s the same thing. You have to give them MANDATORY NOTICE that you are exempt and immune, a Foreign Sovereign (with respect to them) per the Foreign Sovereigns Immunity Act of 1976.

14. And then you start taking names and checking dates and you start holding these vermin feet first to the fire. You start telling them the truth— that they have no right to address you. You should also form up your lawful County Jural Assemblies and elect your land and soil jurisdiction Sheriffs, set up your Jury Pools, elect your American Common Law Justices of the Peace. Many of you have been asking— if Hillary broke the law and endangered national security and Obama illegally spied on Donald Trump for political purposes—-why are these crooks still walking around? It’s because they are claiming to be Foreign Sovereigns on American soil. These lousy pirates have beat feet back home and sought the protection of the political status they have stolen from others. The only way to bring them to justice is for all of us to wake up and remember who we are.

15. Now, most Americans are peaceful, even docile, people. They want to live and let live, mind their own business, work hard and play hard. Most Americans want and ask nothing much from the government, except to be left alone and maybe some pothole-filling duty. But THEY won’t leave us alone because THEY want to steal from us. THEY want to continue commandeering our lawful government. THEY want to call the shots and rule over the rest of us. THEY have their cozy little fraud machine and their bogus two-party political system all set up. THEY have their “corporate government” and their “corporate military” and THEY would just as soon forget all the old folks back home.

16. It’s time to jack them up. Clear to the ceiling. And all these Bar Association members? It’s time to tell them where to get off. Way off. Who do they think they are? Who asked for the services of a British Court on American soil? What country do they think they are in? Is this really just Greater Puerto Rico? Or is this about to become America again? With a big, flat, heavy foot stomped down on the Queen of England and all her busy, little, perfidious minions?


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