By: Anna Von Reitz

While the people are literally bringing all these terrible things upon themselves by “voluntarily” complying with the demands of their EMPLOYEES to PERFORM (as in a theatrical production) the True and Living God is bringing the plagues you have been warned about so that everyone on Earth has Due Notice.


A Holocaust-sized plague of locusts has ravaged India, East and South Africa, and parts of the Middle East.


The Schumann Resonance— the Earth’s heartbeat has been speeding up faster and faster and pounding like a jackhammer.


Thousands of underwater vent holes and volcanoes and thermal walls have appeared along both the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-Pacific Ridge.


The Japanese Government has been forced to release millions of gallons of radioactive waste water into the sea.


Evil mercenary government subcontractors and private companies funded by men like Elon Musk and George Soros and Bill Gates have been creating mammoth problems all over the world and some sleaze bag “US” politicians have been helping them access the public trough to carry out their foul agendas.


Those agendas include things like 911, the Fukushima disaster, forced ear-tagging of people as if they were animals, destruction of the atmospheric oxygen by misuse and abuse of scalar resonance technologies and Directed Energy Weapons.

These loathsome and vicious criminals mean to kill off their creditors so they won’t have to pay the victims of their crimes —including unlawful conversion, human trafficking, genocide, inland piracy, conspiracy against the Constitution, treason, identity theft, impersonation, barratry, securitization of living flesh, enslavement, involuntary peonage, and a great deal more.


So why are you obeying —and paying— your Employees for such service?

Why are you waiting for them to give you permission to open your businesses?

Why are you letting yourself be “volunteered” as a guinea pig in their murderous vaccination and kickback racket?

Why are you obeying your Employees???


Why aren’t you joining your Lawful State Assembly and telling your U.S. Citizen Employees what to do and telling your Municipal EMPLOYEES where to get off?


Get your back bone aligned. See the signs.

The infrastructure supporting them will be torn apart, restructured and re-purposed. Their money and credit based on the assets of others will be taken from them.

Yes, the weapons have been formed but they do not prosper.


Now I promised to tell you what to look for besides the clearly posted warnings foretold in the Bible:


Their energy will be taken from them—energy of all kinds.

They won’t be able to access it and if they do, they won’t be able to use it.


They will wither away and die horrible deaths for the weapons they have intended for others will be turned on them.


They have set aside $100 billion of money stolen from you and your children and grandchildren as kickbacks to churches, airlines, and other institutions to force them to require you to accept their loathsome ear-tags and hideous vaccines —fully intending to sterilize and kill you.


They have stolen trillions upon trillions of dollars from the living people on this planet — the American National Credit was stolen and all the credit and return owed to the Chinese People as the “US-China” Trade Deficit was stolen, too.


That’s why the Chinese are angry with “America” —- they think we stole and traded in Bad Faith, when we were being ripped off and enslaved on our end of the Rothschild-Rockefeller pipeline, as bad or worse than the Chinese.


So it’s time for these Occultists to meet their Maker, and the one Faithful and True.

  • None of their spells or their bindings will work.
  • None of their cries to their Archons will be answered.

The Reckoning of Time draws near and surely it will end; the Interstices are shut down, the last underground portals are clogged with their filth and mess as they desperately try to invoke their False Gods.

They are done for and the fullness of their doom is upon them.

You have nothing to lose by rising up against these traitors to the whole human race, no reason to be silent or comply with their evil nonsense.


Tell the military and the lawyers the truth about what these fiends have planned for them and their families, too.

Turn your attention 180 from what they want you to focus on and focus in on them. Smell their putrid stench.

Know for sure that if you obey them your life will not be worth living.

And your immortal soul will be forfeited.

Not one who “voluntarily” accepts the vaccination and the “Microdot” laced with Luciferase will survive.  You have been told and you had better believe it.


  • Look up to the sky from whence your Deliverance comes.
  • Look up to the mighty wings that shelter you.
  • Let not your heart be troubled, neither let them be afraid.


Stand up against these criminals with voice and song and actions they cannot mistake for “voluntary” abuse and misuse of your delegated power, your assets, your land, and your labor.


Tear through the fabric of their delusions of power like a piece of dirty, rotten cloth.

Tell them what has been set before them— the warning signs of the Lord of Hosts— and tell to expect the loss of all their energy, all the structures they have built of lies and sorcerer’s spells, and all their money and credit,


What they will receive in exchange for worshiping Mammon and obeying his minions will be death, for that is all he has ever had to give and all he has ever delivered.


Think about it real hard and then, rise up, Children of the True and Living God.

  • This is the time you have heard of.
  • Do not be silent. Do not obey.

Go after these criminals and do not be deceived by nice smiles and fancy clothes and fancier cars and houses.


They literally stole all that from you and other people like you all over the world.

They have used your own assets against you and now intend to murder billions of people and innocent animals to avoid what they deserve.


  • Take heart and look to the sky.
  • Their doom is coming and coming soon.

Pray and think and ponder upon your deliverance. Ask for the strength and knowledge and the insight you need every day.

Ask for protection— not from any Common Cold virus, but from the delusions of the bankers and politicians and guilty generals worldwide, who have aimed to destroy the Children of the Living God.


If you think about this – you know that the rage of the Primal Creator will destroy them utterly. Even they know this themselves.

So don’t be found among them. Don’t partake of their schemes. Don’t let them bully or sweet talk you into obeying anything they demand— ever. Pray constantly not to be deceived and not to fall into error; let your heart be pure in its intent, and loving and grateful to all the Earth and the animals and all Good People everywhere.


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