[The Greatest FRAUD ever perpetrated upon mankind…, has been perpetrated upon the living and breathing human beings inside America!  It started about the time of the Civil War…, and got 100 percent solid in 1933-34!  These Crimes are not just Earth Crimes…, but I personally now designated them (Under MY Definition) as COSMIC LEVEL CRIMES…, which now opens all these perpetrators to all Cosmic Level Courts and their Justice Systems! – Bradley]

By: Anna von Reitz

Source: Maine Republic


Here is what we know so far— the “UNITED STATES” subrogated our NAMES under an insurance policy. This was required because they are still operating under the Reconstruction Acts and trying to pretend that we are “unknown” babies “found” on a “battlefield” by the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE which is obligated to then issue an insurance indemnity receipt under the provisions of the Lieber Code.

The Birth Certificate is an insurance indemnity receipt and it identifies YOU as being a ward of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, in their custody.

But what is “YOU”—?

It’s an ACCOUNT, as in bank ACCOUNT set up in your name….. first of all. And from that meager beginning, they have spun off an array of “associated” names and accounts—- until in 1976 they had to redefine “YOU” as an “International Organization”. That same year, they passed the International Organizations Act granting “YOU” immunity.

Okay, so your NAME is an ACCOUNT belonging to an International Organization which is immune from prosecution…..and all this is news to you, right?

Well, howsoever that may be, this explains two things that have long been a matter of curiosity and debate.

When you look up the federal government “Masterfile” associated with your NAME, you find that “YOU” are always without exception involved in some kind of nefarious occupation having to do with Alcohol, Tobacco, or Firearms.

(In other words…, they used “an account with your name on it” to do criminal acts all over the world, so that it would look like you “personally”…,  as a human being are a criminal.)

When I tunneled through the red tape and the “Special Code Book” that deciphers all the numerical codes found in “YOUR” Masterfile, it turned out that “I” was running a rum distillery on the island of Barbados……and my husband was an arms dealer in South America!

This was big— and at the time—-baffling news to us.

Obviously, neither one of us had ever done any such thing, but that is what the Masterfile attached to our NAMES said.

Please note that Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms are all federally controlled substances—-they can tax these for revenue and control transportation of these products and license people engaged in these industries.

So now you can understand why the Masterfiles that are associated with our NAMES were involved in producing alcohol and selling firearms —- to bring our NAMES under US Government control and subject “US” to their codes, regulations, and controls.

So if our NAMES have been classified as international organizations that are supposed to have immunity from prosecution— how is it that these NAMES are being prosecuted as DEFENDANTS in all these courts?

Remember that these things that appear to be NAMES really aren’t.

They are ACCOUNT designators. Just like you can arbitrarily create an account designator using numbers — for example, bank routing numbers — you can use letters, too. And this is what these unspeakable vermin did. They used the letters of your name to create an ACCOUNT.

They could just as well have used “SSRDAEGR” as your account designation or “1442351-BA445” or anything else in the wide world, but instead, they infringed upon your personal given name, and used those letters in that particular sequence as the account designator for the express purpose of confusing you (and nearly everyone else) and defrauding you.

So, thinking of “YOUR NAME” as an ACCOUNT designation instead of as your personal name, what immediately appears?

Ah, so….. an ACCOUNT has a plus side and a minus side. Assets come in on one side as additions to the ACCOUNT and debts come in on the other side of the ACCOUNT as subtractions to the ACCOUNT.

When you subtract the debts from the assets you “balance” the account and can see how much you have left after paying off the debts and you will either have a positive remaining balance or you will be overdrawn.

So what did the rotten vermin do next? They set up your ACCOUNT as two separate linked ACCOUNTS.

All the debts are posted against the ACCOUNT that appears to be your name, for example, JOHN MARK BROWN and placed under a numbered sub-account that you will recognize as “YOUR” Social Security or Taxpayer Identification Number: 123-45-6789.

All the assets are posted to the ACCOUNT that appears to be your name, for example, BROWN, JOHN MARK and placed under a numbered sub-account that is the same as “YOUR” Social Security or Taxpayer Identification Number in this form: 123456789. Same number, without the dashes.

Then to make the fraud scheme complete, you create two different agencies to do the bookkeeping.

You make the “IRS” responsible for tracking and collecting the debt side account, and you make THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE responsible for tracking the asset side of the account.

These are two completely different agencies, with different addresses, different offices, different job assignments —both working under deceptively similar names—-and for the most part unaware of the other’s activities, and then heavily compartmentalized within each agency so that one hand really doesn’t know what the other is doing for the most part—–and you make sure that the accounts never get balanced.

The debts just keep accruing until the Account Holder pays them out of his own pocket, and the assets never get applied. And since the “Account Holder” — the real man named John Mark Brown doesn’t know a thing about any of this, he never gets to use or enjoy any of the assets being socked away in slush funds under his NAME.

Only one “side” of the ACCOUNT is immune—- the asset side. It has to be that way, because remember that the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE is on the hook guaranteeing that YOU come to no harm.

The debt side of the ACCOUNT is totally open to attack.

So the vermin bring their claim as a debt addressed against the debt side account, JOHN MARK BROWN, and drag “HIM” and the Account Holder into court demanding payment. And good ole clueless Account Holder John Mark Brown pays it out of his own pocket, because they force him to do so.

He either pays it, or they turn off HIS lights stop picking up HIS garbage and send armed robbers acting under color of law to evict HIM from HIS house.

The IRS does the same thing— they address their claims of tax indebtedness to HIM and unless the Account Holder pays, “HE” gets hauled into court and accused all sorts of crimes and assessed all sorts of fines and late fees and if these aren’t paid up and settled, the Account Holder gets thrown in jail.

Are you all following along here, and grasping how this has been done to you, and how you have been endlessly fleeced, coerced, defrauded, cheated, bilked, and extorted by this “System”?

Oh, it’s a “System” all right—- in true gangland terminology, it’s a “System” that would make the Mafia blush.

And, this “system of total fraud”  has been operating full tilt on our soil without a valid excuse in the world for being here since 1934.

It has been cranking away with the full knowledge of the Roman Pontiff, the Holy See, the Vatican, the British Crown, the Lord Mayor of London, the Queen, and the various “US Presidents” who are all fully responsible for defrauding the American states and people.

How have they gotten away with it?

By coercive abuse of power — extortion, racketeering, kidnapping, identity theft, copyright infringement—- and all under the false pretense of still being at “war” ever since the so-called American Civil War and having “War Powers”.

As long as we are on the subject of this total fraud— which has no statute of limitations at all — the so-called “American Civil War” was not really a war.

It was an illegal and unlawful mercenary conflict carried out on our shores. How do we know this?

In order to be a true war and to fall under the international Laws of War, it would have to have a formal Declaration of War made by the national body competent to make such a declaration.

No such declaration exists. Oh, Abraham Lincoln made “a” declaration beginning the hostilities, but he wasn’t authorized to actually declare war —- and he didn’t. Likewise, there is no actual Peace Treaty ending any such war. And there is absolutely no provision for any special “War Powers” or “Emergency Powers” granted by the actual states and people to the United States Congress, either.

So how have they been cooking all this crap up? That is the subject of our book, “You Know Something is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” available on amazon.com.


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