Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana, Virginia Beach, Va. (Sep. 6, 2003) — “Shockwave,” the world’s fastest truck, dazzles the crowd with smoke and fire at the 2003 Naval Air Station Oceana Regional Air Show. “Shockwave” can reach speeds up to 376 mph. U.S. Navy photo by PhotographerÕs Mate 2nd Class Anthony Koch. (RELEASED)


By Anna Von Reitz

I hear a lot of scuttlebutt and ignore most of it until hard evidence surfaces, but Field McConnell is one of those people whose information has turned out to have teeth over time, so when he says that Obama was executed for Treason at Gitmo on September 29, 2019 —- I listen. Carefully.

Almost incidentally, Field discussed the fact that people who know about Treason and don’t report it to the following list of officials — are guilty of treason, too: (1)one state Governor, (2) one Chief Justice, or (3) a justice of any one state.

Turns out that there are specific officials that we are supposed to report Treason to. And we’d better know who they are. That’s something that should be taught to kids in grade school, but like nearly everything else that is important, we’ve been left out of the loop.

I have reported a lot of things that can be considered Treason and I have reported these to Governors and Chief Justices and state justices, too, but that was just horse-sense resulting from my grasp of law. Nobody ever gave me The List and said, “This is who you are required to report Treason to.” Naturally, I want to spread the news to my fellow-probably-not-so-explicitly informed Americans.

I’d hate to see some Innocent backed against a wall, just because they reported Treason to their local Sheriff and called it good. You have to go to: (1) one State Governor; (2) one Chief Justice; or (3) a state justice.

And what would the High Crime of Treason amount to? Selling information vital to our National Security, conspiring against the Constitution, large scale international counterfeiting injurious to our economy, giving away billions of dollars in cash to the government of Iran— there are all sorts of things that could qualify as Treason, but principally, its undermining our country and our government and aiding and abetting enemies thereof, especially in time of war.

It is entirely plausible given the known public record of things that Obama did while in office, that successful Treason charges could be brought before an Admiralty Court. If this has in fact happened, it would explain the absolute and sudden panic-attack of Nancy Pelosi and Company —-and the desperate drive to find some means to impeach Donald Trump.

Charging and executing Obama for Treason would bring the message home (finally) that it could also happen to them. And give them good reason to panic. It would also point out that all of those who acted in support of treasonous activities, even those who knew and did nothing to stop such activities, are next in line.

Yes, that could easily take out half of the Beltway. Squawk, squawk, squawk. They are great ones to dish it out. Not so hot on the receiving end.

Sitting here tonight and thinking about all the suffering our people have endured, all the children murdered, all the money and assets squandered, our young men and women squandered, our Uranium being sold to the Russians, our ports being sold to the Chinese, our Ranchers being ambushed and murdered on our Highways, those planes plowing into the Twin Towers and being recorded by Hollywood Film Crews put in place the night before…..I can’t say it bothers me to think of these traitors facing firing squads.

After all, a firing squad is simple, swift, and sure.

A firing squad is a far more humane and orderly way to go than what happened to LaVoy Finicum, or all those people in Waco, or those at the World Trade Center, or for our misled young soldiers in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq, or for our children snatched from our arms never to be seen again.

It is all their fault, these politicians who knew and did nothing to protect and defend, who did profoundly evil things in our names, who squandered our money and our lives, who lied to us, who denied us freedom that was owed to us from the moment we were born, who sat snug and smug in Washington, DC, and called us “livestock” and planned to make us wear RFID tags like cattle, who foreclosed our land and evicted us from our homes for non-payment of mortgages and taxes that we never owed, who vaccinated our children with poisons and who poisoned our water with industrial wastes as well, who commandeered our medical care to “control our life cycle”, who poked their noses into our bedrooms, who licensed our rights, and who turned Due Process and Justice into jokes.

Yes, it is their fault. And it isn’t that they weren’t told about the injustices and misery suffered by their constituents. They heard; they collectively didn’t give a damn. So if Mr. Obama is no more, you won’t see me sniffing in the back row feeling sorry about it. If a good many more of the guilty parties join him, I still won’t feel sorry about it.


Note from Bradley – Anna could not have said it better!  If Barry Soetoro is dead…, then good riddance!  The world is better off without him and his treasonous – Satanic ways!  My only hope is that many more join him soon!

I also hope that once and for all…, every single New Ager who was WILLINGLY BLIND to everything this man was doing…, only because some idiotic channeled entity told them (from some unseen level or realm) that he was good and thus they ignored everything they were seeing with their own eyes have finally LEARNED SOMETHING!

Oh…, and there are many of us who were shouted down by these people and DESERVE APOLOGIES!    

I’m still waiting for mine!

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