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Says something that I posted almost 3 years ago when I wrote the Epic Article called: THE GREAT CON OF MAN

In no uncertain terms…, Eric tells us exactly what I said a few years ago…, and that is that “the entities” who are trying to take over the Earth…, and have “imprisioned” the human souls here in a “fake reality” have 100 percent SEPARATED THEMSELVES FROM PRIME CREATOR.

This means that they can NO LONGER LIVE OR SURVIVE without “sucking” the very life essence out of human beings…, and using them as BATTERIES.

It does not get MORE CLEAR than this!

He goes on to say that “some” of the so-called “high souls” or “ascended masters” are actually HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGES or REPRESENTATIVES of the PRISON SYSTEM…, and are only giving information to the masses which will fool them into wanting to STAY INSIDE THE PRISON!!

(See Part One, Two, and Three from previous post…)

This is so “SPOT ON”…, I just can’t tell you how much I both “agree with” and pray that every man, woman and child would wake up to!

BUT MOST OF ALL…, I pray that the hapless NEW AGERS who will listen to ANYTHING but the TRUTH, will read this!

Read this:

Why is the world the way it is when the vast majority of us just want to live our lives and be left alone?

This system isnt natural, and now we know why.

Humanity has been imprisoned on this planet for the past 26,000 year zodiac cycle. The entities that have imprisoned us have separated themselves completely from Prime Creator, and are not sustained on divine light like everything else in the positively oriented polarity.

This means that they need sustenance in order to survive, and since they are of darkness, and anything of the higher vibrational energies such as love, compassion, empathy and joy unravels their very essence, they need dark, low, evil vibrational energies to survive.

Now, a natural, unaltered human is something along the lines of what we would call a mythical god. Highly advanced psychic powers, photographic memory, cellular regenerational healing abilities, and the ability to live many millennia. Scott Lemriel dives deeply into this subject and his work and research can be found at

What this boils down to, is that we as humans are anchored into the lowest density that light can exist in, yet can connect directly to the highest dimensional consciousness and energies…We can communicate with God consciousness.

These entities recognized this and through multiple millennia ended up enslaving the Earths population so that we can feed them the negative energy (or Loosh as David Wilcock calls it).
The biggest key in here is that we are still here in 3D, and can still access Source energy, weak as it might be coming through the veil. The dark/low emotions we feel that this matrix/rat race system keeps us pumping out regularly are literally higher dimensional energy of the negative vibration that these things eat.

This is the secret behind why the world is the way it is. We all just want to live our lives and not be scared of the next war, or the next disease, or the next asteroid, or the next warlord…but the world cant seem to get rid of them. Why?

One of the most insidious things about what these entities have done is they turned off our DNA. We can no longer access the etheric and crystaline layers of Gaia without much effort, meditation and dedication (Well, used to have to. With the energies coming into the planet right now, what used to take 40 years of meditating in a cave can take about a year now if you are dedicated enough.) In these etheric, energetic, magnetic and scalar densities of the planet, these entities have free reign to tinker with the aspects of our consciousness that are on that realm. More info can be found from COBRA at his blog.

The scalar density is where they prefer to operate, and they have artificial intelligence machines that operate in these scalar waves. The scalar, if the 3D you are looking around at right now is the number 3, is about 3.1….very close to us, yet still outside our perception. These etheric implants can then sink into our physical bodies, and cause all kinds of problems.

The major ones that everyone knows about, but has no clue it isnt natural is the implants that hang out in the GB meridian in the temples and the outside corner of the eye, and a miniature singularity in the solar plexus chakra area.

Up until now, you probably have had your implants trying to keep your from reading this, and by even reading this, I am speaking directly to your implants. Feel what is happening inside of you right now. If you have made it this far, what I am about to tell you will confirm it.

The AI in the temples is what I call the tape recorder. They observe your brain waves and patterns and then synch their programming to match it and start speaking in your head. In your voice. That voice you can never get to shut up? That voice that has taken you aback with a, “Why the hell would I ever think that?!” moment? That voice that is always telling you how worthless, or stupid, or fat, or ugly, or pathetic you are?


The singularity in the solar plexus short circuits the energetic flow from the center of your body out….the solar plexus is the seat of the self….the confidence, the can do attitude, and this implant will cause it to short circuit your emotional energy in a hot pang or flash in the pit of your stomach that comes out of nowhere.

These things insidiously prod and push and nudge us into situations and circumstances that cause massive trauma that they then dont allow you to heal from so they can go right back to that emotional damage and sink you right back up to your neck in that negative vibration….so they can eat it.

This is why humanity is the way it is. This is why all the old texts talk about a life of purity….its not because we have to for spiritual health, its so that we can starve out the implants.

I can remove these energetic AI constructs from peoples bodies. I have already met 2 people that have learned how to do it as well.

My mission is to liberate this planet from the influence of these parasites, and teach as many people as possible how to do this as well.

I believe with enough time and dedication that anyone can learn how to do this. Im not special, Im not better.

I am simply unleashing my natural humanity.

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