By: Bradley Loves


As I was writing last night…, a “used” laptop…, that I had only purchased 2 weeks ago (and was working perfectly) was hacked while I was trying to post an article.

It froze as if “under some sort of attack” via the internet…, after I turned it off and tried to reboot it…, it refused to reboot!

It (in fact) simply died…, and I am once again forced to use my temporary backup!!

I know that things like this “just don’t happen”…, and I know that there are either CIA, NSA, or some other “alpha bet” goons doing this to me (and my personal property).


  • I will NOT forgive you…, just because you claim you were “following orders”!!
  • Claiming you were “just doing your job”…, will make NO DIFFERENCE TO ME once you are “on the other side”!

YOU PERSONALLY WILL BE PUNISHED BY ME…, (and other souls like me) because YOU PERSONALLY are costing me countless dollars of funds which I really do not have…, to continuously replace this equipment!

[Please see the last post I made about the “Justice of the Universe”…, in order to realize that there is NO SUCH THING as “getting away with anything!!]

Once you leave this level of ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION…, where the Satanists seem to be in charge…., you will face JUSTICE!  YOU can not escape it.

I have a very long memory…, and will see to it that each and every single human being who caused HARM to either my own body, mind, and emotions…, OR caused HARM to my property (like computers)…, will PAY THE COST for each and every single event…., and GET THE CONSEQUENCE of doing such things!

Complaining that YOU were “ordered to do such and such” as a part of your job means absolutely NOTHING TO ME!

You, who are in possession of FREEWILL can QUIT your stupid job…, if you are being “ordered” to do things that HARM OTHERS.

If “you” choose to keep such a “job” .., and choose to keep “following orders”…, then I have no sympathy for you at all…, and I WILL SEE that all punishments and consequences you deserve for trangressions against my living and breathing being are carried out with EXTREME PREJUDICE!!  Count on it!!! (My personal promise to you).

Also…, those men and women who GIVE the orders…, and those who PLAN the “Agenda” so to speak…, will ALSO be held 100 percent accountable for these same crimes!


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